How to Fix iPhone Text Messages Disappeared in 2023

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iMessage is an instant messaging platform for Apple products users. You can send SMS, pictures, audio message, and video messages from your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook to other Apple devices of your friends and/or relatives. This is safe and secured. Just like any other application, it does have its glitches. Sometimes there’s the issue of iMessage disappearing or voice messages because of various problems. It could be because of an iPhone or an iCloud update issue or the phone setting itself or even if someone actually deleted those messages.

Why did my imessages disappear?

If the storage space of the iOS device is less than 10%, the system will not save the messages at this time in order to ensure normal operation, and they will disappear after you send the message. You can clean up some useless files to free up storage space. If you still have problems, you can also try the following methods to solve the iMessages disappeared problem.

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Part 1. How to Keep Text Messages on your iPhone "Forever"
Part 2. Best Software to Fix iPhone Text Messages Disappeared
Part 3. Part 3. How Can I Get Back the iPhone Text Messages Disappeared
Part 4. How to Retrieve iMessages that Disappeared with iTunes Backup
Part 5. How to Restore Disappeared iMessage from iCloud Backup

Part 1. How to Keep Text Messages on your iPhone "Forever"

  1. Go to your Phone’s setting
  2. Scroll down to messages
  3. Once you are in the iMessage setting, scroll down
  4. Under Message History, go to Keep iMessage.
  5. Your choices are 30 days, 1 Year, or Forever. Chose "Forever" to solve the "iPhone text messages disappeared" problem.

As for the voice iMessage, the first 2 steps are the same (Go to your Phone’s setting > Scroll down to messages), but when you are in the iMessage setting, under Audio Messages, you can choose either "After 2 minutes " or "Never ". Chose "Never" if you want to store the iMessage voice message forever.

If you still cannot find your message and it’s still an iMessage disappeared or iMessage voice message disappeared, you can follow this standard procedure.

Check if you backed up your phone from iPhone to iCloud. Please go to your phone’s Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud backup.

From there, you can retrieve your iMessage quickly. But sometimes the iCloud will replace the restored iMessage with the new ones and it automatically deletes old messages or files.

Part 2. Best Software to Fix iPhone Text Messages Disappeared

In cases wherein you cannot get back your iMessage or it was not backed up on your iCloud, another way to retrieve those messages is by using reliable data recovery software. There are many iPhone iMessage recovery software online. iBeesoft is one of them. This iPhone Data Recovery is a voice/text message recovery software that is very safe and powerful.

Your Effective Fix iMessage Disappeared Software

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  • It works with Windows and Mac OS. iBeesoft is highly recommended especially when restoring your disappeared iMessage or even iMessage voice message.
  • It can find lost pictures, music, video, contacts, notes on your iOS device. So, you can use it to recover deleted text messages from iPhone without backup.
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Part 3. How Can I Get Back the iPhone Text Messages Disappeared

When iMessage disappeared from iPhone, you can follow the method below to find them.

  1. Download iBeesoft iPhone data recovery for Mac or Windows.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  3. Make sure that it's connected properly and the computer can read your iPhone. If not, please check your phone if it is allowing the computer to access your phone files.

  4. Launch the fix iMessage disappeared software and choose "Recover from iOS Device"
  5. Click the "Scan" button beside your iPhone.
  6. Select your disappeared message and click the "Recover" button to save it.
  7. On your computer, head to the left side, there will be a directory of categories of your phone’s files. Click the category Messages, then you will see the results on the right. Select the iMessage you wanted to retrieve and then click "Recover" to fix iMessages disappearing. It saves it on your computer.

Make sure to save it on your computer and not on your phone. If you save it on your phone again, you may have a higher risk of losing the message forever. Also, do not disconnect your phone to the computer once you have started this recover old iMessage on the iPhone process. You can only disconnect the two devices once you have already saved your iMessage on the computer.

Part 4. How to Retrieve iMessages that Disappeared with iTunes Backup

Please stop syncing your iTunes or iCloud. This will prevent overwritten data while doing this process. Aside from iMessage, you can also find songs that disappeared on your iTunes.

Using a USB cable, connect your iPhone to your computer. Make sure to click on "Trust this computer" so that the computer can access your phone and iTunes data through your phone.

Launch the software and then click "Recover from iTunes". This will automatically detect your iPhone and iTunes and then list it in the main window. On the right side of the window screen, click "Scan", letting the software scan your whole phone and try to look for the data, even on iTunes.

This might take a few minutes. On the left side, you will see that it's been organized by categories, click the file type and you will see the files under that category visible on the right side. Select the song or data you have been looking for and click "Recover" to save disappeared iPhone messages or data on your pc.

Part 5. How to Restore Disappeared iMessage from iCloud Backup

Sometimes your phone automatically saves your data on iCloud. You can check and get your disappearing iMessage back by doing data recovery on your iCloud.

Open iBeesoft and then click "Recover from iCloud". Enter your iCloud details such as your username and password. After putting in your details, click "login" to recover iMessages from iCloud.

Once you are in your iCloud account, you will see all backup files from the iCloud on the screen. Scan the latest backup files and it might contain the iMessage that was just deleted.

After the scan, click "Message" to view all backup messages, look for the iMessage you want and click on "Recover" to fix iMessage disappeared problem.