How to Repair and Recover Corrupted Pictures in SD Card

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"Can you recover corrupted pictures from SD card? I have some photos on a memory card, but I can’t view them at all. They’re corrupted"

Getting back corrupted pictures from SD card is quite different from how to recover photos from a corrupted SD card. For the latter one, no matter how to SD card is corrupted, it’s done and done by recovering the trapped files there. However, as for how to restore corrupted photos from SD cards, it means you need to repair the corrupted pictures, making them viewable.

Why Pictures on Memory Card Get Corrupted?

There are many reasons that can cause photos and images on SD cards to get corrupted. In summary, they are improper memory card ejection, improper image file transfer, the SD card system corrupted, virus attack the images, or even the SD card physical damage, which will cause the images to lack header or file information. Which in a result, the pictures on the memory card get corrupted.

How to Recover Corrupted Photos on SD Card

To fix corrupted pictures on an SD card, you have to depend on software for help. Only professional software can figure out the problems for the corrupted photos, like lacking header or file information. After then, it will collect, gather and match the found information for the corrupted photos, repairing the corrupted photos effectively.

For how to restore corrupted images from SD cards, iBeesoft Data Recovery is fully recommended. It has developed with the latest most advanced technology to recover and repair corrupted pictures. Besides, it really fits the SD card photo recovery for the following reasons.

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Step-by-step guide for how to resume corrupted pictures in SD card

Click the Download button to get the right version of software. It depends on which computer you’re using.

1. Connect the SD card from which you’re going to find corrupted pictures, with your computer.

2. Select the drive letter that represents the SD card and click "Scan". Wait for this picture recovery tool to scan the SD card for corrupted pictures and fix them one by one automatically for you.

3. When the scanning process is finished, you can find the repaired corrupted pictures in the result window directly. Select the wanted pictures to preview. Since they’re fixed, you can view them without any problem. Last, select the needed ones and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

That’s it! Do not save the corrupted pictures to the SD card again. They might get corrupted again there.

Frequently Asked Questions for Corrupted Pictures Recovery in SD Card

Q: how to recover corrupted pictures from sd card for free

Yes, you have two options.

One is saving the corrupted pictures from SD to your computer, then find online photo repair service > upload the corrupted pictures to fix them. Generally, the online photo repair service only fixes a small number of corrupted pictures for free. To repair more corrupted pictures, you have to pay for it.

Another option is making use of iBeesoft Free Data Recovery. It allows you to restore and repair corrupted images from an SD card, up to 2GB for totally free. Here are the simple steps.

1. Connect the SD card to your PC

2. Download and install the free recovery software.

3. Launch it and click the "Scan" button beside the card.

4. When the repair progress is complete, select them and click "Recover" to save.

Q: Can data be recovered from a corrupted SD card?

Sure, you can try your luck. If the corrupted SD can be recognized by your computer as an external hard drive, then you can get back files from the corrupted SD card with iBeesoft Data Recovery easily. If not, you should try your best to fix a corrupted SD card on Mac or Windows PC first. After then, try data recovery software to restore the removed and lost files from the SD card.

Recovering corrupted pictures from an SD card is not difficult. To avoid the data corruption issue, you should carefully use the SD card as well as manage files on the SD card. If there is any incident, iBeesoft Data Recovery is a great option to retrieve and repair corrupted word files, videos, and images there.