10 R-Studio Data Recovery Alternatives – Recover Files Much Easier

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Part 1. How to Use R-Studio Data Recovery
Part 2. 10 Alternatives to R-Studio Data Recovery Software (Free and Paid)
Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions for R-Studio Data Recovery

Part 1. How to Use R-Studio Data Recovery

R-Studio is a professional recovery tool that countless people use, and it is certainly a worthwhile investment if you are serious about recovering data. Depending on the type of recovery you are performing and the complexity of the situation, you may need to consider a lot of factors. R-Studio provides a lot of information about how to use R-Studio data recovery on their website, so users know how R-studio recover deleted files in different cases. Here is the general guideline for how the recovery process works on this software.

  1. Make sure you have R-Studio installed and running on your computer with the appropriate license.
  2. In the application, you will need to find the drive that you want to recover data from. Make sure the drive is properly connected to your computer. As a hint, if the disk is damaged, then you might see the file system not showing properly.
  3. To start the scanning process, right-click on the disk, and then in the shortcut menu, click on "Scan". This will open the Scan dialog box where you can make multiple selections. Make sure you select the entire disk which is the default option for the scan. As for the file system, change the option only if you are sure about the file system that was being used on the drive. You can also check the box with the text that says "Extra Search for Known File Types" to allow the recovery of raw files and other file signatures.
  4. If you are expecting a long scan process with a chance of interruption, you can select the "Save to File" option. This will save the scan information on a file so you can resume the recovery process in case of interruption.
  5. Lastly, the "Scan View" option lets you decide the kind of view you want while the scanning process is running. Once you are done with the option selection, simply click on the "Scan" button to let R-Studio recover deleted files from your drive.
  6. During the scan process, R-Studio will show you all the partitions within the drive that it has recognized. These are color-coded for your convenience. In case of multiple partitions are identified, you will need to decide which one is real. In most cases, that partition is marked yellow.
  7. Double-click the partition to explore its content. At this moment, the software will start enumerating files to show what it has found.
  8. Now that you can see all the files that can be recovered, select the ones you want to recover and click on the "Recover" button on top. A popup window will appear where you can select your recovery options. For most people leaving them as is would be the right option.
  9. Once you click on the "Ok" button on the popup, you will see rstudio recover deleted files in the form of a progress bar popup.

Please note that you will need to have a licensed version of R-Studio running for this step to work. Demo versions only allow files with a maximum size of 64 KB to be recovered. Once the recovery process is complete, you can see the recovered files and folders in the output folder.

Now that we have discussed the entire process, we will talk about the R Studio data recovery free alternative which let you recover files from pen drive, hard disk, SD card, and more much easier and free to use.

Part 2. 10 Alternatives to R-Studio Data Recovery Software

  1. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery
  2. This option is the top contender as the r studio data recovery free alternative in our list and there is a good reason for that. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery provides a comprehensive solution for recovering data from a wide variety of sources, that too for free. With a limit of 2GB, you can get a lot of great features to enjoy without having to pay a single penny. You can recover all kinds of storage devices, access data on corrupted drives, preview the files you are recovering before selecting them, and so much more. The file format support on the best free data recovery software for external hard drives, USB drives, disks, and memory cards is also quite impressive and we can easily say that it is probably the best recovery option for individuals out there.

    File preview makes it easy to recover the right files
    24/7 technical support is available
    Support for all the file formats you could possibly want
    Supports all kinds of mainstream storage devices
    Deep scan process can be time consuming

    Please note that iBeesoft data recovery software for Mac is updated to scan for recoverable files for totally free. And it will let you recover up to 200MB of files for free.

  3. Disk Drill
  4. Disk Drill has made a name for itself, not only as an r studio data recovery free alternative but also as one of the best tools available right now for data recovery. The software offers a free trial version, which allows you to take full advantage of its services before making a purchase. You can recover up to 500 MB of data with support for almost all common file formats and file systems. The app also covers all external storage options as well like USBs and SD cards. It is available for both PC and Mac and iOS and Android.

    Intuitive and easy to use
    Scanning speed is good with the pause/resume option
    Hundreds of formats supported
    External storage options are also recoverable
    Does not come with any phone support
    500 MB is not the highest option for free recovery
  5. EaseUS Data Recovery Free Wizard
  6. Anyone familiar with PC tuning and support tools has most likely heard about EaseUS. This software is also one of its most popular offerings and is certainly a strong contender on this list. The biggest feature of this tool is its support for more than 1000 different file formats, which means you can recover practically anything from your drives. The recovery performance is also naturally good, and it also offers a deep scan algorithm that is quite effective.

