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How to Recover InDesign Files when InDesign Crashed in Mojave

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For most people, it’s a happy experience to update macOS to 10.14.1, Mojave. However, it is a disaster for InDesign/InCopy CC 2018 users. After update to Mojave, it seems InDesign doesn’t work as swiftly as it used to be. It lags more than 15 seconds to load a file. And what worse, it crashed when you try to do any action on it. And the worst, you might not save the file while it crashed without saving the changes. From the Adobe forum, it is said this bug is at Apple’s end and they will fix it in the 10.14.2. In this case, before it fixes the issue, you need to know how to recover InDesign File on Mac when it crashed

Methos #1. Try InDesign automatic document recovery to recover unsaved InDesign File on Mac

Methos #2. Try Mac File Recovery to Recover InDesign Documents on macOS Mojave

Methos #1. Try InDesign automatic document recovery to recover unsaved InDesign File on Mac

Whenever you make a change to an InDesign document, it will save the changes every minute. It stored the changes in temporary files. All the temporary files are saved in InDesign Recovery folder. By default, they’re in the directly ~/Library/Cache/Adobe InDesign/Version[#.0]/InDesign Recovery. If InDesign shuts down on Mac Mojave unexpectedly or it crashed in Mojave and you have to shut it down, you can try the temporary files to recover unsaved InDesign document on Mac. Here are the simple steps:

Step 1. Restart InDesign on Mac. It will check the InDesign Recovery Folder for the documents that were open when it shut down, trying to open the documents and incorporate any mini-save data into them.

Step 2. When it finds the documents and successfully incorporates mini-saved data into the documents, the file name will come with [filename]Recovered. From there, you have 2 options.

  • Option 1. save the recovered InDesign document with the last changes to it by choose File > Save (Save As), then click Yes to replace the original file with the previously unsaved information saved.
  • Option 2. Choose File > Revert to the last saved version of the InDesign document. It won’t include the unsaved changes you haven’t saved yet.

Methos #2. Try Mac File Recovery to Recover InDesign Documents on macOS Mojave

If you the InDesign CC 2018 crashed in macOS Mojave and caused the InDesign documents deletion, you can try iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover the unsaved, missing or deleted InDesign documents on Mac. It is designed for users to scan Mac, retrieving deleted or lost documents, videos, audio files, pictures, etc. Here are the simple steps for how to use the InDesign document recovery to recover lost/deleted InDesign documents on Mac.

Your Effective InDesign File Recovery Mac Software

Recover Unsaved InDesign Files
  • Efficiently recover InDesign file on Mac under various data loss situations, like deleted, emptied the trash, formatted drive, OS upgrade, OS reinstallation etc.
  • It can easily and quickly to do InDesign files recovery from Mac disk/volume, SD card, USB drive, and other external devices.
  • It provides two recovery modes to ensure recover all InDesign files in the Mojave and latest OS you’ve lost or deleted.
recover crashed InDesign Files

Step 1. Click the download button to get the free trial version of InDesign documents recovery Mac software. Install it on your Mac like you install the other software. It can completely recover deleted files on Mac and other drives within 3 simple steps.

Step 2. Launch the InDesign document recovery software. From the first window, you can see all supported file types are selected. You can check out the files belong to which type from the tech spec page and only keep the file type selected, unchecking other types. It will save your time to scan for the lost or deleted InDesign documents. Click "Start" to recover InDesign document on Mac.

recover InDesign File mac

Step 3. In the next window, select the partition where once your InDesign documents saved. After then, click "Scan" to let the software looking for the missing or deleted InDesign document for you.

InDesign Crashed without saving Files

Step 4. It might take longer if you have multiple InDesign files lost or deleted before it finishes the scanning process. When it finished, you can preview the found InDesign documents before you recover them. When finding the target InDesign document you want to recover, select it and click "Recover" to save on your Mac.

how to recover InDesign Files  on mac

As you see, there is a "Deep Scan" option in the result window. It is another option for you to scan deeper for the lost InDesign documents. You can try it as well. The only drawback is that it takes longer for the scanning process.

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