How to Fix Memory Card Error on Canon Camera

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When you have a Canon camera, you are trying to record your happy moments, so you can refer to memories. But what would happen if you lost those moments due to memory card error on camera? You will certainly lose a lot of your precious moments and that’s the fear we all may face. Our aim is to find you a Canon memory card error solution that enables you to keep your important moments and never fear to lose them due to memory card issues. Here are the common Canon camera memory card errors and fix memory card error on Canon camera solutions.

The Widest Canon Memory Card Errors and Repair Solutions:

Error 1: the memory card is locked:

The problem of the protected card. The issue of having your memory card locked and not being able to access it is one of the most common problems with memory cards. In general, there are many reasons for the camera memory card error to arise.

Solution: It can be solved simply by removing the memory card and reinstalling it again, but you must close the camera before removing the memory card And re-operate again after installing the card to avoid a bigger camera card error in the card can be the total damage to the memory card.

Error 2: Card cannot be used:

Certainly, not a simple problem when you open the camera and find that the memory card cannot be used, the problem is not clear to you. There are many reasons for the Canon camera to not be able to read the memory card, but whatever the memory card error on Canon camera is, you are not able to use your Canon camera card.

Fix Canon camera Solution: In this case, you may close the camera, remove the memory card, reinstall it again, and then restart the camera. If the issue still exists you may need to completely re-format the memory card including removing all the information on the card.

Error 3: Files are missing or unreadable:

Often we may find that the memory card works well in terms of storing or re-displaying the information, but we may find some files unreadable or missing, such as images, videos and other files you are sure that you saved on your memory card but still you cannot find them.

Solution: This type of memory card error Canon is considered from the problems that cannot be fixed with basic troubleshooting. Doing any technical troubleshooting steps, in this case, may put you at risk of losing the entire data on the memory card. So you can rely on a sophisticated third-party tool to easily repair Canon memory card error to allow you to get your valuable information.

Error 4: Slow performance of the memory card:

For sure you know the speed of transferring information from and to your memory card and certainly, you notice in some cases the slow speed of information being transferred from and to the card, but have you thought about why the slow transfer?

There are several reasons for this problem, including that this slow may be the result of the huge number of data damaged or unresponsive

But the slow performance in files is not a huge problem, but the problem is what will result from this slow performance as by time it may result in complete damage to the memory card, and may also be responsible for the loss of data recorded on the card so it is a problem that should not be ignored.

Solution: Remove all corrupted files from your Canon camera memory card and try the card again. If the problem remains the same even after removing all files that do not fully respond, the last solution to fix Canon camera memory SD card error is to format the it.

Error 5: The computer is unable to read the card:

Often it may happen that the memory card works efficiently on the camera, but when connected to the computer it does not work.

Solution: The reason for this Canon sd card error is that the card is not ready to work on the computer. The only way to solve this problem is to format the card on the computer so you can connect it to the computer.

Error 6: The Canon camera memory card data lost

There is no doubt that your data, videos, and images on the Canon camera memory card are valuable memories for you and therefore the loss is definitely causing great loss to you. As shown in the previous examples the Canon camera memory card may error for various reasons and even more causes than shown above. In order to fix Canon camera, you’re facing the probability of losing all your data on the memory card whether by accident or the solution to a problem you’re facing is by formation the memory card. That’s why you must have a way to guarantee that regardless of the cause that made you lose your precious data you will easily restore lost files from Canon camera memory card again. The best way to guarantee to get back data on your Canon camera is by performing Canon camera memory card recovery.

Here I recommend a professional Canon camera data recovery tool - iBeesoft Data Recovery. The repair Canon memory card program is 100% safe and effective file recovery software helps you to easily and quickly recover deleted, formatted or lost files from Canon camera memory card on Windows PC or Mac.

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Here is a step by step on how you can to use this life-saving SD card recovery software. It’s very simple and easy.

  1. Step 1. First of all, please download the Canon camera memory card error recovery tool according to your computer operating system whether it’s windows or mac. Install it on your computer.
  2. Step 2. The fix Canon camera memory card error software will ask you about the drive or the partition that you want to restore your data from. Connect your Canon camera memory card to the computer whether by a memory card reader or by connecting the Canon camera itself to the computer. Select the memory card and hit Scan. In this case, you will choose the file of the memory card.
  3. Step 3. Please hold until the software scan your Canon camera memory card to search for the lost files. After a while, the software will find the deleted files and it will be shown on the screen. If you didn’t find the files that you looking for you can choose deep scan to get more accurate or for files that have been deleted or formatted from a long time. When you find the files that you’re looking for you can now hit Recover.