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Effective Methods to Recover Deleted Files after Shift+Delete

by Francis, 2017-09-08   facebook twitter google+ linkedin

To create more free space on Windows computer, you may choose to delete the unnecessary or useless files. In general, there are two ways of file deletion: normal deletion and shift deletion. They have the same purpose, but the consequences are totally different.

Recover Deleted Files after Shift+Delete

Two Kinds of File Deletion: Normal Delete and Shift+Delete

Normal delete: if you delete files just by pressing Delete button or Delete option in right-click menu, the deleted data will be moved to recycle bin automatically. And they will be kept intact for a long time unless the recycle bin is emptied. Thus, you can restore a file from recycle bin easily after deletion.

Shift+delete: if the files are deleted by using Shift + Delete command, you can't find them nowhere in computer. That is to say, they are deleted permanently. Under such circumstance, it is impossible to recover them by using any built-in option of computer.

However, you have chance to recover deleted files with shift + delete, because the files are not really deleted thoroughly. Actually, the reason that you can’t see them is that they are marked as invisible by system. The space of the deleted files once located is regarded as available to reuse. Thus, it is likely to recover shift deleted files as long as they are not overwritten by new data.

How to Recover Deleted Files after Shift+Delete Securely and Successfully?

As there is no feasible choice in Windows to help you accomplish shift delete recovery, you need to turn to a third-party deleted data recovery program. Among large quantities of recovery tools on market, most of them are not qualified enough to be used to conduct this task. Considering that, we would like to recommend a nice one – iBeesoft Data Recovery to you.

This is a piece of green and professional software to recovers deleted files in Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP or external storage devices, and unformat hard drive/partition, SSD, USB, SD card etc. To distinguish from other similar products, iBeesoft Data Recovery has following remarkable characteristics:

It allows you to recover data from various scenarios like shift+del, inaccessible disk, emptying recycle bin etc.

To be frank, it is rather easy to realize shift delete recovery by making use of this program. You can free download and install it on computer. With the concise interface and simple process, we believe you can recover shift deleted files successfully without effort.


First, you’d better not add new data to computer drive after accidental deletion to avoid raw data coverage, which will make you fail in subsequent data recovery.

Second, if files are deleted from external devices on Windows, the deleted files cannot be in recycle bin either. In such cases, iBeesoft Data Recovery is still the best choice to conduct deleted data recovery.

Simple 3 steps to recover deleted files after Shift+Delete

Step1. Run iBeesoft Data Recovery and select your deleted file types

You can see the interface below. By default, all file types are checked. You can uncheck the one you don’t need by uncheck it and then click the "start" button to recover deleted file

shift delete file recovery

Step2. Select the location of the deleted files

This interface will list your local disk and external storage devices. Select the location of the deleted files and click "Scan" button to scan your deleted file. If you deleted the files on your desktop favorites or libraries, please select the system partition.

scanning shift delete files

Step3. Preview and save your deleted files

When the shift delete recovery software scan completed, you can view your deleted files in the list. Select them and click "Recover" button to save.

recover deleted file after shift + delete

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