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The word files store very important data in it. But the files contain macros and that’s the reason sometimes those files can get corrupted. If you have some corrupted word file, you don’t need to worry about its recovery. This article tells you 2 ways for how to do corrupted word file recovery online, how to repair corrupted word file online free and used the text recovery converter online tool to recover corrupted word files on Mac or Windows.

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Part 1. 5 Most Popular Repair Corrupted Word File Online
Part 2. Best Tool to Recover Corrupted/Deleted/Lost Word (Recommended)

Part 1. 5 Most Popular Repair Corrupted Word File Online

Although the recovery of the word files is a little bit complex there are many methods available on the internet to recover corrupted word files online free. You don’t have to go through the hassle of downloading Windows or Mac word documents recovery online tool for recovery.

#1. Online File Repair service

Online File Repair service - This service offers an online solution to help you to recover corrupted word file online free. This tool is considered as the most efficient and accurate text recovery converter online solution for recovery but the users have to decide it by themselves. This corrupted word file recovery online tool uses a combination of special algorithms to fix the damaged file and identify the fragments that can be recovered. Users only need to upload the corrupted file on the server, and they will get results in a few seconds.

Supported file types: the repair corrupted word file online tool supports *.doc, *.docx, *.dot, *.dotx, and *.rtf files. The users need to register with valid credentials on the website portal.

#2. OnlineFile.Repair

OnlineFile.Repair - If you want to know how to recover corrupted word file online with this word file repair tool online service, you only have to go the website. It can extract data from all the version of MS office. It uses concurrent text search algorithms for recovery. The inbuilt algorithms for text filtering are the one that ensures that you will get clean results and there will be no element that can further corrupt the file in near future.

Supported file types: This repair corrupt word file online free tool supports doc, docx, dot, dotx, and RTF files. You must register on the website before you can download the recovered corrupted word file online.

#3. Recovery Toolbox

Recovery Toolbox - If your file gets damaged during operation and you don’t know how to recover corrupted word file online free. Use this word recovery online tool to get your previous version document file into the latest format. Just open the website, select the file you want to recover and enter your email id along with captcha image characters. Wait for a little while until the file gets recovered and then, download the word file to your system.

Supported file types: the text recovery converter online tool supports doc, docx, dot, dotx, and RTF files. It is up to you whether you want to register for the website or not. The tool is free but you can also select the premium version which requires registration. But it is compulsory that you provide a valid email address on the website before you get the corrupted file recovered.

#4. Password online Recovery

Password online Recovery - This website was specially designed to recover the password protected word files which get corrupted because of some technical issues. The service is not free but it is very helpful in recovering the files which can’t be recovered due to privacy reasons. Every user knows that it is hard to fix a word file which is password protected, but with the help of this website, you can do it effectively without losing any data.

Supported file types: the corrupted word file recovery online tool supports various file formats such as doc, docx, dot, dotx, and other versions also. It is compulsory that you register on the website as it is a paid website. But you only have to make payment after your word file is fixed.

#5. Repair Corrupted File Online

Repair Corrupted File Online - This portal is designed by Office Recovery to offer a unique cloud-based repair of corrupted Microsoft word file online for free. A subscription is also available for the tool. The Repair Corrupted File Online service provides a wide range of recovery of corrupted files. If you are experiencing file corruption, data loss of word files stored on any storage space, then you can visit the website for a reliable option. It will completely remove the elements which led to file corruption and fix the damaged file entirely.

The repair word file online tool supported file types: the word file formats supported by Repair Corrupted File Online are a doc, docx, dot, dotx, and RTF files. You can opt for both registered and unregistered method for recovery. The unregistered method is called the demo version.

Part 2. Best Tool to Recover Corrupted/Deleted/Lost Word

We have discussed the recovery and repair corrupted word file online, but what if the word documents get deleted or lost somehow. Then, we will need a Windows or Mac data recovery tool that can help us to recover deleted or lost word documents. So, if you have deleted any corrupted word file or even a normal file and you want to recover it then you can opt for iBeesoft Data Recovery software for the file recovery.

The iBeesoft is safe and effective word recovery online software that offers recovery of all the different type of data files. The supported file is more than 200 types of files. The simple and innovative interface makes the recovery process a lot easier. The iBeesoft tool can help to recover lost data from sudden deletion, formatting, corruption, virus attack, and other problems also. With this online word file recovery software, you are only a few clicks away from getting your word file back to your system.

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