Broken Micro SD Card Recovery - How to Recover Data from Broken Memory Card

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SD card is used everywhere. You can see SD cards for digital cameras to save videos and photos. Micro SD cards in phones to save phone data. It’s very easy for people to put SD cards on any device when they need it to save data. However, the advantage can also become a major drawback. As the SD Cards are frequently inserted and removed from multiple devices, it becomes susceptible to damage which further results in the loss of data files. Here in the following, let’s get to know how to recover data from broken SD card as well as how to repair broken SD card, why SD card get damaged as well as how to fix damaged Micro SD card.

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Part 1. How to Do Broken SD Card Recovery with Data Recovery Software
Part 2. How do you know a Micro SD Card Is Damaged? What’s the sign?
Part 3. How to Fix Damaged Memory Card
Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions for Broken SD Card Recovery/Repair

Part 1. How to Do Broken SD Card Recovery with Data Recovery Software

Whenever you encountered an SD card is broken or damaged, the very first thing is to protect the data from loss. That’s the most important thing. After that, you can get to know the symptoms of SD card damage as well as the most suitable way to fix it.

To recover files from broken Micro SD card, a professional data recovery software tool is needed. Only with such kind of tool, it will scan your SD card no matter in what errors or damage it caused the data loss or trapped. iBeesoft Data Recovery is a great option since it offers so many features for broken SD card recovery, making it easy to get files back from damaged, formatted, or even raw SD cards.

Professional Memory Card Recovery Software – Recover Files from Damaged Micro SD Card

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Guide for How to Recover Data from Broken SD Card

Here the following are the steps for how to restore from broken SD card with the SD card data recovery software. You can do the broken SD card recovery either on Windows PC or Mac. it depends on your computer system.

  1. Connect the SD Card to the computer
  2. You can connect the SD card with your computer by inserting it into the SD card slot or by using a card reader. Make sure your computer can recognize the SD card.

  3. Download the Micro SD Card data recovery software
  4. Download the broken SD card recovery software on your computer, depending on what file system it is. Since iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac and for Windows are both available, you just need to choose the right one for your computer. once the program is installed on your computer, launch it.

  5. Scan broken SD card for lost files
  6. From the first window, you can see all the partitions or hard drives of the computer are listed there. You just need to distinguish which one is the drive letter for the broken SD card and click "Scan", letting the software begin to scan it for the lost files.

  7. Preview files found from broken SD card
  8. The scanning process has two modes. One is Quick Scan and another one is Deep Scan. The scanning process will start with the Quick Scan and finish with Deep Scan, displaying as many recoverable files as it can find. After the scanning process is finished, you can see all the found files are put into categories. Select files to open them to preview. Doing this will ensure you that what you recovers are what you need.

Part 2. How do you know a Micro SD Card Is Damaged? What’s the sign?

As we are first discussing the symptoms that are usually shown by a damaged Micro SD Card. Once the symptoms are detected, it will be easy to decide which method must be used to fix it. Thereby, you will also know how to recover data from broken SD card. The most common ones are listed below:

  1. Some Devices Fail to Read the SD Card
  2. If you are experiencing some difficulty connecting the SD card to some device that means that the card is damaged. It will lead to some error every single time you try to connect the card with a different device. Sometimes it will connect easily and other times no matter how hard you try the connection doesn’t establish.

  3. The folder has Files but Failed to Display Them
  4. This symptom is also very common. It happens a lot that we know there are files present in a folder but every time we try to open the folder, the videos or pictures on SD Card Not Showing in gallery. This simply means that the Micro SD is damaged and needs to repair.

  5. Memory Card Error
  6. If the system you are connecting the SD Card to is unable to detect the card, then it is also a symptom that may be your card is being damaged somehow. Usually, the Computer plays a sound whenever an external storage media is connected to it. In this case, the computer will play the sound but doesn’t display the Card’s presence.

  7. Unable to Copy the Contents of the Card
  8. Another symptom is when you can see the contents of the SD card but you can’t copy them. In this case, when you will try to copy a single file or multiple files, then the system will display that some unknown error occurred and the whole copying process will be canceled automatically. In such a situation, you will surely need a broken Micro SD card recovery tool.

