M4A Audio File Recovery - How to Recover Deleted/Corrupted M4A Audio Files

Do you want to recover M4A files? You must have accidentally deleted M4A audio files from your Android phone, memory cards, hard drives, USB flash drive, external hard drives or another smart phone. It’s not a hard job to recover a M4A file if you know the right way to do it. Here in the following, we’re going to talk about what M4A audio file is and how to recover deleted or corrupted M4A files.

What is M4A File?

M4A is Apple Lossless Encoder. It’s an audio format more or less like the MP4 format for videos. The only difference is that there is no video in it. It’s one of the most popular audio formats, which is mostly opened in Windows Media Player, Mac QuickTime player, iTunes and other types of media players.

Scenarios for M4A audio files lost

There is the various reason for M4A audio files lost. If your M4A audio files lost in any of the following scenarios, you can try to recover the lost or deleted M4A audio files with the way mentioned in the article. Let’s check out the top reasons for M4A audio files lost.

  • Intentionally or unintentionally deletion. While deleting unwanted files, you may not realize or delete the M4A audio files purposely. That’s the mistake people always make. And if you delete a user account in Windows PC, the M4A audio files are deleted as well.
  • Abrupt removal. You may lose M4A audio files while transferring the files from one place to another place if there is an interruption or your external hard drive ejected accidentally. It happens regularly on Mac. I have encountered several times that my USB hard drive ejected accidentally on Mac which result in all files lost in my USB hard drive.
  • Virus attack or malware infection. If a security software tool detects there is a virus attack or malware, then some files may get deleted or quarantined, including the M4A audio files.
  • Formatting or factory settings. One of my friends told me that she wants to recover M4A audio files from Android phones since she lost them by resetting the phone to factory settings. It is the same case as many people format USB hard drives. Both formatting and factory reset definitely will result in M4A audio files lost.

The Best Software to Recover M4A Audio Files on Mac/Windows PC

No matter how you lost M4A audio files, if you want to recover lost, deleted or corrupted M4A audio files, you need a M4A audio file recovery software tool for help. iBeesoft Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery software for users to recover all kinds of files from the computer, Mac, USB flash drive, external disk, Android phones, and tablets.

Your Effective M4A Audio File Recovery Software

recover a m4a file
  • Recover corrupted or deleted M4A audio files from all storage devices, including Mac, PC, memory card, external drives, iOS/Android devices and more.
  • Recover M4A audio files lost due to deletion, formatting, virus attack, system crash and more.
  • Works well in Windows operating system and macOS. So, you can quickly recover deleted files on Mac or Windows PC.

Download the M4A Audio Recovery software to have a try now! Here in the following, let’s see how to recover M4A audio files on Mac, computer and external hard drives. If you want to recover M4A audio files from iPhone, try iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery.

Step 1. Install the M4A File Recovery Software

Click the download button to get the installation package for your computer. Please choose the right version according to your computer operating system. Both Windows PC and Mac versions are available. Both of them work in the same steps. After installing the software on your computer, you need to connect the external hard drive with your computer if you want to recover M4A audio files from the external hard drive. If you want to do the recovery on your computer, go ahead.

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

If you only need to recover deleted M4A audio files, please only keep the "Audio" option selected in the file selection window. By doing it, it will shorten the whole scanning process. You can also select other file types to scan if you like. After then, click "Start".

how to recover m4a audio file

Step 3. Select Target Destination to Scan

Next, you can see all hard drives as well as connected external hard drives are listed. Please select the one where you have lost the M4A audio files. After then, click "Scan", letting the software scan the target place for the lost M4A audio files.

recover deleted .m4a files

Step 4. Recover Deleted/Lost/Corrupted M4A Files

It might take a while for the software to finish the scanning process. Be patient if you have many files stored and deleted on the hard drive. When it finished, please filter the file type in the left panel and check out the details on the right side. If you find the M4A audio files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. Please do not save them to the place where they’re deleted or lost. Otherwise, you’ll lose them again.

recover corrupted m4a

Please note that there is an option named as "Deep Scan" in the result window. It is a powerful feature to scan the hard drive again to look for lost or deleted files. To be honest, it is more powerful than the default scanning mode: Quick Scan. You can try it to find more files.

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