6 Ways to Do Huawei Backup and Restore

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With the rapid advancements in technology, smartphones have become an essential part of everyday life. One brand that has been making waves in recent years is Huawei. Huawei phones have quickly become popular among consumers because of their powerful performance and affordable prices. However, like other smartphones, data loss is still unavoidable. Such incidents can happen to anyone, and you must prepare for them beforehand. That’s the reason why "Huawei backup and restore" is needed. This article will show you six proven ways to avoid losing important photos, videos, etc. files due to accidental deletion, system/program update, or other reasons.

Table of contents
Part 1. Huawei Phone Backup & Restore with Internal Storage
Part 2. Huawei Phone Backup & Restore with USB
Part 3. Huawei Phone Backup & Restore with SD Card
Part 4. Huawei HiSuite Backup & Restore
Part 5. Huawei Cloud Backup
Part 6. Backup Huawei Phone with a Google Account
Part 7. FAQs

Huawei Phone Backup & Restore with Internal Storage

Backing up files is an essential way to protect your valuable information. And regarding Huawei phones, various options are available to backup and restore data. One of the notable features Huawei phones offer is the ability to back up a Huawei phone using internal storage. Do so with these simple steps!

  1. Go to the app drawer on your phone and tap on BACK UP.
  2. After the app launches, tap BACK UP again.
  3. From the options on the screen, choose INTERNAL STORAGE and click on the CONTINUE button.
  4. From the available options, choose the file types and tap the BACKUP button at the bottom.
  5. Encrypt your backup with a password, if you want, and then click on the NEXT button at the bottom and wait till the creation of your backup.

Tip: If you lose important data due to an accident, you can use the following method to restore them.

How to Restoring Backup Huawei Data

Here's how to get lost files from the backup on the Huawei phone's internal storage.

  1. Click TOOLS and BACK UP from the home screen.
  2. Tap the RESTORE button.
  3. Select the FROM INTERNAL STORAGE option and click the NEXT button.
  4. Select the Huawei phone backup you want to restore. If you have an encrypted backup, enter the password first.
  5. Choose the items you need on the screen and tap RESTORE.

The Huawei phone backup and restore with internal storage feature has limitations mentioned below.

Works only for Huawei to Huawei backup and restore.
Doesn't support all types of data backup and restore.
If your phone cannot boot, this backup will be invalid.

Huawei Phone Backup & Restore with USB

If there's not enough space in your phone, Huawei backup and restore are also possible using a USB. Follow these simple steps to back up large files and any data on a USB.

  1. Link your phone to a USB storage device using a USB OTG cable.
  2. Tap USB storage on the external screen of your Huawei call set.
  3. Now tap BACK UP.
  4. Select the desired backup data and tap BACK UP again.
  5. Now set a password and password hint.

How to Recover Deleted Photos/Videos Huawei Phone by USB Backup

Now, let's see how to restore the backed-up data in a few easy steps.

  1. Link the USB where your backed-up data is to your phone.
  2. Go to Settings, System (System and Updates), Back up, and Restore.
  3. Select the USB storage option.
  4. Access the RESTORE screen by selecting and clicking a backup record.
  5. Select your data and tap RESTORE.

That's it. Wait for some time to allow the data restoration to complete. Now that you know how to backup and restore data on your device, let's also talk about its limitations.

Deals with limited data types.
Manual intervention is always required.

Huawei Phone Backup & Restore with SD Card

A memory card is a removable drive in mobiles and other portable devices. Huawei backup and restore with an SD card is possible through these steps:

  1. Tap TOOLS on the home screen, go to BACK UP, then select SD card.
  2. Tap the NEXT button.
  3. Select your data for backup and click NEXT.
  4. Wait till the backup is completed.

Tip: if you want data encryption, you must set a password and password question. Or you can skip the step to finish the backing up.

How to Use Huawei Phone Backup from Memory Card

Just like backing up, restoring data from an SD Card also requires a few steps to follow:

  1. Tap RESTORE, select the SD card option, and tap the NEXT button.
  2. Choose a backup and select the backed-up item, then tap RESTORE.

