Best Free Disk Cloning Software to Download

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The reason one would like to have carryout cloning a drive changes with the situation. However, there are a few instances that are common among all and asks for cloning to ensure that the data remains safe. The following are the scenarios under which one likes to perform the USB drive, SSD or disk cloning:

1. Cloning drive helps in upgrading the hard disk from an old and small volume to a new version with higher capacity without the need to re-install all the programs and applications

2. The disk clone process helps in the migration of data from the hard drive to SSD with ease

3. Cloning also helps in recovery of data when there is damage to the current hard disk

4. The requirement of transferring the operating system files

5. Cloning disk is essential for professionals and home users who store necessary data

Part 1.Best Software to Clone Disk

Part 2. Other Free Disk Cloning Software

Part 1.Best Software to Clone Disk

Even though there are many programs available to clone a hard disk, iBeesoft DBackup is the best free cloning software. The reason is that it offers extensive options with a user-friendly interface. It helps in maximizing the protection of the data and the entire operating system with ease. It is fast, convenient to use, and enables a user to do everything that they expect from backup and clone software.

What Makes the Software the Best?

Your Reliable & Free Disk Cloning Software


free hard drive cloning software
  • Gives customization options to the clone and backup modes – full image, incremental, or differential. You can easily set schedules to hard drive cloning free.
  • Creates a standalone backup file to clone HDD to SSD, USB drive or a bigger size hard disk.
  • It can also create an image to file, drive or OS backup in Windows 10/8/7/XP.
clone disk free

Step-by-Step Guide to Clone Disk in Windows 10/8/7/XP

The free cloning software is aimed at users who like to perform data backup that includes partition, drive, or operating system backup. It helps in creating protection to the data and clones a system HDD, external storage devices, flashcards, and many more. Download and install the disk clone tool that is available from the official website of iBeesoft.

Step 1: A user can establish a connection between the computer and an external storage unit if he/she prefers to store the cloning file externally. If not, they can skip the step and proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Clicking the icon on the desktop launches the best free cloning software. The primary window displays several options it provides, and users must click the "Drive Backup" option. The window will show the partitions of the selected drive.

best free cloning software

Step 3: Before the free hdd cloning software performs a backup of the selected hard disk or a partition of the hard drive, the user must mention the storage location, backup name, and choose whether to opt for "Automatic Backup" feature. The sector-by-sector feature is also available, which consumes time but clones every file, including any hidden or lost data. After completing the setup requirement, press the "Start" button to begin cloning. The time consumed for the process varies from one drive to another and depends on the total size.

free disk cloning software

Part 2. Other Free Disk Cloning Software

As disk cloning is important, the following list will be helpful for those who are seeking out the best free drive cloning software to complete the job with ease.

#1. Paragon Drive Copy

As a disk duplicator, Paragon Drive Copy comes handy for all those who are seeking a free disk cloning software to clone their hard drive in simple steps. Likewise, it also helps in storing data, migrating data, managing partition, and creating a backup of data. Important features include:

free cloning software

a. It clones and migrates data regardless of environment and location

b. Helps in creating virtual clones of an entire PC

c. Helps in creating a copy and restoring the same on a new HDD with a different sector size

d. Assists in migrating Windows OS to new devices and organizes data


  • Full back up of computer
  • Supports all file systems
  • Migration of OS from HDD to SSD


  • Misses advanced features
  • One-person use

#2. Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image is one of the leading programs in cloning hard drives. The free disk cloning software is simple to use and comes with plenty of options. The following are the crucial features:

backup windows 10 to network drive

a. Helps in creating a mirror or full image of the system

b. Promotes in cloning OS, files, and other settings to a new disk

c. Assists in conversion of full image backup to a virtual disk format so that users can test the same under different settings

d. Uses artificial intelligence, ransomware protection, and machine learning technology


  • Super-easy user interface
  • Fast upload speeds during testing
  • Local and cloud backup features


