How to Clone HDD to Kingston SSD in Windows 10/8/7/XP

Updated on Dec 13, 2020

SSDs are becoming popular for their advantage over HDDs. They are fast and have an impressive lifespan. The data in the SSD remains the same even after several years, which is unlike in an HDD. Due to this factor, people are storing essential data on SSDs by cloning HDDs. The critical reason to clone HDD to SSD Kingston is that to prevent from loss of data in HDD. Other causes include creating a backup of data, preventing corruption of HDD from virus attacks, and protecting confidential documents.

The Best Free Cloning Software to Clone HDD to SSD

A cloning procedure is a process of copying an entire hard disk to a new hard drive or SSD. In this case, Kingston clone HDD to SSD requires a careful procedure because of the nature of the clone. Any illegal operation will corrupt both the HDD and the SSD. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reliable software that helps in cloning an HDD without an error.

The recommended software to carry out the cloning process is iBeesoft DBackup. The Kingston clone HDD to SSD software is capable of maximizing the efficiency of the process of creating a backup of the content of the HDD to SSD. The backup helps in protecting files, partitions, operating systems, and disks. If the HDD malfunctions, then it is possible to restore the lost data from the SSD with ease.

The best free disk cloning software is a safe way to back up everything. The procedure is fast and secure. The software allows the user to create a clone of the entire content on the HDD, a partition, or only the operating system files. It is also capable of cloning external storage drives, which helps secure vital data. The automatic data backup options in the program are what make it the best in its class.

Your Reliable Kingston Clone HDD to SSD Software

kingston clone hdd to ssd software
  • Comes with multiple backup modes to completely clone HDD to Kingston SSD – full image, incremental, or differential
  • Schedule backup – works in the background when programmed beforehand
  • Standalone backup – helps in creating selected folders, files, or partitions alone without interrupting current operations
  • Cloning and migration – safely clones a hard disk to protect the content; migration of data from a smaller volume of HDD to a more substantial amount of hard disk

iBeesoft clone HDD to SSD free software Kingston creates a clone of the original drive in a few clicks. It helps in protecting the data due to virus attack or operating system crash. It clones system alone, hard drives, partitions, USBs, memory cards, and other storage units.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using This Tool to Clone HDD to SSD Kingston

Part 1: Backing up files from HDD to Kingston SSD

Step 1: iBeesoft DBackup helps Kingston clone HDD to SSD directly. It can move files directly to the external or portable drives displayed on the computer. The software converts the data into a package file that occupies less size. It, likewise, helps in recovering the same whenever the need arises. From the main window of the software, users have to choose the "File Backup" option. Selecting it will take users to the page where they will see the directories or drives of the hard disk.

kingston clone hdd to ssd

Step 2: From the window, one has to choose the required files or folders, and press the "Start" button. The software will take a few moments to compress the data and convert it into an image file.

clone hdd to ssd free software kingston

Step 3: The software will show the following screen upon completing the backup. Now you have successfully completed the backup file in Windows 10, Windows 7 or other OS.

kingston clone hdd to ssd software

Part 2: Cloning HDD to Kingston SSD

iBeesoft DBackup clone HDD to SSD Kingston is the right option for those who like to backup relevant data. Transferring files may cause trouble when the content ranges to hundreds of GBs. Cloning a drive helps in speeding the process and reducing the storage space.

Step 1: Before beginning the process, one has to decide whether to save the file in an external drive or a different partition within the hard disk. It is preferable to choose an external disk and connect the same to the computer.

Step 2: From the main window of the software, users have to choose the "Backup Drive" option. From the next screen, one should select the drive they wish to clone.

Step 3: Before beginning the process, it is essential to set the path where the software will save the backup file, the file name, whether the automatic backup is necessary or not, and sector-by-sector backup. After choosing the requirements, click the "Start" button will start the cloning process. The time consumption to complete the process depends on the size of the drive.

clone hdd to ssd kingston

Part 3: Backing up the system to Kingston SSD

A computer operating system is vital to operate the computer. Without it, there is nothing that one can do with a computer. If the OS crashes, then the only thing that one can do is reinstalling it or restoring the system to factory settings. Doing this will erase essential files and applications. However, if there is a backup already, then it is possible to restore the operating system with ease.

Step 1: iBeesoft DBackup Kingston clone HDD to SSD software requires an external hard drive to backup operating system files. However, one can continue it without the storage unit. From the main screen, click the "System Backup" option to proceed.

Step 2: Now, one can mention the backup file name, the storage location path, whether the automatic backup is necessary, and the sector-by-sector backup option. After setting the parameters, clicking the "Start" button will begin the process of creating the operating system backup. The backup is a time-consuming process because it involves the operating system files.

kingston clone hdd to ssd

iBeesoft DBackup is providing the chance for the users to modify or use different backup methods. One can use the full backup mode when they require a complete backup of all the files. However, it occupies more storage space. The second is the incremental backup mode. It only creates a backup for the changed data since the previous backup. The third is the differential backup mode. The mode only creates a backup if there is a change in the data of the prior backup.