Best Duplicate Files Fixer Alternative for Windows

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iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder is a great alternative to Duplicate Files Fixer. It is developed with the leading-edge technology, being able to find the duplicate files on the computer by file names and content. After then, it selects duplicate files automatically and lets people delete all the duplicate files in a single click.

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Duplicate files fixer is a tool that helps you in identifying duplicate files spread across your computer. Such existence poses a threat, as they eat up the space of the hard drive with ease. The tool uses the latest technologies and robust algorithm to identify different types of duplicate files. The super-easy drag and drop feature allows you to scan quickly and remove unwanted content to free up space. Besides the duplicate file fixer, there are so many alternatives to duplicate file fixer for PC for you to choose from.

Alternative to Duplicate Files Fixer – iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

An alternative to Duplicate Files Fixer is the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder. The duplicate file fixer for PC possesses the skill to scan through the selected location to identify duplicates and erase them to free up disk space. The software meets all your requirements, making it one of the sought-out programs in its category. For instance, you can find files according to the file format, file size, or use other filters available to find duplicates. The entire process makes exploration and removing duplicates an easy task, which cleans up your computer.

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder can target files using the file type quickly and remove duplicates instantly. You can also locate redundant data smoothly that often occupy ample disk space. Search using the fixer and erase them to gain disk space. Likewise, you can opt for the intelligent removal process, which is a single-click method to remove all the duplicates from the computer.

Your Effective Duplicate Files Fixer

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  • The robust and advanced algorithm that identifies a file with its name and content
  • Functions on different versions of Windows operating system, giving you a comprehensive usage advantage
  • It allows you to preview the duplicates and gives you the option to remove them at a single-click
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Comparison Between Duplicate Files Fixer and iBeesoft Files Fixer

Advantages of iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder

Duplicate Files Fixer and remover may be the right choice. Still, it may not match iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder when it comes to operation. A lot may be familiar, but you are advantageous when you choose the iBeesoft tool. The reason is because of the following:

How to Duplicate Files Fixer Alternative to Find and Delete Duplicate Files on Computer

iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder allows you to identify duplicates in a few simple steps and remove them from your disk. The duplicate files fixer windows fix the duplicate files' problem in three simple steps. Follow the steps discussed in detail below to remove any duplicate or redundant file to free drive space and performance.

Step 1: Download and Scan

iBeesoft is offering the best duplicate files fixer alternative for PC on a trial basis. You can install it on your computer after downloading the installation file from the official website. The installation is simple, and a program is a standalone tool. You do not have to worry about it, as it is virus-free.

After completing the installation, launch the program by double-clicking the duplicate files fixer alternative icon appearing on the desktop. The launch screen shows you a "+" sign. You can click it to browse to the location on your computer or drag and drop a folder onto the symbol. You can add filters in the same window, search for hidden folders and files, and set file size limits. These settings will allow the tool to process the duplicates at a faster rate.

Step 2: Scan Duplicate Files on Computer

The tool begins scanning for the contents based on your scan settings. The completion depends on the file format and total size. You must be patient until the scan is complete. iBeesoft will display the files upon completion automatically. The tool gives you a clear scan result, where you can see the duplicate files arranged according to the file type. You can click on a format to view the duplicate files.

Step 3: Remove Duplicates on Computer

You can choose to delete files based on the preview or select all files for deletion from the scan result window. Click the "Remove" button to begin the process of removing duplicates. iBeesoft shows a message upon completion of the action. Remember that it sends the files to the Recycle Bin. You can open the folder to view the contents and then erase permanently to free up disk space. Such a step ensures that you are not deleting original files. Should the need arise, you can recover data with ease from the Recycle Bin.

See how fast it is to target and delete duplicate files with the Duplicate Files Fixer alternative – iBeesoft Duplicate File Remover. Download the trial version now!!!