    Supports more than a thousand file formats
    Great recovery performance
    Deep scan algorithm can find most hidden files
    Shows unrecoverable files with recoverable ones
    Paid licenses are among the most expensive on this list
  7. Stellar Data Recover Free Edition
  8. If you want to use an app that is easy to use and provides a visually appealing user interface without compromising on backend performance, then Stellar Phoenix is the tool for you. This is software that performs according to its name, and you can expect to recover data from almost any drive using its many features. The software is particularly useful for people who want to explore extra features as it also allows drive cloning and disk testing. The file formats recoverable on this are not as many as some other options but most basic users can get by easily.

    Great recovery performance with a high success rate
    Interface is well designed and intuitive
    Additional features also included
    Can sometimes show unrecoverable files as recoverable
    Fewer file formats supported
  9. PhotoRec
  10. If you want to use a tool that is great for recovering photos, then this tool is a great option for you. However, don’t let the name fool you because this software can recover more than 300 file formats, which makes it a highly effective recovery option. The best thing about this tool is that it is completely free to use and is still decently designed. It is also open-source, so you can also tweak its code to make it even more effective.

    Complete free to use and open source
    Supports more than 300 file formats
    Available on a wide range of operating systems
    Not the most well-designed interface
    Restoration is automatic with no selection option
  11. Recuva
  12. Sometimes you are just looking for a simple solution to the data recovery problem and Recuva offers exactly that. This tool is as simple as it gets and provides decent recovery performance while being completely free of cost. There is no limit to the amount of data you can recover, and it even allows you to preview your files before deciding if you want to recover them or not. The software also allows users to securely delete any sensitive files that they want.

    Completely free of cost with unlimited recovery
    File previewing option available
    Clean user interface with no complication
    Secure file deletion feature
    Development is not supported anymore
    Raw photo recovery is not very comprehensive
  13. MiniTool Power Data Recovery
  14. If your data loss is of serious nature and you want to use a tool with a high chance of recovering it all successfully, you should consider using MiniTool Power Data Recovery. It can recover data from anything ranging from accidental deletions to interrupted formatting and overwritten data. The interface of the app is good and easy to use with good support as well.

    Intuitive and easy to use interface
    Can preview deleted files
    Great technical support
    Small download package
    Cannot see previous scans without a subscription
    No backup options are provided
    Can randomly become slow
  15. Data Rescue
  16. This is a tool that relies solely on its developers’ experience, and you can see that as soon as you use the tool. While it is not the most well-designed tool out there, it can provide some unique search features which make it a great option worth including in this list. The two decades of success that sit behind this tool also show how reliable it is with a high successful recovery rate. Some added features are given as part of the software that can be quite handy for some users.

    Reliable recovery process and high success rate
    Comes with a hex previewer as well
    Decent file format support
    Can be used for cloning drives and creating bootable disks
    Scanning speed is slow
    Cannot pause/resume the scan process
    Interface is too basic
  17. UnDeleteMyFiles Pro
  18. Do not let the name make you think that this is an expensive paid software because it is not. This completely free-to-use tool can provide quite the punch with its array of features and reliable recovery algorithm. It is by far the most versatile software on the list, with plenty of extra features packed in. The recovery process is also straightforward, so you can use it without getting too confused and stuck.

    Several added features are available
    Completely free of cost
    File recovery is quite easy
    Does not have any development behind it anymore
    The user interface is old
    Limited file format support
  19. Undelete 360
  20. Finally, we talk about another known tool that many people have already used or at least heard about. This is also a completely free option which makes it even better and the nice interface comes in as an added bonus. The Office 2010-inspired interface may feel outdated to some users, but it is still quite intuitive and pleasant. It also supports most file formats and allows previewing files before you decide to recover them.

    Completely free to use
    Supports a decent number of formats
    File preview feature available
    Recovery performance is a bit mediocre
    No longer under development

Part 3. Frequently Asked Questions for R-Studio Data Recovery

  1. Is R-Studio recovery free?
  2. R-Studio is not a free tool and requires licensing before you can use it. It is also among the most expensive recovery tools available as it is primarily designed for professional use.

  3. Can R-Studio recover deleted files?
  4. Yes, R-Studio does have support to recover deleted files in Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and macOS.

  5. Is there any free software for data recovery? What is the best free software for data recovery?
  6. There are plenty of free data recovery solutions available out there. The best option, in our opinion, is the iBeesoft Free Data Recovery tool which lets you recover 2GB of data before you need to pay anything.