How to Recover Overwritten or Replaced Photos, Excel, Word files

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Overwritten or Replaced Excel Files Case: "It happened to me couple days ago when I edited an excel file and replaced the old version with the latest version, after 30mins later, I realized certain sheet in the old version wasn’t completely transferred to the new version. But the old version has gone forever, it seems I can’t recover overwritten file on Windows."

Overwritten Photos Files Case: "When my wife tried to move the photos from SD Card to the computers, she didn’t notice there were dozens of same file names but different photos. It looks the new photos overwrote the original photos saving on the computer."

Most people have experienced to get the important files or folders back from recycle bin in the situation of accidental file deletion. Thanks to the recycle bin and trash, they give us the last chance to retrieve these folders and files before making a terrible trouble. But what is really a tragedy - replacing or overwriting the old files with new files, these old files disappear right now without entering into the recycle bin. So, you must know how to recover replaced/overwritten files.

Any Possibility to Recover Overwritten or Replaced Files?

As a non-tech computer user, most people can’t understand how the engineers reclaim the lost files or data before they explain the recovery method in detail. We also followed some suggestions on the forums and tried to select the file and right click on it > choose Properties > find out Previous Version tab, it always shows me empty, the method doesn’t work for me. The engineers suggested stopping writing new data on the hard drive once you learned the important files are overwritten. The more you could get back, the less you write new data to storage devices such as Flash Card, SD Card, USB, hard disk etc. Because when we replace or overwrite the original files, the operation just affects the directory structure of storage device, the physical locations - actually store the data, don’t change. The old files still store in hard drive, just it’s invisible for us. So we are able to recovering overwritten files with some tools, like iBeesoft Data Recovery. but notice if you write new data, the new data really could cover the original files, so don’t write new data to the computer before you rescue the lost files. Some useful programs are suggested to scan the entire drive and recover an overwritten file, I pick one of them to introduce how to do overwritten file recovery in detail.

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Steps for How to Retrieve Overwritten Flies.

1. Firstly get the professional overwritten file recovery tool, as a non-tech user, we can’t complete the data recovery manually without any software. Run the software on your computer. What’s more, to recover files from external hard drive, we need to first connect the external storage devices to the computer, then launch the software.

2.Select the location where the original files are overwritten or replaced, then click "Scan" button to start scan and recover overwritten files. It will list all files found.

3.When the scan is over, you can choose "path", "type" or "time" to filter the file to find the file you want. When there are too many files, you can click the "Search" icon on the right and enter the keywords to help you quickly select the file. Then click the "Recover" button to save and recover overwritten or replaced files.