How to Clone HDD to SSD in Windows 10

SSD drives are becoming increasingly common on mainstream computers. If you buy a computer these days, it is likely going to have an SSD drive instead of an HDD drive on it. If you already use a computer with an HDD drive and you upgrade to an SSD drive, the first thing you will want to do is clone HDD to SSD in Windows 10.

It is pretty easy to Windows 10 clone HDD to SSD thanks to third party software allows you to do the task on your computer. The following guide should introduce the software to you, tell you the features that the software comes with, and shows how you can use the software to clone HDD to SSD Windows 10 free.

Once you have finished the procedure, you will find that all the files that you had on your HDD drive are now available to use on your SSD drive. You can then delete the files from your HDD drive if you no longer need it.

Use Professional Software to Clone an HDD to an SSD in Windows 10

The tool that you are going to use is called iBeesoft Dbackup and it allows you to do the Windows 10 clone HDD to SSD task on your machine. The software is extremely easy to use and you should be done in no time.

  • Backup Individual Files on Your PC: Creating regularly backup of your files is a good way to protect your data. With this Windows 10 file backup software help, you can create a backup of your full disk, partition or even all of the individual files.
  • Create a Backup of Your Entire Drives: iBeesoft also supports to create a backup of your entire Hard drive, This includes all of your internal as well as external Hard drives.
  • Incremental and Differential Backups: The clone HDD to SSD Windows 10 software lets you create both incremental and differential backups. The former one is a backup that gets updated with new data each time you perform a backup procedure.
  • Create Timely Backups of Your Machine: It is easy to forget to backup your computer regularly and that is where the schedule backup feature comes into the picture. This feature lets you have your HDD or SSD drive automatically backed up at regular intervals. This can help to clone Windows 10 HDD to SSD as well.
  • Clone Entire Disks and Drives on Your System: This is exactly the feature that lets you do HDD to SSD clone windows 10. With this feature, you can have all of your HDD drive’s data transferred over to your SSD drive. This one is easier than the Windows 10 clone HDD to SSD feature.
  • Easily Restore Your Backed Up Files: Restoring data is as easy as backing up the data. With the easy restoration process, you can have your data restored from your chosen backup to your drives in no time.
  • Safe to Use for Confidential Data: The clone hard drive Windows 10 software is safe to use even for the most confidential files of yours. There are no security concerns regarding this tool.
  • Easy and Modern User Interface: The clone software does not look like it is developed in the 1990’s. It has a modern look of this day and age and is extremely easy to use.

How to Use iBeesoft to Clone HDD to SSD in Windows 10

Now that you know what the free cloning software has to offer and the amazing features it boasts, it is time to put the software in practice and start cloning your HDD to an SSD drive on your Windows 10 based computer. The following steps should help you clone HDD to SSD Windows 10 free.

Step 1. Head over to the iBeesoft website, download the Windows 10 clone HDD to SSD software, and install the program on your computer. When it is fully installed, launch the tool from your desktop or Start Menu.

Step 2. When the HDD to SS clone Windows 10 application launches on your computer, you will see the following on your screen. It is the main interface of the software. On this screen, find the option that says "Drive Backup" which should be at the top and click on it to open it.

clone hdd to ssd windows 10

Step 3: After that, the software will ask you to select the drive that you want backing up. This will be your HDD drive where your data is stored. The data will be copied to your SSD drive. Select your HDD drive from the list on your screen and then click on the button that says Start at the top-right corner. This should work to clone HDD to SSD Windows 10 laptop and PC as well.

windows 10 clone hdd to ssd

Step 4. Wait while the software backs up your HDD drive. It should take a good amount of time as it is fully cloning your drive containing all of your data. Be patient and when the software has finished, you will see something like the following on your screen.

clone hdd to ssd windows 10 free

That is how you clone HDD to SSD Windows 10

If you have upgraded your old machine to a newer one and you want to clone Windows 10 HDD to SSD, the above guide should help you with it. It shows how you can use third-party software to easily and efficiently clone HDD to SSD Windows 10 laptop.