Best Duplicate Photo Deleter Free Download [2021]

With the variety of backup, storage, and photo sharing options available, the chance of having duplicate files increases significantly. These can take up storage space and with time, you’ll begin to see the "disk almost full" warning alert. When this happens, you need duplicate photo deleter to remove the duplicate photo files and free up some valuable storage space.

The Best Duplicate Phone Deleter of All-Times

When it comes to choosing effective duplicate picture deleter, iBeesfot Duplicate File Finder comes top among the available software in the market. It has been developed with the most advanced technology that searches duplicate photos thoroughly. It doesn’t search for items only by names. It takes it a step further by searching based on the content of the photos in the folders. It does this faster than other duplicate photo finders out there. This duplicate picture deleter ensures that your PC is clean, tidy, and with enhanced performance.

The iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder comes with some unique features that make it the best in the market. It meets every requirement to filter and find duplicate photos by file size and file types. It smartly selects duplicate photos and makes the process of removing redundant files seamlessly. It saves time and frees up storage space within the shortest possible time. The features you can enjoy when you use the best duplicate photo deleter include the following:

Your Effective Photo Duplicate Deleter

duplicate picture deleter
  • Removes duplicate photos in Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, etc with 100% accuracy
  • It effectively scans folders, hard drives, and other directories available on your system to find duplicate pictures.
  • Keep photos, audio files, music, and videos well organized. Free up storage space and enhance the system’s performance.

Step-by-step Guide on how to use the iBeesoft Duplicate Photo Deleter

The first step to using the iBeesoft photo duplicate deleter is to download the software from the official website of iBeesoft. When you click the download button, you’ll be redirected to the webpage with an installation package for the best duplicate photo finder for Windows 10 and another system. Download and install the software to get started. You have nothing to worry about as the software is virus-free and free to install. After the installation, follow the steps below to use the iBeesoft Duplicate Photo Deleter:

Step #1: Locate the folder or drive to scan. When you launch the iBeesoft software, a start-up window will pop up. Click the "+" button to find the hard drive or folder to scan. You can check by file size and file types for an effective scan. Next, click the "Start Scan" to start the process. If the sizes of the photos are up to Gigabyte or Terabyte, it might take a little longer. However, if the sizes are average, you can expect the process to last less than five minutes to scan the duplicate photos on the computer.

best duplicate photo deleter

Step #2: The list of duplicate photos and the original will appear in the result window. The duplicate will be selected and you can preview the duplicate files using the preview icon. With a single click on "Remove", all duplicate photos will be removed swiftly. The deleted duplicates will be stored in the recycle bin. You can check them again to be 100% sure that you want to permanently delete them. If you are sure, you can select them from the recycle bin and delete them all. That’s all that’s required to delete duplicate photos.

duplicate photo deleter free

Other Five Free Duplicate Photo Deleter Software You Might Be Interested

Although the iBeesoft duplicate photo deleter is the best in the market, there are other duplicate photo deleter free options that you can find. Let’s look at five of them.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

This software is a duplicate imager finder and cleaner software designed to help remove duplicate photos from a system. It easily detects identical files and removes them easily. To remove duplicate photos from your system, you need to install and download the software. When installed, run the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and add files. Click the "Scan for Duplicate" button to start the scan. After the scan, you can delete the duplicates and free up space on your system.

duplicate image deleter



Duplicate Photo Cleaner

This software supports different popular image formats. It can detect duplicate images that have been edited. The duplicate photo deleter can also compare and detect identical images and easily find and remove duplicate pictures following simple steps. The software also has a preview option that enables you to preview scanned items before you delete them.

picture duplicate deleter




This software is considered a great system optimization tool even though it has received some bad reviews. It can find duplicate photos and files, including identical duplicate photos. Before deleting the photos, you can confirm the file path before you delete the scanned duplicate photos. Users can use different options to scan the duplicates, including name, size, content, and modified data.

best duplicate picture deleter




dupeGuru is another effective duplicate picture deleter that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It has a unique picture mode that scans images fast. This feature finds only identical images and not a precise match. It can scan photos by file name and content. It has an intuitive user-interface that is easy to use. dupeGuru does not scan effectively at once.

duplicate photo deleter



Duplicate Cleaner

This is an all-inclusive solution that can find and delete duplicate pictures, music collection, and files. With this software, you can remove deleted duplicate files, sort out files, and remove duplicate files. It has lots of features that meet your needs. this photo duplicate deleter can find edited, resized, and rotated images, and highlight the duplicated images among them.

duplicate photo deleter free



There you have the duplicate picture deleter options that you can explore. We strongly recommend the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder because it’s the best duplicate photo deleter you can fully depend on. It ensures 100% accuracy to find duplicate photos and delete duplicate photos automatically and intelligently. It takes you less than 5 minutes to delete duplicate photos from your computer wholely.

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