Best Forensic Data Recovery Software Tool to Download for 2024

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Data is an important asset of any organization or individual and it’s more value able than hardware. Data can be deleted accidentally or due to hardware failure or crash. But there are ways that make it possible to recover deleted or erased data from data storage devices. Forensic data recovery is one of the ways to recover deleted or erased data from stolen, damaged, crashed, or dead data storage devices. It’s a growing field and most of its concern related to law enforcement agencies, where devices are gathered from the suspects to get the depth information related to their case. In this guide, we will talk about forensic data recovery software and what’s forensic data recovery.

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Part 1. What is Forensic Data Recovery?
Part 2. Best Forensic Data Recovery Software Free Download
Part 3. How to Use the Forensic Data Recovery Software to Recover Data
Part 4. How to Use the Forensic Data Recovery to Recover File on iPhone

Part 1. What is Forensic Data Recovery?

It’s a process of gathering evidence and information from the computer or digital device of someone who is suspected of a crime and the first thing to do is to take the digital devices such as smartphones and computers then isolate them physically. Once the lawn enforcement person has their digital devices in custody, they make a copy of all their data to observe and gain information. They also use data recovery software to scan any hidden or deleted data from devices.

Forensic is basically a process of getting all possible clues that can lead to the main person who’s involved or their organization. It’s mostly used in cybercrimes, online bank frauds, and other crimes. Such as if a murder happens at some place of someone, the phone of that person will be sent for forensic analysis. If a person was doing online money frauds or hacking, all their devices will be kept isolated and will go through a forensic process.

Part 2. Best Forensic Data Recovery Software Free Download

There are different types of evidence that the investigator can reach while doing the Forensic analysis of the device these include videos, photos, and documents, etc. There are many computer forensic data recovery tools that can be used to get back data from the suspect’s computer. iBeesoft is the best forensic data recovery software that can be used in such a scenario. Let’s talk about iBeesoft and why iBeesoft is the best forensic data recovery tool. It’s all-in-one data recovery software for both iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Mac. Here are some of its features:

Easily Recover Text Messages:

iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery can find all the text messages on iPhone it includes both received and sent text messages. This will help the investigator to get closer to the criminal, suppose if the suspect shared information such as location, address, or name of anyone. The law enforcement agencies will be able to get a clue and flow on it.

Retrieve All Call History:

It can also retrieve the call history of the target smartphone and it will include all the details such as incoming and outgoing calls, their duration, date when calls were received or dialed and the name and contact number of the caller or dialer. This will lead the investigator to the real threat and they will able to trace it using their contact number’s location.

Restore Photos and Videos:

The computer forensic data recovery will restore all the recently deleted photos and videos on computers, Android phones, and SD cards. iBeesoft iPhone data recovery is able to retrieve deleted or lost pictures and videos on iPhone. If there’s anything related that will help the investigator to put the suspect behind bars, they will take it into custody and will make a copy of it.

Find Deleted Data from External or Dead Hard Drives:

Most of the time criminals have more than one hard drive and they store all their data on different hard drives. If the law enforcement persons found any other digital data storage devices such as USB drives, external hard drives, or memory cards; iBeesoft Data Recovery, the best forensic data recovery will get all their deleted data as well. It can also perform forensic data recovery hard drive.

Restore WhatsApp and KIK Messages:

Another great feature of this iPhone forensic data recovery tool is to recover all the photos and videos shared on the suspect’s smartphone via WhatsApp and KIK messenger. This is another great source for forensic analysis.

All the features that are mentioned above are very helpful when it comes to criminal investigation and forensic data recovery of hard drives and computers. This best forensic data recovery tool is not only limited to computer forensic data recovery but it can also recover data for forensic purposes from smartphones and other digital data storage devices.

Part 3. How to Use the Forensic Data Recovery Software to Recover Data

We have told you in very detail all about what is forensic data recovery and which is the best forensic data recovery software tool. Here in this part, you will learn how to use forensic data recovery software to find data from the suspect’s computer, hard drives, or smartphones. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Downloading iBeesoft Forensic Data Recovery Software
  2. Download the iBeesoft data recovery tool by selecting a version according to your needs such as if you want to run forensic data recovery process on suspect’s PC then download Data Recovery for Windows. It will take few seconds to download depending on the speed of your ISP. After downloading process is completed, now install it on the suspects’ computer according to the instructions.

    Note: The free trial version can only recover a few files and it doesn’t offer full features, if you want to enjoy full features you will have to buy a license.

  3. Start Scanning the Forensic Data Recovery Hard Drive
  4. Launch the iBeesoft data recovery for Mac or Windows on your computer and connect the external hard drive or USB drives that you found in the suspect’s place and scan them while they appear in the iBeesoft’s window. It will take some time depending on the size of these drives and be patient while this scanning process.

  5. Start Recovering the Data
  6. Once the scanning process is complete, it will show you all the files in order according to their file formats. Such as videos will be sorted in mp4, Mkv, and flv categories and pictures will be sorted in png, jpeg, and bitmap, etc same as audio files will be sorted out. You can choose which files you want and you can preview them before restoring them. This will save your time and storage capacity.

Part 4. How to Use the Forensic Data Recovery to Recover File on iPhone

If the needed files are on iPhone, or deleted on iPhone, in iPhone backup files(iTunes backup files or iCloud backup files), then you need to try the iPhone forensic data recovery software for help. It has 3 methods to restore deleted files after downloading and installing the software on computer:

  1. Recover from iPhone directly. Connect iPhone with computer > launch software and select "recover from iOS" > scan iPhone, preview and select files to recover.
  2. Extract files from iTunes backup file. Launch the forensic data recovery for iPhone on the computer where iPhone backup files was created with iTunes > click "recover from iTunes" > select an iTunes backup file to scan > select files to restore.
  3. Extract files from iCloud backup file. launch the iPhone forensic data recovery software on computer > click "recover from iCloud" > sign in with the iCloud account > select iCloud file to extract > select files to recover.

Forensic data recovery has grown a lot as the usage of digital devices such as computers, smartphones and other digital devices have increased and this includes the negative use as well. Criminals use modern techniques to steal money and hack bank accounts. In such a situation, the investigation agencies need the best forensic data recovery tool. iBeesoft offers is a computer and iPhone forensic data recovery tool that offers amazing features for forensic analysis.