How to Delete Duplicate PDF Files and How to Remove Duplicate Page in PDF Files

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Duplicate PDF files will make it a mess for you to manage documents and duplicate pages in a PDF will make it hard for people to get the right information. This article tells you how to remove duplicate PDF files with iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder and free software tools to remove duplicate fields in a PDF file.

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PDF is a common document format for users to deliver important information, especially information that the document creator does not want other people to modify. However, as time flies, there might be many PDF duplicate files saved on your computer, occupying too much space. And sometimes, for some mistake, there is duplicate content in a PDF file. Here in the following, you can learn how to delete duplicate PDF files and remove duplicate content in a PDF file.

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Part 1. Two Ways for How to delete duplicate PDF files
Part 2: How to Remove Duplicate Pages in a PDF

Part 1. Two Ways for How to delete duplicate PDF files

This section elaborates further on the answer to how to delete duplicate PDF files from the computer. There are two procedures you can utilize to complete the task. You can follow the methods according to your requirement and remove duplicate PDF files in a few simple steps.

Method 1: How to Manually Delete Duplicate PDF Files?

If you like to know how to remove duplicate PDF files from your computer, you are at the right option. The method allows you to use the File Explorer application provided by Windows OS as a default to locate the duplicate files.

With the assistance of the application, you can sort the PDF files according to the name, created date, and time. You can utilize the search feature to reduce the list, choose the duplicate files, and proceed with the deletion.

The steps to complete the action are as follows:

1. Open the File Explorer application by clicking the "folder" icon from the taskbar.

2. You will notice the partitions available on your hard disk.

3. If you remember the path where you have stored the PDF files, navigate to the same. For example, if the files are in the D:\PDF Files folder, then browse to the same.

4. You will notice the search box for quick access to files at the top right corner.

5. You can input the file name to search for duplicate or enter .pdf and press the Enter key.

6. The search feature will start the process of searching for all the PDF files located in the selected folder and list them in the window.

7. You can now search the duplicate files manually and delete them one by one.

Method 2: How to delete duplicate PDF files in a Single Click?

You can remove duplicate PDF files in a single with the help of duplicate file remover. The software comes to your aid, where you can search, mark necessary files, and remove them from the computer in a single click. It is advantageous when you have several PDF files stored on your computer.

The recommended duplicate file remover for this process is the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder. The program is a class-leading duplicate file finder and helps you remove all the identical contents with ease. The process will remove unwanted files from the system, free hard disk space, and helps boost performance.

What makes the software unique compared with others in the category is the ability and flexibility it allows in selecting the file types. For instance, you can choose what kind of file you like to delete, the file size, date created, and so on. Likewise, you can opt for the intelligent pick provided by the software to make the entire process smooth, where you can remove the files swiftly.

The following are the main features of the iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder software:

Best Software for Delete Duplicate PDF Files

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  • You can set the file types to target duplicate files on the computer quickly.
  • You can set the file size to search for large-sized files occupying vast space and eating up your system’s performance.
  • You can choose the intelligent feature provided to remove duplicates with a single click.
  • It helps you remove unwanted and duplicate files with 100% accuracy.
  • It allows you to preview the duplicate files before you decide to delete them forever from the computer.
  • You can keep all your data organized, as the software helps remove duplicates from your computer.
  • Removing the duplicate photos, videos, music, documents, and other files from the computer helps boost the system’s performance and improves disk space.
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Guide for how to Remove duplicate PDF files

The following guide will help you learn how to remove duplicates in PDF in a few simple steps. However, before proceeding with the steps mentioned, ensure to download and install the trial copy of the best duplicate cleaner by visiting the official website.

1. After completing the installation of the program, double-click the icon appearing on the desktop. It will open the software’s main window, where you can add the location to scan for the PDF files present on your computer. You can use the "+" symbol to browse to the folder on your computer or drag and drop the folder into the window. In the same window, you can add filters, where you can mention the file format, such as PDF. Additionally, you can click the "scan hidden files" feature that helps the software scan the folder for any hidden files that you cannot see otherwise. Click the "Set File Size Limit" option to look for large-sized PDF files.

2. iBeesoft Duplicate File Finder will start the scan of the folder based on the settings. The time to complete the process depends on the number of files present on the location and the file size. Therefore, it is preferable to stay patient until the process is complete. Meanwhile, iBeesoft will display the scan progress on the screen. You can also stop the scan using the "Stop Scan" button.

3. Upon completing the action, iBeesoft will show you all the PDF duplicate files available in the folder. You will have a detailed review of the system. You can see the duplicated files available according to the file format set during the scan. You can select the identical files from the list and delete them with a single click. iBeesoft will send the files to the "Recycle Bin" from where you can delete them permanently.

Part 2: How to Remove Duplicate Pages in a PDF

The only possible way to remove duplicate pages in PDF is with the help of software. The following are the five free online PDF tools that help remove duplicate pages in a PDF file:

#1. PDFResizer

Use this free online tool to delete duplicate pages of your PDF file. It is quick, easy, and flexible. After removing the pages, you can regenerate a new PDF file with the duplicates removed permanently.

#2. Online2pdf

It is another online program that allows you to remove duplicate and unwanted pages from your PDF file. You can upload the file, choose the desired option, and complete the action. After completion, you can save the new file in PDF format for further use.

#3. Sodapdf

The sodapdf is an exciting online PDF free editor. You can use it anywhere and on any device. You can use the different free editing tools the software provides to edit your PDF file, including deleting duplicates and unnecessary pages. It further supports cloud apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

#4. Smallpdf

The other online tool that allows you to remove duplicate pages from your PDF file is Smallpdf. The whole process is simple, as you can upload the file, select the pages for deletion, and regenerate the new file in simple steps. The tool does not store the documents, making them secure.

#5. Pdfzorro

It is the simplest and the most accessible online tool that helps you remove unwanted and duplicate pages from your PDF file. You can upload the file or drag and drop the same, begin editing, delete the duplicate pages, and save the new file.

As you can see, some different methods and tools help you delete duplicate PDF files and remove duplicate pages from a PDF file in a few simple steps. Use the required program wisely and save both time and energy.