How to Use CCleaner Find and Delete Duplicate Files

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Duplicate finder CCleaner is really a great software tool to find duplicate files and remove duplicate files. Duplicates occupy massive space and slow down the performance of the hard disk. You can make use of CCleaner to remove the files efficiently without causing damage or loss of original files.

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Part 1: How to use CCleaner to Find and Delete Duplicate Files
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How to use CCleaner to Find and Delete Duplicate Files

Searching and deleting duplicate files is a tedious task. But, CCleaner finds duplicate files with ease and helps you remove them from your computer in a few clicks. You can install the software for free on your system and follow the steps to remove unwanted copies of original files along with cleaning cookies, browser history, and caches.

Step 1: CCleaner duplicate finder download is free. You can open the CCleaner website and click the "Free Download" button and select the preferred link to download the executable file. Depending on your browser settings, you must mention the save location. Wait for the file to complete the download. Double-click the executable file to begin the installation. When prompted, click the "Yes" button to open the installation window.

Note: during the installing process, uncheck installation of AVAST free antivirus software. As a universal gesture, prevent the software from installing any freeware.

Step 2: Double-click the icon on the desktop to open CCleaner after completion of installation. From the program's window, choose the category that you want to clean. You have two different groups – the one that windows installed and the one that you have installed. You can click either the "Windows" tab or "Applications" tab. As a default setting, CCleaner checks every checkbox available for deletion. However, you can uncheck boxes that you do not want the program to delete.

Step 3: Press the "Analyze" button at the bottom to allow the software to begin the scan and search for the files to delete. After analysis, you will notice a prompt on the screen showing all the files ready for deletion along with the total amount that you can clear.

Step 4: Click the "Run Cleaner" button at the bottom of the window. Click "Continue" in the next pop-up message to allow CCleaner to delete the files. Wait for the program to complete the deleting procedure. Schedule the cleaning procedure only once every few months. Do not run the software often, as it can damage the hard drive of your system.

Best Alternative to CCleaner to Find and Delete Duplicate Files

CCleaner duplicate finder select all helps in removing duplicates and unwanted files with ease. However, there is a limitation, and you must have a license to use all the features provided by the software. An alternative to the program that is powerful and robust is iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder. Not only the tool is straightforward in removing files and but offers the easiest way to identify data and remove them in a click.

The tool that has incorporated the latest technologies helps identify duplicates across your system's different locations with ease. Likewise, you can remove them in a single click and improve the performance of the computer. Alternatively, it helps in organizing the contents, making it easy for accessing files for later use.

The main features of the alternative to CCleaner delete duplicate files are as follows:

Guide to Use the CCleaner Alternative to Find and Delete Duplicate Files

Delete duplicate files CCleaner alternative software, which is a free version, does not offer you control over the data that you want to delete. Furthermore, it skips a few file formats during the scan. A better way to ensure the removal of duplicate files is by using iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder. The following steps give you insight into using the software in erasing duplicates, organizing records, and improving disk performance.

Step 1. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is available as a free-to-use tool. You can download it by visiting the iBeesoft website. Click the "Download" button to initiate the download and wait for it to complete. Upon completion, double-click the executable file to install it on your computer. As it is standalone software, you can operate it without a worry.

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Step 2. Click the icon appeared on the desktop to launch iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder software. You will see a "+" sign or symbol on the launch window. You can click the logo to browse to the location on your computer or any externally connected device to scan for duplicates. Alternatively, you can drag a folder or an entire location and drop on the symbol for scanning. You have the provision to add filters at this stage, making the scan process quick and easy. It is helpful if you are searching for duplicates of a particular file format, such as mp3, jpg, doc, etc.

Step 3. The free duplicate file finder takes a few minutes to complete the scan. It bases the time on the file format and the size of the location. Upon completion, it will display the duplicates on the screen. You will see that it organizes the files according to the file extension automatically. It makes it simple for you to choose the one that you like to delete.

Step 4. You can use the results to choose the file format from which you want to remove the duplicates. Selecting a format will display the files that are available for deletion. Based on the content, you can mark the files using the checkboxes and clicking the "Remove" button to remove duplicate music files, photos, videos, and more in Windows 10/8/7/XP. iBeesoft will erase the selected files and move them to the Recycle Bin. You can then view the contents and delete the files permanently. The software moves the data to the Recycle Bin because you can see the content and restore data if in case there are no duplicates.

As you can see, it is a simple and straightforward operation to locate duplicate files on your hard disk and remove them in a single click. Additionally, the option to add filters makes it convenient to narrow the search. Thus, you can remove unwanted files, free up space, and improve disk performance without harming the hard drive. Download the CCleaner alternative to have a try!!!