How to Recover BKF Files in Windows 7/10

The reason is very easy, BKF files contain all the content of your computer. It is a backup file created by Windows Backup Utility, which is included with Windows NT and XP Pro. It means a BKF file covers all the system information and data, as well as folders, files, and even media files. In summary, BKF files are extremely important. However, not all BKF files are available when you need to use them. One reason is that while you clean your computer, you might delete the BKF files unintentionally, especially for users who do not know much about computer techniques while clean computer to get extra storage. And sometimes improper formatting of your storage media drive will cause BKF files lost permanently. Here in this article, we’re going to talk about how to recover BKF files from Windows computers.

Free Download BKF File Recovery Software

There are many reasons cause the BKF files lost or deleted. Actually, you can try your luck to get them back if you hurry up to do the BKF file recovery before it is overwritten by newly generated data. To recover BKF files, a software tool is a must. Though the deleted or lost BKF files are still on the hard drive, but you can’t see them. Only with the help of software, it is possible for you to recover them in Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Here I strongly recommend you try iBeesoft Data Recovery.

This software is the most trustworthy and workable recovery BKF file tool. It helps you scan your computer hard drive or external hard drives for the lost or deleted BKF files, letting you recover them to your computer, either for further usage or restore your computer with the BKF files. Here are some of the features of the BKF data recovery software. Please check out:

Your Safe & Effective BKF File Recovery Software

bkf file recovery
  • Fully compatible with BKF files, scan and retrieve the pointed hard drive for the BKF files.
  • Quick Scan mode scans for BKF files with complete file properties and Deep Scan modes scans for BKF files with part of the file properties overwritten or lost, making sure to recover BKF files if they haven’t been overwritten yet.
  • Fully compatible recover permanently deleted files with all Windows OS, including Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows XP.

How to Recover BKF Files in Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista

Click the Download button to get the latest version of the BKF file recovery software. After then, install it on your computer. It’s fully compatible with all the Windows OS, feel free to install it. If your BKF files are lost or deleted from external hard drives, please connect it with your computer first, ensuring it is detected by your computer.

Step 1. Select File Types to Scan

The software supports more than 800 file types, but not all of them are the list. Please check the "Other Types" after launching the recover BKF file software. By default, all supported file types are selected. You only need to keep this one ticked and uncheck the other type. It will save your time for the scanning process. After then, click "Start".

recovery bkf file

Step 2. Select Hard Drive to Restore

Next, from the new window, please select the hard drive where your BKF files are lost. If they are lost in an external disk, please select it, and click "Scan" to recover deleted files in Windows 10 and other OS.

recover deleted bkf files

Step 3. Recover BKF Files

It might take longer for the software to look for BKF files for you since it belongs to “Other Types” which contains all kinds of other files. Don’t worry! You just need to relax, letting the software finish the whole scanning process. After then, you can filter the BKF files by selecting a file extension on the left panel and preview the files on the right side. When finding the BKF files, select them and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

recover bkf files

In the result window, you can see the option "Deep Scan". It offers you better scanning techniques, but it takes longer for the scanning process. If you try it, please be patient.

Is it possible to open a BKF file

The answer is NO and Yes. Hard to understand? It’s quite easy. As for Windows XP, it is yes. It is integrated with NTBackup utility. As for the new version of Windows, like Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, it is NO, because these new versions are not integrated with NTBackup.exe. The good news is that you can mend it with litter efforts through a manual procedure by setting up a BKF file extractor in Windows 7/8/10.

First, download It is an archive file consisting of an .exe file and 2 .dell files.

  • ntbackup.exe
  • ntmsapi.dll
  • vssapi.dll

Once the files are saved in a location, double-click on the ntbackup.exe and you will see the image like below. Click "Ok" to forward.

how to recover bkf files

Now click on the "Browse" to add BKF file to the NTBackup application setup.

recover bkf files

Since the purpose is to open the BKF file, you need to click the "Restore Files and Settings" option and click "Next".

open bkf file

After that, you just need to follow the wizard to click "Next" to continue until you browse for a location for the extract location of the BKF file and add it to the utility. After then, you can expand the folder structure to see the BKF content in the left pane. However, the content of these files is not what you see like word documents, excel worksheets such as understandable files.

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