  • Expensive
  • Slow web interface

#3. Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect is another free hard drive cloning software. The clone disk free software is beneficial for those who are seeking a fast and dependable tool. The primary features of the software include:

free cloning software

a. Creates an accurate image file of HDD and partitions

b. Helps in creating whole partitions in a single compressed archive file that is mountable

c. Supports both GPT and MBR

d. Possible to recover partitions in a few clicks

e.Rapid Delta Cloning helps in cloning a disk at a faster rate


  • High speed of cloning
  • Useful functions
  • Different versions available


  • Very expensive
  • Difficult for beginners

#4. Nova Backup PC

Nova Backup PC is simple and offers the ability to create an exact clone of a hard drive. The important features are:

best free cloning software

a. Comes with various backup options

b. File-level or image-level backup

c. Protects the data through 256-AES encryption

d. Schedule backups in bit-level or incremental level

e. Cloud and local backup management


  • High security
  • Highly customizable
  • Fast backups


  • Cluttered interface
  • Lacks file explorer integration

#5. EaseUS ToDo Backup Home

EaseUS ToDo Backup Home version is a free cloning software that helps in keeping the system protected by creating backups in a few simple steps. The essential features of the software are:

free drive cloning software

a. It allows storing backups in external devices, including cloud, FTP servers, and NAS

b. It is possible to browse the backup file using Windows Explorer

c. The free cloning software is compatible with GPT and UEFI

d. It helps in the recovery of OS from the boot menu in case of OS failure

e. Possible to perform scheduling of backup

f. Flexible backup management


  • Friendly interface
  • Easy data recovery feature
  • Secured and encrypted data transfer


  • Disk partition knowledge missing
  • Requires multiple accounts to access different devices

#6. Hard Disk Manager 16

Hard Disk Manager 16 is a professional-grade free HDD cloning software. It helps both a novice and a professional to use it to create perfect backups of their hard disk. The essential features include:

free hdd cloning software

a. Helps in transferring system files in a few seconds and uses physical and virtual devices as per availability

b. Cloning functioning operated in protected mode

c. Has basic partitioning features to keep the system organized

d. Possesses the recover option to restore a system to the previous version


  • Easy to use
  • Supports partition edits
  • Undo and redo changes


  • Free edition sees several features disabled
  • Large setup file

#7. Clonezilla

One can clone disk free with the use of Clonezilla. As the name suggests, it clones a hard drive and the entire contents with ease. The important features of the program are:

free hard drive cloning software

a. Possible to get image file on local disk, samba server, FTP server, and others

b. Supports both MBR and GPT partition formats

c. Supports Unattended mode

d. Helps in restoring one image file to more than one local location


  • Open-source
  • Supports various file systems
  • Offers LVM2 support


  • The user interface is a big let down
  • Absence of differential and incremental backup

#8. Drive Image XML

Drive Image XML is another cloning software available in the market. It helps in creating an image file of a computer’s hard disk and partitions. Essential features include:

clone disk free

a. Creates a backup and restores the same

b. Schedule a backup

c. It uses Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Services during cloning


  • Restore individual files from images
  • Ability to restore images to different drives
  • Drive-to-drive image copy


  • No differential or incremental backup
  • The backup process is slow

#9. MiniTool Partition Wizard

MiniTool Partition Wizard is another free drive cloning software to clone a hard disk with ease. It safeguards the data and optimizes disk space. The primary features include:

free disk cloning software

a. Resizes partition

b. Copy a disk partition

c. Use the tool to merge partitions

d. Migrate OS to new HDD or SSD


  • Several useful feature
  • Helpful support


  • Requires time to learn the options

#10. Daemon Tools Pro 8

The software is robust and helps in cloning the hard disk with ease. The essential features of the free hdd cloning software are:

free cloning software

a. TrueCrypt container to store confidential data

b. Emulates 32 HD, DT, and SCSI drivers at a time with 4 IDE drivers

c. It converts, compresses, and protects image files


  • Virtual disc burning process
  • Good choices for imaging tools


  • The annual subscription is expensive

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