Undelete SD Card | How to Undelete Files on SD Card

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The "SD card" has been around for years and is still a key storage device for many digital devices. They are tiny flash memory devices that can store high-capacity data on any portable device, so you never have an excuse not to use one! But what do we know about these little guys? Let me tell you - there's plenty more than just their basic functionality:

However, despite having multiple usages and advantages in data-saving mechanisms, SD Card also comes with some limitations that lead to situations where you suddenly or accidentally have lost the valuable storage data of your SD Card. So let's quickly look at what makes this unwanted and unfortunate situation happen in your life anytime, anywhere.

A memory card is a valuable tool for saving and transferring data. With its ability to store large amounts of information, it's no wonder this little device has become so popular with devices like phones or digital cameras! However, there are occasions where you might've accidently deleted files from your phone (or camera), resulting in lost files; luckily, we're here now as guardians who can restore those removed moments into their original state.

Stay tuned to resolve your issue, as this article will guide you on the best solution to help you can quickly undelete SD Card on Windows/Mac and Androids.

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Part 1: What to do when accidentally deleting a File on an SD card?
Part 2: Complete Solutions to Undelete Files from SD card on Mac/Windows/Android
Part 3: Tips for keeping your files safe on a memory card

Part 1: What to do when accidentally deleting a File on an SD card?

While looking at the multiple situations of SD card data loss, if you are one of them who have already been in this situation before, you know how it feels to lose your valuable data since you couldn't retrieve it. However, even if you have accidentally deleted any file of your memory card or the entire data of your SD card got damaged or corrupted, this time, you don't have to compromise. Here are the steps to help better you undelete files from SD card on Mac or Windows 11/10/8.

1. Stop using it immediately to avoid data being overwritten and losing them forever.

2. Look for retrieval software with a high SD card deleted file recovery success rate to help you.

Part 2: Complete Solutions to Undelete Files from SD card on Mac/Windows/Android

iBeesoft Data Recovery is notably the most uncomplicated and innovative tool to retrieve any lost, deleted, damaged, or corrupted data, such as photos, images, documents, video, audio, etc., from your memory cards and other drives. It can also help you repair damaged videos and pictures. This tool enables you to get back your lost exclusive files most effectively.

Your Safe & Effective SD Card Undelete Software

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  • The lost file finding process became more manageable with a particular tag, such as "Deleted Files."
  • The Windows or Mac data recovery software has two scanning modes to ensure the thorough scanning of your device to retrieve data.
  • It gets data from more than 2000 storage devices/1000 file types/500 situations.
  • The preview option allows you to select & confirm data that you want to recover deleted files from SD Card on Mac or Windows PC.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

How to Undelete SD Card in Windows 11/10/8

  1. Download and Installation iBeesoft Data Recovery
  2. Click "Download for Windows" to get the iBeesoft tool. Don't worry, and it is compatible with all Windows versions.

  3. Filter the file types you need
  4. You proceed with the scanning & data retrieving process with this software from your SD card by clicking the "Go to Setting" option to filter those files you don't like to recover.

  5. SD Card Connection with PC and click "Scan".
  6. When successfully connecting the card to the computer, select the memory card under the External Devices option to start the scan progress.

  7. Preview and Undelete Files on SD Card
  8. Once you complete the scanning process, you must go for the preview of the displayed lost files from the SD card. While selecting the file that you want to restore, you need to choose the "Recover" option to save the deleted files.

How to Undelete Files from an SD Card on Mac

  1. Connect Memory Card to Mac
  2. It would help if you connected your SD card and your Mac computer via a card reader. For example, if there is an SD card slot section in your Mac computer, you need to insert the SD card through it.

  3. Select files for scanning
  4. After establishing the connection, download and install the iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac on your macOS. Once you successfully launch the software on your system, choose the file type from the opened window to start scanning.

  5. Start with scan
  6. To customize & minimize the scanning process, you need to find the specific file to recover and keep the unwanted file unchecked. Next, go with the "Start" option. While scrolling through the "external drive" & Mac's all-volume list on the window, select the SD card & go for the "Scan" option.

  7. Get Deleted Files from SD card.
  8. Now all the files will display on the resulting page categorically. Open the directory from the left panel to preview the files. Locate the specific file you want to retrieve & select the "Recover" option to save them on your Mac computer.

  9. (Optional) Deep scanning for maximum file recovery
  10. However, if you can't locate the missing file, go for the "Deep Scan" option; this software for Undelete SD card on Mac will run a new intensive sector through the sector scan. This second scanning process may take a little longer than the first, but with this process, you will get most of your lost files from your SD card.

How to Recover Deleted Files from SD card on Andriod

DiskDigger is one of the most commonly used applications to restore lost data from the SD card on Android devices. You can undelete any data from your SD card on an Android device, from getting photos and videos to any other document or files.

  1. Identity SD card on the rooted device
  2. Download and launch it on your Android device. You must select the "Full Scan" functionality option for your device. Next, you need to choose the "Memory Partition" to scan through this app. When your memory of the internal device appears as "/data," "/mnt/sdcard" shows the SD card of your device.

  3. Provide device root access to the app
  4. You will get the "Superuser request window". Go for the "Allow" option to approve the root access of the application. Once the scanning is over, you must select the file you want to recover.

  5. Select files for recovery
  6. Once the app starts locating lost files, the list of recoverable files appears on the screen. While clicking on the file to choose the checkbox, it will select your file for recovery. Alternatively, while clicking on each file's "three dots" menu, you can look for the recovery option to decide.

  7. Select your recovered file to save
  8. While tapping on the "gear icon", you can filter the recoverable file according to the file types & size. For example, to save the recoverable files, choose from three options: Save to an App, Save to Device, & FTP Upload. Next, to retrieve one/more files, you need to select a checkmark and then go for the "Recover" option given in the toolbar at the top.

Part 3: Tips for keeping your files safe on a memory card

Even though you know the best options to undelete SD card, precautions are better than cure. So, follow the tips below to keep your data safe on an SD card, so it will never get deleted.


After reading this article, when you know how to undelete files from an SD card in Windows 11/10/8 and Mac - the precious deleted, lost, or damaged data of your device, it's time to select the most appropriate software to get your job done. While making your selection keep one thing in mind if you want to retrieve data from your SD card with flexibility and customization, iBeesoft Data Recovery would be the most innovative option to try.