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How to Recover Word Document on Mac - Word Recovery Mac

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word recovery Mac

If you’re looking for a way to recover Word on Mac, you’re in the right place. This article covers all the detailed guide for how to recover unsaved word on Mac, how to recover lost Word on Mac, how to recover deleted Word on Mac and how to recover previous version of Word Document on Mac. You just need to skip to the right part you’re looking for, and follow the steps there to achieve your goal. Let’s start to Word recovery Mac now!

Part 1. How to Recover Unsaved Word on Mac

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted or Lost Word on Mac

Part 3. How to Recover Previous Version of Word Document on Mac

Part 1. How to Recover Unsaved Word on Mac

There are many scenarios that caused the issue of unsaving Word document: shut down Mac without saving the Word document; the Microsoft Word program crashed and not responsive so that you have to quit it without saving the document; the computer crashed, and you haven’t had time to save the word document at all.

Just calm down. It is not a big deal for not being able to save Word document, because solutions available for you to recover unsaved Word document on Mac. First, please note that Microsoft Office has arranged the solution in case of any the up mentioned scenarios happens. It comes with 2 built-in features: AutoRecover and AutoSave.

AutoRecover allows you to retrieve an unsaved file which you have edited for more than once. It refers to recover the unsaved file which you haven’t saved after making changes on it more than once. This feature appears the next time open the Word document, popping up a reminder, asking you whether you’d like to restore the current Word to the last saved version or not. It’s up to you for restoring to which version.

AutoSave is a built-in tool that automatically saves a new document that you have created but not saved yet. It is enabled by default on your Microsoft Word on Mac. Here are the steps for how to use AutoSave to recover the newly unsaved Word document.

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted or Lost Word on Mac

If you haven’t done any Word document deletion, then you can try Part 1 or Part 3 to recover word on Mac. However, if you have deleted or lost the Word documents on Mac, then you should try the following ways to perform Word recovery Mac.

If you have deleted the Word document, you should know that it is first put into Trash can. And the validate period for it to stay is 30 days. You can open the trash can, find and select it, and click "Restore" to save it to the original place. You can also try the spotlight on the very top right if you have remembered its name, search there, find it and drag it to the desktop. If you empty the Mac recycle bin or completely delete, formatted drive or other reasons due to lost word document, you can try using Word recovery Mac tool

Recover Deleted/Lost Word Document on Mac with word recovery Mac toll. It is the most efficient way to recover the Word document for lost or delete files are invisible, you can’t do anything to them without a tool. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is such a tool that allow you to scan and recover deleted or lost word, excel, powerpoint, photo, video and more on Mac or removable drives. It is a best Mac data recovery software. Here are the simple steps for how to use it to recover Word Mac.

Your Safe & Effective Word Recovery Mac Tool


recover word mac
  • Recover deleted or lost Word document on Mac due to accidentally deleted, empty recycle bin, formatted hard disk, virus attack, reinstallation or Mac OS X upgrade etc.
  • Ability to preview missing Word document to ensure recovery quality.
  • Support for almost all storage devices, such as hard drives, memory cards, digital cameras, players, USB drive etc.

Security Verified, 2,361,013 people have downloaded it

recover word Mac

Step 1. Install Word Recovery Mac Tool

Download the latest version of iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac by clicking the download button below. Install it as the way you install other software on your Mac.

Step 2. Select Files to Scan

Run iBeesoft Mac Data Recovery on your Mac. From the main window, you can see all the supported files are selected, the word recovery Mac tool is ready to scan for them. You need to uncheck them, only keep the "Documents" option selected and click "Start" to perform word recovery Mac.

Word Recovery Mac

Step 3. Select Hard Disk/Removable Drive to Scan Word Document

All disk, as well as external hard drives connected to your Mac are listed there. Please select the one where you have deleted or lost the Word document and click "Scan". A progress bar will tell you how it goes on with the scanning process.

recover deleted Word mac

Step 4. Preview and Recover Word on Mac

It only take a few minutes for the tool to scan for the deleted or lost Word document. After then, you can see the found Word document in the result window. Find the one you need and click "Recover" to save it to your Mac again.

Word recovery Mac

Part 3. How to Recover the Previous Version of Word Document on Mac

To be honest, the theory for how to recover the previous version of Word document on Mac is similar to the autoSave/autoRecover in Microsoft Word. In fact, whenever you edit , duplicate, delete or make a change of a Word document, Microsoft Word will automatically save the previous version there for you, in case you need the previous version.

Here are the steps for how to find and recover the previous version of Word document on Mac:

Note: Compared with the precious version, if you haven’t done much changes for the current Word document, you can backward to it by pressing the Command & Z buttons at the same time. It help you undo the changes.

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