XQD Card Recovery | How to Recover Deleted Files from XQD Card

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What’s XQD Card?

XQD card is a media card that was designed for cameras or camcorders to keep up with the shooing speed. With it, users can capture more decisive moments in continuous shooting. It’s a replacement for the CompactFlash card (CF card). It has been adopted by Nikon. XQD card is very popular for photographers.

Why Need to Do XQD Card Recovery?

XQD card is used to save the decisive moments in multiple bursts of continuous shooting. You know how many important pictures are saved there. However, there are some incidents that cause pictures lost or trapped in the XQD card which results in people are looking for ways for how to recover files from XQD card. Here are the scenarios for files lost from the XQD card.

No matter how you lost the files, including photos from the XQD card, the very first thing is learning how to recover deleted files from CFast, CF, XQD card.

Is it possible to Restore Deleted/Lost Files from XQD Card

After deleting files from the XQD card, usually, you can’t see anywhere the deleted files are on the camera. In this case, people always think there is no way to recover deleted files from XQD card. In fact, retrieving files from an XQD card is like the process of getting data from an SD card and USB flash drive. You need memory card recovery software for help. Only with a professional tool, you can get back deleted and lost photos and files from the XQD card successfully.

iBeesoft Data Recovery software is the tool you can fully depend on. It performs very well in file recovery from the XQD card. The file recovery successes rate is as high as 99.65%. It comes with all the features you required for XQD card recovery.

Your Safe & Effective XQD Card Recovery Software

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  • Find photos and videos in multiple formats, covering the daily used formats.
  • Scan, recover and repair corrupted MP4 files and pictures in XQD card.
  • Retrieve files lost in various scenarios, no matter how you lost the files, deletion, XQD card formatting, system crash, virus attack.
  • Let you preview files before data recovery.
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How to Recover Files from XQD Card

In the following, we’re going to talk about how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery software to get back deleted videos, photos, and more files from the XQD card. In the following guide, we will take how to use iBeesoft Data Recovery for Windows version as an example to show the steps. If you want to do XQD card recovery on Mac, you need to download iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac to finish the task. The steps are the same but the interfaces of the software are different.

  1. Connect the XQD card with your computer, letting it be recognized as an external disk.
  2. Download the right version of the APP for your PC.
  3. Install and launch XQD card recovery software on your computer.
  4. Select the XQD card as the target drive and click "Scan".
  5. Wait for the scanning process to finish patiently. By default, the data recovery first scans for all the deleted files and repair the corrupted files during the process. After then, it will continue to scan for missing and hidden files on the XQD.

  6. Click "Recover" to get lost files from the XQD card.
  7. In the scanning process, you can preview the found files by selecting them. When finding the deleted files from the XQD card, select them, and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Please do not save them to XQD card again. It might cause data overwritten issues.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to XQD Data Recovery

1. What is the best XQD card?

It’s hard to tell what branded XQD card is the best one. Currently, the best XQD cards at the time of writing are offering read and write speeds in excess of 400MB/s. Taking the writing and reading speed into consideration, Sony’s G-Series card is one of the fastest XQD cards because Sony G Series XQD cards hit read/write speeds of 440/400MB/s.

2. How to do XQD Card Recovery on Mac?

To recover XQD files on Mac, you need Mac data recovery software. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac can be a great choice as well. It comes with a simple interface and a high data recovery success rate. You can try it to scan the XQD card and see whether it can find the recoverable files from the XQD card.

  1. Download and install the XQD card data recovery software for Mac.
  2. Connect the XQD card with your Mac.
  3. Click "Start" to next
  4. In the hard drive list, select the one that represents the XQD card and click "Scan".
  5. Preview and Recover Deleted Files from XQD Card on Mac
  6. Wait for the software to finish the scanning. Select file types in the left panel to check the details for found files on the right side. When find the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your Mac.