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How to Connect GoPro to Mac

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"I want to just connect my new GoPro session to my mac using USB, which should be quick and easy, plug and play etc. However, when I connect them via USB, the go pro changes but the mac cannot see it, so I cannot import files into GoPro studio."

When connect GoPro to Mac, it won’t appear like an external storage appear on the desktop, even though you connected it successfully. This article tells you some workarounds to connect GoPro to Mac.

#1. Connect GoPro SD card to Mac

If you want to import videos and pictures from GoPro to Mac, the very first and easiest way is to remove the SD card from GoPro and connect the SD card to Mac directly. It will appear as an external hard drive on your Mac desktop, letting you transfer footage from the GoPro SD card to Mac more conveniently.

You just need to : power off your GoPro camera > remove the SD card from GoPro camera > use a SD card reader or adapter to connect the SD card to your Mac. When connected, it will appear on your desktop > click to open the SD card hard drive, and you can see two folders: DCIM and MISC. The videos and photos are in the DCIM folder.

Connect GoPro SD card to Mac

#2. Connect GoPro to Mac via Image Capture

You must know that Image Capture is a default application on a Mac. It is used to import pictures and videos from devices to Mac. It works the same for GoPro as well. Here are the steps:

#3. Connect GoPro to Mac via Quick Mac version

There are so many options, including the mentioned 3 ways above available to connect GoPro to Mac. However, when you connecting them two, you should also watch out during the transferring process. Many people have complained that it seems it worked so well in importing files from GoPro to Mac, but the result is an empty folder with no file can be opened. What’s worse, after the importing thing, all footage and pictures on the GoPro are deleted automatically. If you lost the data due to the above mentioned process, it will be a great pity. Fortunately, you may make it up by recover deleted or lost files from GoPro.

There are some data recovery tool that allow you to recover lost or deleted videos and photos on GoPro. iBeesoft Mac Data recovery is one of them. It fully supports recover videos and photos in GoPro, helping you scan GoPro SD card for the deleted or lost files. You might ask how could it be to recover files from GoPro. In fact, the deleted or lost files do not disappear right away. They are invisible and exist on the GoPro SD card. You need the data recovery tool to scan for them and recover them to your computer. Here are the simple steps for how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover deleted or lost GoPro videos on Mac.

Step 1. Download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery

Click the download button to download the right version of iBeesoft Data Recovery. You can get the Windows or Mac version as you need. After then, install it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect GoPro with computer

Use a USB to connect the GoPro camera or the GoPro SD card with your computer.

Step 3. Select Videos/Pictures to scan

Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery. In the main window, you need to keep Videos and Pictures selected. Click "Start" button to run the software.

Select Videos/Pictures to scan

Step 4. Scan GoPro for deleted videos and pictures

In the next window, select the GoPro hard drive to scan and click "Scan", letting the software scan the data for you.

Scan GoPro for deleted videos and pictures

Step 5. Recover videos and pictures from GoPro

In the result window, preview the found videos and pictures, click "Recover" to save the target files to your computer.

Recover videos and pictures from GoPro

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