And you are done! That's how you use Huawei phone backup. Though you can backup and restore data using an SD card, consider these limitations too.

The storage size limits the amount of data backup.
Doesn't work for apps with sensitive information.

Huawei HiSuite Backup & Restore

The following equally effective way for Huawei backup and restore is via HiSuite. HiSuite is a desktop app that performs various tasks, including backup Huawei. Let's check out the step-by-step procedure to back up Huawei phones.

  1. Visit the official website of HiSuite to download and install the HiSuite app on your computer.
  2. Connect your Huawei phone to the PC using a data cable.
  3. Next, you need to turn on the USB DEBUGGING option.
  4. Now, go to your phone's SETTINGS, to ADVANCED SETTINGS, SECURITY, then ALLOW HiSuite to use HDB.
  5. Next, allow the App to access your calendar, contacts, phone, storage, etc., by going to SETTING, APPS, HISUITE, and PERMISSIONS.
  6. Go to SETTINGS and then ABOUT PHONE.
  7. Tap DEVELOPERS OPTION multiple times to turn it on.
  8. Enable USB DEBUGGING by going to SETTINGS and then DEVELOPER OPTIONS.
  9. Now, after connecting your phone to the computer via a USB cable, launch the HiSuite App.
  10. Choose BACKUP and select the data for backup.
  11. Finally, tap the BACKUP button.

How to Use HiSuite Extract Backup Data

To restore Huawei phone files via HiSuite, follow steps # 1 to # 4 of the backup.

  1. Choose the RESTORE option.
  2. Mark the file you want to knuckle down.
  3. Then click "Restore".

And voila! Congratulations, You've done it. Next, let's address the limitations of Huawei backup and restore with HiSuite!

The process works only for Huawei to Huawei backup and restore.
It isn't straightforward to use.

Huawei Cloud Backup

Huawei provides free cloud space of 5 GB to its users. You can use this space to back up data from your phone. Suppose you are thinking about using the Huawei cloud backup. Well! Here are the steps.

  1. Unlock your phone, go to SETTINGS, and then HUAWEI CLOUD.
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions and turn ON the Huawei Cloud option.
  3. Create or log in to your existing Huawei account if you are a new user.
  4. TURN ON the data types you want to sync with Huawei's cloud.

Moreover, you can also customize things by turning ON the auto-upload feature from the Huawei Cloud Settings and setting the backup frequency. This way, your phone's data will automatically be backed up to the Huawei cloud.

You can also download the backup cloud data from the cloud setting. Here are the steps:

  1. From the SETTINGS, log into your HUAWEI ID
  2. Go to CLOUD and CLOUD BACKUP.
  3. Click RESTORE data, select a backup copy, and tap RESTORE.

Just like other backup methods, Huawei Cloud backup also has certain limitations.

Time taking task.
Limited space,i.e., 5 GB, is available for free.

Backup Huawei Phone with a Google Account

If you've tried all the above methods and nothing is working for you (which rarely happens), your last option is a Google account. Since Huawei phones are connected to Google accounts, backing up or syncing your phone with them is also possible. These are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Open Google One and go to Storage > Backup > View > Set up data backup.
  2. Select your backup settings and click Allow permissions.
  3. Click Return. After waiting a while, Google One will automatically start backing up your Huawei phone.

Moreover, you can also use Google Photos to back up the Huawei Phone's pictures and videos. Launch the app and turn on its backup and sync feature from the settings. And mission accomplished! However, this backup method has some limitations, for instance.

Storage capacity limit
It may involve users' privacy issues.



The above-mentioned Huawei phone backup ways will protect your data from being lost. You can benefit from it by choosing a suitable method for the backup. For instance, you can go for data backup with internal storage, SD card, USB, Huawei HiSuite, Huawei Cloud, or with a Google account. Each method has some limitations, so choose wisely. Finally, if you accidentally deleted important data from your Huawei phone without backup, you can use iBeesoft data recovery software to get them back.

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