2 Ways to Complete Recycle Bin Recovery in Windows PC

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Windows recycle bin, just like "Trash" on Mac OS, is the place where deleted files are placed. All data which are deleted by using "Delete" will be found recycle bin. In recycle bin, the deleted data can be preserved intact for a long time, thus, if you make a wrong deletion, you can perform recycle bin recovery in Windows 10/8/7/XP with ease. But, the premise is that you did not empty the recycle bin. If you emptied it and want to recover deleted files from recycle bin. At this point, it's a little difficult. But don't worry. You still have a chance to recover emptied recycle bin files. Next, we'll provide 2 ways to do recycle bin data recovery whether it is emptied or not.

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Part 1. Easily to Recover Files form Recycle Bin (No Emptied It)
Part 2. How to Recover Recycle Bin after Empty

Easily and Completely to Do Recycle Bin Recovery

If your computer is Windows, then you're no stranger to the recycle bin and it gives us a "regret medicine". The Recycle Bin saves your deleted folders, documents, images, videos, music, and other types of files. So, many of our mistakenly deleted files are found in it. Now, to perform a recycle bin recovery with a simple steps to return the deleted files or folder to its original location.

Step 1. Double click Recycle Bin icon to open it.

Step 2. Choose the desired files and click "Restore" from the right-click menu to start to recycle bin data recovery.

Step 3. You can find the restored files in the folder where they originally located.

Part 2. How to Recover Recycle Bin after Empty

However, what if you delete files and then empty the recycle bin? Does it indicate you will lose the data in recycle bin forever? For common people, it seems hopeless to do emptied recycle bin recovery. But the fact is not so depressing.

Actually, you can recover deleted files from recycle bin after empty by yourself, even though you have little experience in data recovery matter. As is known to all, after the recycle bin is emptied, files in it will disappear immediately. In fact, they are recoverable but just marked as unreadable. The room where the deleted files exist becomes available to reuse. Therefore, you’d better not save new items after recycle bin is emptied for fear that the deleted data will be occupied. And then, go to find a data recovery program to conduct recycle bin recovery as soon as possible.

With the rapid technological progress, a variety of recycle bin recovery tools can be seen online. Be careful, as inferior ones may cause secondary damage to data. To avoid this accident, we are glad to share a distinguished application with you. iBeesoft Data Recovery, a piece of professional undelete software for Windows, allows you to recover data lost due to deletion, formatted drives, system failure, and virus attack, etc.

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  • It allows you to preview all found data before you decide to recover recycle bin deleted files.
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Only 3 Steps to Recover Emptied Recycle Bin Files

Thus, it can be seen iBeesoft Data Recovery is a practical and professional data recovery program indeed. No matter how much you know about file recovery, you can perform recycle bin recovery with ease. So, you may as well to download recycle bin data recovery software to try.

1. launching the recycle bin recovery software, it supports to recover all file types after emptying the recycle bin. It also allows you to filter file types before it scans your drive. You can unselect the not wanted file types to save scanning time. And then click "Start" button to recover recycle bin on Windows PC.

2. This interface will list your all partition/drive. Please, select system partition/drive and click "Scan" button to scan your deleted recycle bin files. If want to do external hard drive data recovery, please connect it to your computer and select an external drive.

3. When the recycle bin recovery tool scan completed, you can view your deleted files in the list. Select them and click "Recover" button to save.

If some lost files are not found or cannot be correctly opened, please click "Deep Scan" at the upper part of windows to find more files. Deep Scan will scan every sector, so it will some time to complete the scanning.