How to Recover Deleted Vimeo Video

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"how do I restore a deleted Vimeo video? The other day I uploaded a video, however, it disappeared, likely to be deleted by Vimeo. Is there a problem with my network or anything?"

Generally speaking, there are two possibilities, you delete your Vimeo videos and Vimeo delete videos. For the first situation, you might do it purposely or accidentally. For another, people might feel confused for the reason why Vimeo does it. Vimeo definitely makes your videos inaccessible by moving them to Vimeo Archive for up to 1 year, like being deleted by Vimeo. Why does Vimeo do it? It all belongs to the Vimeo membership. As an ordinary membership, you can only upload up to 5GB videos in total and 500MB per week. If you want to upload more videos to Vimeo, you have to upgrade to a higher membership. If not, Vimeo will move the videos that excel the maximum file size to Archive and delete them later after 1 year.

Is there a way to Vimeo recover deleted video?

The answer is very clear. Once your videos excel the file size limitation, your videos will be deleted by Vimeo and there is no way to get them back at all. And if you manually deleted the videos on Vimeo, there is still no way to restore deleted videos on Vimeo as well. The useful suggestions I can give are: first, before uploading videos, make sure you have enough space on Vimeo. If not, you need to upgrade your membership or delete unwanted videos. Second, think twice before the leap. Before you delete videos on Vimeo, make sure you really need to do it and you have a backup on your computer or external hard drive.

A Workaround for How to Retrieve Deleted Vimeo Videos

If the videos you uploaded to Vimeo were deleted, you can have them if you have a backup. Some people said they always delete the local copies after they upload the videos to Vimeo. If so, you need to find deleted Vimeo video by recovering the videos deleted on the hard drive or external storage devices. Try iBeesoft Data Recovery to scan your device for restore after Vimeo deleted videos.

How to Recover after Vimeo Deleted My Videos

iBeesoft Data Recovery is a great software tool to find all kinds of file types on your computer, including videos in different formats, like MP4. It’s developed for individuals, no jargon, no complicated interface, and no computer knowledge needed. It guides people through the whole process of Vimeo video recovery easily. Here in the following, we’re going to talk about how to get them back after Vimeo deleted my videos.

  1. Install the Vimeo Video Recovery Software
  2. There are two versions of the data recovery software. One is for Windows PC and another is for Mac. Both of them are fully compatible with all the computer operating system. Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the right version for your computer. If you’re going to recover deleted Vimeo videos on the external hard drive, then feel free to download any of the software for your Mac or PC, and connect the external hard drive with your computer, letting your computer detects it. If you’re going to recover deleted videos on Mac or Windows PC, you need to download the right version for your computer, because it will scan your computer for the deleted Vimeo videos.

    Download for Windows Download for macOS
  3. Target "Videos" as the File to Search
  4. Launch the software. From the first start-up window, all supported files are selected. You can click "go to setting" to only keep "Videos" selected. It will shorten the whole scanning process by only scanning "Videos" since you want to recover Vimeo video.

  5. Choose a Location to Scan
  6. Next, you need to make sure where the Vimeo videos were before the deletion. Select the disk or external hard drive, and click "Scan", letting the software scan for the deleted Vimeo videos. Be patient, letting the software scan the whole selected hard drive the target Vimeo videos.

  7. Preview and Get Vimeo Deleted Videos
  8. When the scanning is finished, the Vimeo data recovery software will find all the recoverable videos on your computer. You can filter the find videos by selecting the file extension, like .mp4. After then, you can check out the details on the right side. When finding the Vimeo videos, select to preview them on the right side.

  9. Select the needed ones, click "Recover" to save the deleted Vimeo videos.