How to Delete Videos from GoPro Hero 5/4 Session

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"how to delete videos from GoPro hero 5 session? Since all videos and photos are saved on the SD card, I tried to delete a single file via computer, but there isn’t a deletion button avaialbe. Please help me, thanks!"

Don’t be silly trying to delete single videos via computer by opening the SD card folder. Go reduce the chance of mistakenly losing footage from the micro SD card, GoPro has built a failsafe in GoPro Session 4 and Session 5. You either need to format the SD card or try other workarounds to delete videos from the GoPro. Here are some of the ways.

#1. Delete Videos from GoPro from the Camera Directly

Please note that all files on the GoPro will be deleted. In this case, you’d better have a backup first.

  1. Press the rear Menu button to turn on the camera.
  2. Press the rear Menu button repeatedly until you see "DELETE FILES" appears, then press the top Shutter button to select it, then highlight "FORMAT SD".
  3. Press the rear Menu button to highlight the checkmark, then confirm the action. That’s it!

#2.Delete GoPro Videos with a Computer (Strongly Recommended)

as I have mentioned that, there is only one option "format" SD card on computer. To keep all your videos and pictures safe, please follow the safer way below

  1. Download and install GoPro Studio on your computer. It is totally free to download.
  2. Launch GoPro Studio, and you’ll be asked whether you’d like to set it as the default importer. Say "Yes". