How to Recover CR2 Files from SD Card on Mac/Windows PC

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"Anyone know how to recover CR2 files from the SD card on my Canon EOS 300D? I accidentally removed all the pictures there. It’s a disaster. Please help me restore the CR2 images from memory card. Thank you!!!"

CR2 is a Canon RAW format file, the file extension of pictures taken by Canon cameras. All the CR2 photos are saved on the SD card or TF Card in a camera. While doing any operation on your camera may cause all CR2 files lost or deleted, like:

If you’ve encountered any of the situations, which caused CR2 files lost, deleted or corrupted, you need to get back the deleted/lost/corrupted CR2 files from SD card right away. Otherwise, you’ll face the fact to lose them permanently.

It is Possible to Restore CR2 Files from SD/Memory Card

All storage devices, including SD card, memory card, USB flash drive, micro-SD card, hard drives, etc. work the same. All files deleted or removed from these storage devices do not disappear permanently right away. They’re waiting to be replaced by new data. The occupation is fixed and only replaced by new data, the lost or deleted files deleted permanently. Before the CR2 files being overwritten, you can retrieve CR2 files from SD card or memory card. The sooner the better.

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Part1. How to Recover CR2 Files from SD Card/Memory Card
Part2. How to Open or Preview CR2 Files in Windows/Mac

How to Recover CR2 Files from SD Card/Memory Card

As I've mentioned, whether lost or deleted, CR2 files are not shown in the SD card or memory card. In this case, you can’t find CR2 photos from SD card/memory card manually. Only with the help of a software tool, it is possible to restore the lost CR2 files. For this, you can search for a data recovery tool for help over the internet. I Recommend you try iBeesoft Data Recovery. It is trustworthy tool specially designed for users to get files back, including CR2 files from SD cards on Mac or Windows PC. Take a look at its main features:

Your Safe & Effective CR2 File Recovery Software

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  • Easily recover RAW photos, including various camera graphics files from SD cards, CF cards, hard disks, USB Drives, etc.
  • Whether you want to recover CR2 files from SD card on Mac or Windows PC, you can download the corresponding separate version.
  • The unformat or undelete SD card tool support to recover CR2 files lost or deleted due to any accidents, like SD card formatting, intentional/unintentional deletion, corrupted, card access denied, virus attack, system crash, etc.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Download CR2 Photo Recovery Software to Get Files Back Now!

Here in the following are the simple steps for how to recover deleted CR2 files from SD card/memory card on Mac. The steps for doing the recovery on Windows are the same. We take how to recover CR2 images from SD card on Mac as an example.

  1. Download CR2 Image Recovery Utility
  2. Click the Download button to download the right version of the CR2 photo recovery software. After then, install it on your computer as the way you once used to install other tools. After then, connect the SD card or memory card with your computer, ensure it is detected successfully.

  3. Select Memory Card to Scan
  4. In the next step, you can see all hard drives, including those connected to the computer, including the SD card or memory card. Select the one where you’ve lost CR2 photos and click "Scan" to recover deleted photos from SD card on Windows or Mac.

  5. Preview and Recover CR2 Files from SD Card
  6. Since CR2 files are large, it might take a few minutes for the application to finish the scanning process. Be patient and let it done. When the CR2 images recovery software stops the scanning process, it is finished. You can filter the file extension on the left side, preview the CR2 photos it found for you. When finding the target CR2 files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

How to Open or Preview CR2 Files in Windows/Mac

The photos taken by the SLR camera are very beautiful, but the photo format is generally CR2, and the common photo preview tool cannot be opened normally. But don't worry, we will recommend 2 effective ways to open CR2 files.