How to Recover Videos from Memory Card in Windows 11 for Free in 2024

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Are you looking for memory card recovery freeware for Windows 11 to get back deleted files from memory cards? If yes, then this post will introduce you to the best memory card recovery software for Windows 11 and guides you through the whole process of how to download the memory card recovery software and how to recover deleted files from memory card in Windows 11 for free.

"I had some images, videos, and songs stored on my 8GB memory card. Considering that my memory card is almost full, I wanted to delete not so important files to free up some storage space. However, when selecting the files to delete, I somehow deleted all the files from the memory card. Is there any way for memory card recovery in Windows 11?"

Like the above user, accidentally losing important files can be very frustrating. The good news is that you can restore the deleted files from the memory card quickly if you have the right memory card recovery software for Windows 11.

Part 1. Memory Card Recovery for Windows 11 Download – Recover Deleted Videos/Files in Memory Card

You can recover deleted files from a memory card with the Windows 11 computer easily and efficiently. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery is a free memory card recovery for Windows PC and you can fully depend on for the memory card recovery no matter how you lost the files from the memory card, deletion, formatting, system errors, etc.

Free Retrieve Deleted/Lost Files in Memory Card with the Memory Card Recovery Software for Windows 11

To begin with, connect the memory card to your Windows 11 PC. Select the appropriate version for your PC and install the best free data recovery software for Windows 11. Now, follow the steps shown below for memory card recovery:

Download for Windows Download for macOS
  1. Launch the memory card recovery software for windows 11 PC. Choose the memory card from which you want to restore files and click the "Scan" button to initiate the scanning process.
  2. Once the scanning is done, preview the files from the memory card. Choose the files that you need to retrieve and click on the "Recover" button.

Part 2. Is it possible to recover data from a memory card free?

Why does memory card data recovery software for windows 11 works to recover lost files?

No matter what happened to your memory card, deletion, formatting, virus attack, corruption, etc. all the files saved in the memory card are still there. They’re e waiting to be replaced by new data. Though they’re invisible, they still exist. It is the theory for how storage devices work. In this case, you only need the memory card data recovery software to scan the memory card, list the recoverable files, letting you recover files selectively. However, make sure that you immediately stop using the memory card whenever you face a memory card data loss situation. It is because adding any new data can overwrite the previously stored files in the memory card. Further, if the files are overwritten, then it is completely impossible to retrieve the deleted data from a memory card.

Developed with the most advanced technology, the memory card data recovery software for Windows 11 follows the theory of data storage, not only display all the deleted files with full file information but also recover files with part of file information removed, maximizing the possibility of data recovery success rate.

Part 3: About Free Memory Card Data Recovery Software for Windows 11

When it is about memory card recovery, you should always go with reliable software that can help you in restoring data to its maximum extent. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software is an effective and professional memory card recovery tool that will help you in retrieving all the lost or deleted files like music, photos, videos, documents, and other files.

iBeesoft Free Data Recovery software is helpful in all data loss scenarios. Thus, you can quickly get your files back in just a few clicks. Here are some of the key features:

Part 4: What are the causes of data loss in memory cards?

A memory card is a common portable storage device that is used to save pictures, videos, music, and other kinds of media files. It can be configured as a storage device for Windows computers also to backup files, documents, presentations, etc.

However, there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will never lose the data from the memory card. Thus, data loss from a memory card can occur due to several reasons. Below are some of the common causes that can lead to data loss:

Formatting of memory card

By clicking on the “Format” button, you can easily delete all the files stored on a memory card. However, if you fail to check that you have taken a backup of your memory card, you may instantly end up losing hundreds of important files in one go.

A user error

Sometimes a user error can lead to the deletion of important files from a memory card. For instance, accidentally clicking the "Delete" button instead of some other can erase all the data from the memory card.

Corrupt memory card

Due to some software bugs and viruses, a memory card can become corrupt easily. It ultimately leads to the deletion of files, and sometimes the memory card becomes unreadable as well.

Physical damage

Memory cards are fragile and small in size. It can be extremely difficult to repair them once it is damaged physically; also it can cause data loss from the memory card.

Part 5: What are some tips to prevent data loss in memory cards?

Losing data from a memory card is indeed a horrifying case. You can use memory card recovery software; however, if you are careful enough, then you can reduce the chances of data loss in a memory card. Below are a few tips that you can start following in order to protect the memory card.

Handle the memory card with great care

Memory cards can be easily physically damaged during the process of insertion and removal from a device. It can lead to data loss; thus, you should always handle your memory card gently.

Stay away from virus

Whenever you connect the memory card to a new device, the chances of malware or a virus increase extensively. So, make sure that you are using a memory card on a virus-free device.

Back up the data

It is the most valuable practice that should follow regularly. Backing up data allows you to recover the data without using memory card recovery software.

Pay attention to the signs of failure

As you know, a corrupted memory card can delete your important files from a memory card; make sure that you pay attention to the failure signs of a memory card. It can include missing files, slow loading, etc.; if the memory card is about to fail, transfer the files to a new storage device.

Label the memory cards

Unintentionally formatting the wrong memory card can lead to data loss. Thus to avoid such a situation, ensure that you label all the memory cards to keep track. It will help you in formatting the required memory card.

That’s all about memory card recovery. To avoid data loss from your memory card, you can follow all the tips mentioned above. Memory card recovery can prove to be extremely vital, especially when you haven’t taken any backup. However, iBeesoft Free Data Recovery Software is always ready to help. In mere three steps, all your data from your memory card will be found and restore.