Samsung Disk Clone Software - 2 Ways to Clone Samsung Disk

Updated on Dec 13, 2020

Samsung SSD (solid-state drive) is one of the most popular disk storages available and used in desktop, RAID, and laptop. In fact, Samsung Company has done a great job of producing high performing SSDs, for instance, 850 EVO, T3 500 GB, etc. There’s no secret that SSDs enhance reading and writing speed for the system while ensuring data security all thanks go to their higher quivery resistance ability. That’s when cloning role comes in.

If you would like to clone your existing Samsung HDD to SSD, or Samsung SSD to another SSD to gain better performance, then you’re in the right place. In this post, we’re going to help you explore two ways to Samsung drive clone. In addition to that, there are other two main reasons why you may need to clone Samsung HDD/SSD to SSD.

1. To upgrade disk capacity - You may have bought Samsung HDD/SDD with a small capacity before due to a low budget. Now, you want to upgrade your disk capacity and that’s when you need to clone your Samsung disk to the disk with higher capacity.

2. Change HDD/SSD brand completely - You may have installed the OS on Samsung HDD/SDD at the beginning. Now, you would like to replace Samsung HDD/SSD to complete another brand of SSD to gain better performance, capacity, etc.

How to Clone Samsung Disk

When it comes to cloning Samsung disk, there are two ways to get the job done; either you can use Samsung cloning software or Samsung Migration. Let’s give a glance at both the ways and get your disk cloned without much trouble.

Part 1: Try Samsung Disk Clone Software - iBeesoft DBackup

Part 2: Clone Samsung Hard drive with Samsung Migration

Part 1: Try Samsung Disk Clone Software - iBeesoft DBackup

If you’re looking for the best Samsung disk clone software, then give an iBeesoft DBackup try. With the help of this professional drive backup and cloning software, you can clone your Samsung disk without reinstalling the operating system or data loss. The best part of the software is that it not only copy HDD/SSD to SSD but ensure higher security when any problem occurs. Its user-friendly interface requires no technical skills or knowledge to use it.

Your Reliable Samsung Disk Clone Software

samsung disk clone tool
  • Supports multiple backup modes to clone Samsung disk - full image, incremental and differential.
  • Easily and safely clone a disk to protect the data - migrate data from a smaller volume of the disk to a more significant amount of disk.
  • An all-in-one cloning solution as it supports system clone, partition clone, memory card clone, clone USB drive, clone hard drive, etc. Supports cloning a Samsung disk in Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10.
  • The free disk cloning software easy, straightforward and click-through Samsung hard drive cloning process.

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Clone Samsung Disk

Get the hard drive duplicator from its official website and follow the below steps to learn how to perform the Samsung SSD disk clone.

Step 1: Choose the target disk

Once installing the software on your computer, run it. Next, click on the "Backup Drive" option and choose the disk you would like to clone. Before creating a drive image or backup of selected disk, set the software for automatic backup and sector-by-sector backup.

After that, select the file path and make necessary settings if you want to customize the process. Then, click the "Start" button to initiate the Samsung disk cloning process.

samsung drive clone

Step 2: Select the hard drive

Thereafter, choose the "Drive backup" and click the "Restore" button to continue with the Samsung hard drive clone process.

samsung hard drive clone

Step 3: Clone Samsung disk

Before the copy, Samsung HDD/SDD to SSD, choose the source disk and hit the "Next" button. After that, choose the destination disk, and hit the "Next" button. Finally, review the clone information and hit the "Start" button to begin with the Samsung disk cloning process.

samsung ssd disk clone

Advantages of iBeesoft DBackup

  • No need for reinstalling the operating system
  • No data loss
  • Easy to use - no technical skills are required
  • Several backup modes to clone the disk
  • Works on various Windows versions

Part 2: Clone Samsung Hard drive with Samsung Migration

Samsung Data Migration is introduced by Samsung to perform Samsung disk clone or clone HDD to Samsung SSD. It helps to migrate all the data from the current hard disk to a new Samsung SSD. With the help of it, you can clone HDD to Samsung SSD or you can clone Samsung SSD to SSD.

A Step-by-step Guide on How to Clone Samsung Disk with Samsung Migration

Step 1: After downloading the Samsung Data Migration from the official website, connect the Samsung disk you need to clone and click the "Start" button located at the bottom-right of the screen.

samsung disk clone software

Step 2: Next, the software will show you both the source and target disk. After that, you have to make sure that the drive you would like to clone is chosen as the source disk and the new Samsung SSD is chosen as the target disk. Next, hit the "Start" button.

specify target destination samsung disk

Step 3: You have to close all running files before you start cloning. Again, ensure that you choose the right disk as the target disk. Then, hit "Yes" to continue.

how to clone hard drive windows 10

Step 4: Once the process completes, it will show you "The data on the source disk has been cloned to your Samsung SSD". Close the software, turn off the system and then, install the new disk.

samsung hard drive cloning completes

Advantages of Samsung Migration

  • Supports to clone existing HDD/SSD to Samsung SSD
  • A dedicated tool for Samsung SSDs
  • Supports advanced cloning that clones your current disk data onto the new Samsung SSD, despite how large data size is

Disadvantages of Samsung Migration

  • Wipe out the data on the disk you want to clone
  • Requires reinstalling the operating system
  • Can’t clone the files on the disk that are open
  • You may encounter errors like Samsung data migration, not enough space or not working

That’s all on how to clone a Samsung disk. You can either use the Samsung disk clone tool like iBeesoft DBackup or Samsung Migration. Considering all the things mentioned here, it can be stated that iBeesoft DBackup is a better Samsung disk cloning solution as it helps you to do the job without losing any data.

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