Top Best Free Forensic Data Recovery Software for 2024

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"Is there any open source forensic data recovery software? I need one to recover deleted files from the computer as proof".

What is forensic data recovery?

A forensic data recovery is a tool used to retrieve files from digital storage devices. And the data is very important and will be used for legal purposes. Can ordinary file recovery be used for forensic purposes? No. Forensic data recovery must have the ability to recover files that were deliberately deleted, erased, damaged, or destroyed. In this case, it’s a little bit hard for users to find the top forensic data recovery, not alone free forensic data recovery software.

No matter how hard it is to find the right forensic data recovery software open source, there are still some options. Here is the top forensic data recovery freeware you must know for 2024.

Top Free Forensic Data Recovery Software for 2024 You Must Know

  1. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery
  2. iBeesoft Free Data Recovery, as its name implies, it’s not open source forensic data recovery software, but it is free forensic data recovery software. It contains all the features for a reliable forensic data recovery software tool.

    Main features for the best free forensic data recovery tool
    It’s able to fix corrupted videos, pictures, documents for forensic purposes.
    It recovers files in 1000+ types, covering pictures, videos, audio files, documents, and more with different file extensions.
    It retrieves files lost in 500 scenarios, covering the purposely file deletion, partition deletion, hard drive formatting, computer reinstall.
    It supports data recovery not only from computer internal hard drives, but external hard drives, like USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.
    It’s totally free to recover up to 2GB files without any limitations.
    Reliable forensic data recovery freeware for iPhone/iPad/Windows/Mac/other drives.
    Filter files freely, find the files you want to restore more efficiently.
    To recover files over 2GB, it needs to be upgraded to the pro version.
  3. Recuva
  4. Recuva is a practical free disk data recovery software that can help users easily get back various lost files, covering various common file types. The forensic data recovery freeware operation is simple and convenient, users only need to specify the scanning location to easily find the lost files.

    Main Features
    A simple wizard can help users quickly complete file recovery.
    Except for the recovered file size limitation, there is no limit for the free forensic data recovery.
    Support MBR and GPT partition types, and support FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, exFAT, and other file systems.
    There is a completely free version but does not provide advanced file recovery.
    Retrieve files from damaged drives.
    Cannot specify a folder to scan for time saving.
    Only works on Windows PC.
  5. TestDisk Data Recovery
  6. TestDisk Data Recovery is a command-line tool that can only help users restore accidentally deleted or formatted drives for free. If you want to retrieve permanently deleted files, please use other forensic data recovery tools.

    Main Features
    Supports Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux.
    It is an OpenSource freeware.
    Can recognize Intel Partition Table, GUID Partition Table, Apple Partition Map, and more.
    Fast scanning speed, high data recovery success rate.
    Automatically skip damaged sectors.
    Cannot preview it before restoring.
    Not support forensic data recovery for iPhone.
  7. UndeleteMyFiles Pro
  8. UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a professional data recovery tool with easy-to-use and powerful functions. It supports recovery of accidentally deleted files, recovery of files emptied from the recycle bin, disk/USB/memory card, etc.

    Main Features
    Non-toxic and no plug-ins, the data already on your device will not be overwritten during use.
    Supports more than 550 data formats, including almost all image files, multimedia files, emails, archives, etc.
    Get deleted files back from system backup.
    There is no need to wait for a long scan. it's quickly to finish scanning.
    You can't preview files before recovery. It means you never know what kind of files you can restore with this software until the recovery is completed.
    You cannot pause during the scan.
  9. Disk Drill
  10. Disk Drill is a famous tool for people to recover files from all kinds of devices. It has a separate basic version which is free and the full function Pro version. People like this tool because it is a comprehensive tool as it provides not only data recovery features but also tools to manage data for hard drives.

    Main Features
    Get back forensic data up to 500MB for free.
    Prevent data loss with Recovery Vault.
    Supports multiple devices as well file types.
    Extra features like data backup, disk clean-up, duplicate file finder, data shredder, etc.
    It’s a comprehensive tool, offering more than a file recovery feature.
    It’s free to find data up to 500MB for free.
    Used as free forensic data recovery software, it only recovers 500MB files for free.
    Other extra features, except the backup feature, have nothing to do with forensic purposes.
  11. Windows File Recovery
  12. It is also developed by Microsoft, which can undelete files from built-in disks and external drives very well. In order to ensure data security, it must save the found files to different drives.

    Main Features
    Used to find files from the emptied recycle bin and accidental deletion recovery.
    Advanced storage architecture algorithms to restore files at the fastest speed.
    Fast scanning speed, high data recovery success rate.
    Automatically skip damaged sectors.
    Not suitable for novices beceuse it can only work on the command-line.
    Only works on Windows 11 and 10.
  13. EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free
  14. EaseUs data recovery wizard is free data recovery. It can be used as forensic data recovery software freeware for forensic purposes. It is able to get back various files types, multiple devices, and files lost in different scenarios.

    Main Features
    Totally free to get 500MB files back. If users want to restore up to 2GB of files for free, social media sharing is needed.
    Retrieve file lost from various scenarios, partition recovery, MS SQL recovery, exchange recovery, raw drive recovery, formatted forensic data recovery.
    Quick Scan to find deleted files and Deep Scan to recover missing & hidden files.
    Repair corrupted videos after recovery
    To get the 2GB file recovery for free, you need to share it with your social media.
    he price is comparatively high for file recovery.
  15. iBatsoft Data Recovery
  16. iBatsoft Data Recovery can be used as forensic data recovery software as well. Though it’s not freeware, the price is very low compared with another such kinds of tools.

    Main Features
    The high success rate for data recovery, it’s 99.85%.
    Recover over 1000 file types easily, covering all the daily used videos, pictures, audio files, documents, and more.
    Besides the computer hard drive, it retrieves files from 730+ digital storage devices, including SD cards, USB flash drives, SSD, HDD, etc.
    It’s a basic forensic data recovery to get file from computers and external hard drives.
    High cost-effective data recovery. It has Quick Scan and Deep Scan, two scanning modes.
    Allow preview before file recovery.
    It’s not free forensic data recovery software.

There aren’t many hard drive forensic data recovery tools available, let alone open source forensic data recovery software. For sure, there are some professional tools for forensic purposes, like Magnet Forensics, AccessData, BlackLight, it’s a little complicated for individuals to use since there are jargon and technical terms. And local Forensic data recovery services prices are very high. Above all, you can make use of the mentioned free forensic data recovery software. Try them and it costs you nothing.