Kingston SD Card Recovery – Recover Deleted or Lost Videos/Photos/Documents from Kingston SD Card

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kingston sd card recovery

"My Kingston SD card is corrupt, and I can’t rip the files off. Is there any way to recover the files from the Kingston SD card? When I fixed the problem, I did not see any files there at all." – Rachael

Kingston SD card is widely used for storing photos and videos in cameras. The Kingston SD card data is deleted, formatted or inaccessible very easy to happen. If you search online, you can see many people have the same problem. If a Kingston SD card is corrupt, you can ditch it for a new one. However, how about the important data on the SD card? In this case, you need a Kingston SD card recovery tool for help. It not only helps you recover data from corrupted Kingston SD card but also recover deleted or formatted videos, photos, documents and more from Kingston SD card.

Recover Kingston SD Card Data with Kingston SD Card Recovery Tool

The Kingston SD card recovery tool I want to recommend to you is iBeesoft Data Recovery. It meets all the requirements for you to recover deleted, lost or formatted files from Kingston SD card. Here are the main reasons for me to recommend it.

1. Desktop Kingston SD card recovery, gets a better result

If you want to get a better result in Kingston SD card recovery, you’d better use a desktop tool. The deleted or lost files in Kingston SD card are still there, but invisible. They’re marked as useless, waiting to be overwritten by new data. If you try any tool that does not run on the desktop, it may overwrite the files on Kingston SD card you want to recover.

2. Recover hundreds of file types

The SD card recovery software is able to recover a hundred types of files from Kingston SD card. I am pretty sure, if there is a file on your SD card, then it can be recovered. Supported file types are videos, audio files, photos, documents, achieves, emails and more. For each type of files, it supports multiple file format. For example, it supports photos in JPEG, JPG, TIFF, TIF, BMP, GIF, PNG, XCF, PAT, ARW, DNG, PSP, PCT, RAW, MOS, PSD, EPS, INDD, ERF, FH3, FH5, FH7, FH8 FH9, FH11, MCD, VWX, MEF, WP, CDR, CPT, VSD, DWG, PGM, PPM, PCX, MNG, MSP, WMF, WPG, EMF, ANI, NRW, TGA, JP2 etc. For more details, please check out the tech spec.

3. Recover up to 200MB files for free

From the internet, you can’t find any Kingston SD card data recovery is available to recover deleted files for free, except iBeesoft Data Recovery. It allows you to recover files, up to 200MB for totally free. And the trial version allows scanning the Kingston SD card to see whether there are the results you need before you really pay for it.

4. Foolproof usage, no extra computer techniques needed

Follow the built-in guide, you’ll easily recover deleted files from Kingston SD card. It is standalone and simple, never requires you any extra computer techniques to make it work.

How to Perform Kingston SD Recovery

Below is the step-by-step guide for how to use the Kingston SD card recovery. Just in 4 simple steps, it is done and done.

Step 1. Use an e-card reader to connect your SD card to your computer. You’d better remove the SD card from the device before connecting to the computer. It will increase the chances of Kingston SD card recovery. Make sure the firm connection until you successfully recover the lost files.

Step 2. Launch Kingston SD card recovery on your computer. Currently, it has separate versions for Mac and Windows PC. Both of them work great on the computer. Choose the one that’s right for your computer. From the startup window, you’re supposed to select the file types you’re going to recover from the Kingston SD card. By default, all files are selected. You’re supposed to uncheck the unwanted ones, which will save you much time in the scanning process as well as checking result in the last step. Click "Start".

kingston sd card recovery

Step 3. In the next window, please select the drive which stands for Kingston SD card and click "Scan".. The software begins to scan the SD card for deleted files. During the scanning process, if you see the software has spotted the target files, you can stop the scanning process and go to the next step.

select kingston sd card to recover data

Step 4. In the result window, all files are sorted into types, letting you filter the target files constantly. You just need to filter file types on the left side and preview the files on the right. When finding the target files deleted from Kingston SD card, select them and click "Recover". to save them on your computer.

kingston sd recovery

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