Easy USB Drive Recovery to Recover Your Lost Files

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USB flash drive data recovery

USB flash drive is one of the most frequently used data storage devices. As USB drive gets larger and more reliable, most computer users use it to store important documents or data. The USB flash drive is also a reliable device for transferring data among different computers or digital devices. It is very common in daily life to delete files from USB flash drive or format an old USB flash drive on purpose or by accident.

When we frequently use the USB driver, have you ever lost USB flash drive files but don't know how to recover files from USB drive? Fortunately, here is a best USB flash drive data recovery solution can help you recover deleted files from USB drive, recover data from formatted USB flash drive or recover lost files from USB under Windows/Mac. Whether the data on the USB drive is permanently deleted or the USB flash drive is reformatted, the lost files can be completely recovered by USB drive recovery method.

There is a lot of recover USB drive solutions on the internet, but they don't necessarily help you retrieve data and may even damage the files. Please don't worry, this USB drive data recovery program is a safe and effective option. In this article, you can learn how to recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible or lost files from USB flash drive with reliable Windows or Mac USB recovery application.

How to Recover Deleted/Lost Files from USB Flash Drive

Want to recover deleted or lost data from USB flash drive, you should download a reliable USB flash drive recovery software first. Here, we strongly recommend you to try iBeesoft Data Recovery to get lost files back from a USB flash drive. This easy-to-use & reliable USB drive recovery tool is fully capable of recovering lost files from any type of USB flash drive or pen drive. It offers full USB drive recovery Mac or Windows solutions.

Your Reliable USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Solution


usb drive recovery
  • Recover any file types from USB flash drive on Windows or Mac, like photos, music files, videos, documents and more.
  • Data recovery from formatted, erased, displays as RAW, media error or inaccessible USB flash drive
  • Supported USB drive recovery in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS 10.14 - 10.6.

Security Verified, 3,655,358 people have downloaded it

usb drive recovery mac

In a word, this recover USB flash drive provides all-around file recovery solutions to ensure recovering files from USB flash drive. It even can help you restore lost files from corrupted or water-damaged USB flash drive. It also offers Windows and Mac Data Recovery Versions for you to choose. Don't worry about the operating system is not the right problem.

Windows or Mac USB Flash Drive Data Recovery Steps

iBeesoft Data Recovery is a complete USB drive recovery tool. With wizard-based interface design, this easy USB files recovery program allows you to easily and quickly recover deleted files from USB flash drive or unformat USB drive. No pro skills needed, here are the steps for you to recover USB flash drive files on Mac or Windows PC.

Step 1: Select File Types.

the USB data recovery supports to recover all types of lost files, such as documents, pictures, audio files, videos, archives, etc. It also allows you to filter file types to get more precise scanning result. At this step, you can select the file types to recover or just let the software find all types of lost files for you. Click "Start" to start recover files from USB drive.

usb recovery

Step 2: Select the USB Flash Drive to Scan.

At this step, you should connect your USB flash drive with the computer. Then select the USB flash drive, and click on "Scan" button to scan the USB flash drive deleted or lost files.

recover usb drive

Step 3: Recover USB Drive Files

Once the scanning is finished, you can preview the USB flash drive data and click "Recover" button to save the lost files as you want.

recover files from usb drive

The USB drive data recovery software offers two scan modes. If you can’t find all lost files after quick scan, just click on "Deep Scan" to enter deep scan mode. The deep scan will find much more lost files on the USB flash drive. And please don’t put new files to the USB flash drive before you recover USB drive files, in case that the new files would overwrite the disk space of the lost files.

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