  9. Computer Asks to Format the drive
  10. Although this symptom arises in a rare situation it ensures that your SD Card is broken and needs to be repaired immediately. Here, when your concept the card to your computer and try to open it to view files, the computer will prompt you to format the drive instead of opening it.

Whenever there is a problem with the SD card, you should make clear what it is. There are many signs when a Micro SD card is damaged. After knowing them, then you can find the useful method to fix it as well as whether it is.

Part 3. How to Fix Damaged Memory Card

  1. Fix Connection Issue
  2. If as discussed above, the SD card can’t be connected with your computer or it can’t be recognized by your computer, then you should first try to connect it with another computer, checking whether there is a problem with the computer, not the SD card itself. Of course, if not changing the computer, you can also try to change the adapter or card reader. By this trial and error, you might get the last result.

  3. Fix Damaged SD Card with CHKDSK
  4. If you can connect the SD card with your computer, but there is an error or no files found, or the XD card is abnormal, then try to fix it with CHKDSK.

    1. In the search box, type cmd, and press Enter, running it as administrator.
    2. Type in chkdsk e: /f (The e represents the drive letter for the SD card. You should replace it with the right drive letter for the SD card. The /f tells CHKDSK to fix all memory cards errors.)
    3. Wait for the process to finish. After then, you can reopen the damaged SD card, checking if everything is OK now.
  5. Change SD Card Drive Letter
  6. Though it seems it is a little change, sometimes it works. You just need to connect the damaged SD card with your computer, then go to Disk Management > right-click on the SD card and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths > click Change > choose a new drive letter for it and confirm the action.

  7. Update Driver for the SD Card
  8. If the driver for the SD card is not the latest one, then you should update it. After then, it will fix the incompatibility issue.

    1. Type in "device manager" in the search box, and press Enter to launch it.
    2. In the Portable Devices drop-down list, find the SD card and right-click on it.
    3. Click Update Driver and choose Search automatically for updated driver software.
    4. Wait for the driver update process to finish.
  9. Fix Damaged SD Card with Windows Repair Tool
  10. Windows has a built-in repair tool for hard drives. You can make use of it quickly.

    1. You just need to open File Explorer, find the damaged SD card, right-click it and choose Properties.
    2. Click the Tools tab and click Check.
    3. Select Scan and repair drive.
  11. Format Damaged SD Card
  12. If the above-mentioned ways are not workable, then you can go to the latest resort, and format the damaged SD card. This is always the quickest way to fix damages on an SD card no matter what has caused the damage.

    1. Connect the SD card to your computer.
    2. Right-click on it and choose "Format".
    3. Select the right file system for the SD card and confirm the formatting.
    4. Wait for the formatting process to finish.

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions for Broken SD Card Recovery/Repair

  1. What do I do if my SD card is broken?
  2. When your SD card is broken, the very first thing is to check whether there is important data or not. If there is, then do the broken SD card recovery to rescue data. After then, try to find the reasons why the SD card is broken and get the right way to fix it.

  3. Is there a way to get pictures off a broken SD card?
  4. If your SD card is still recognized by your computer, then you can use iBeesoft Data Recovery to scan it and get pictures of the broken SD card.

  5. How do I recover a dead micro SD card?
  6. For a dead micro SD card, you must take it to the seller to repair it first. After then, when your computer can recognize it, then you can try data recovery software to scan and recover data from it.

  7. Can you fix a broken in half micro SD card
    1. Check connection
    2. Fix errors with CHKDSK
    3. Fix with Windows Repair Tool
    4. Update driver
    5. Change drive letter
    6. Format the damaged SD card
  8. How can I recover data from my damaged SD card for free?
  9. To retrieve files from damaged SD card for free, then free data recovery software is needed. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery is a nice tool to do the broken SD card recovery. It not only lets scan and preview all the recoverable files from the damaged SD card, but also allows you to find up to 2GB files for totally free. For Mac users, try iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac, it recovers up to 200MB of files for free.

    1. Connect the damaged SD card with your computer.
    2. Download and install online SD card recovery software on your computer.
    3. Launch the data recovery software and click "Scan" beside the SD card, letting it scan the damaged SD card.
    4. When the scanning process is finished, then check the found files by opening and previewing them.
    5. Select needed files and click "Recover" to save them on your computer, not to the damaged SD card.