easy to use

"This backup software is very easy to use, you can complete the task with just 2 clicks. It can also set up a schedule to automate backups. It saved me a lot of time."

-- By Nathan

Very powerful!

"My laptop in an office needs to replace into a new and bigger hard disk, our technician help to back up my system and data to a new one with iBeesoft DBackup, which give me a deep impression. So I bought one to use at home. Still, now, it works well. "

-- By Stan

Great backup software!

"DBackup migrates my windows 10 to a new SSD, the whole process is so easy, firstly make an image copy of windows 10, then create a bootable CD/USB; finally, recover the system image to new SSD. I used another backup, compared with them, DBackup is cheaper and easier. Acronis is professional, but too complicated for me and expensive, either."

-- By Hogan

it worked very well

"An alternative to Acronis and Easeus completed backup features with an intuitive interface. I do the regular backup to our important files and folders with iBeesoft DBackup, certainly hope data loss won't happen to me, but just in case…"

-- By Corey


"Reasonable price and do the job. Can the backup system, files, partition, even hard drive. "

-- By Nat

quickly backup my data

"I found iBeesoft DBackup today by accident. I like its disk cloning and system backup functions very much because they are so convenient for me."

-- By Aubrey

Excellent data backup software.

"I am a website developer. The data on the server is very important to me. Although the probability of data loss on the server is one thousandth, if it is lost, unfortunately, it will be devastating to the whole website. But after I used iBeesoft DBackup, I no longer worry about data loss."

-- By Lambert

It's easy to use.

"As an office worker, I need to do a lot of documents every day, but I often forget to back up these files. I lost them when I worked hard, which made me feel very headache. But since I had iBeesoft DBackup, I don't have to worry about this problem anymore. "

-- By Otis

Good tool

"iBeesoft DBackup is very cost-effective backup software, efficient and stable, effectively help me achieve synchronous backup of file data, while occupying fewer resources, very helpful!"

-- By Quintion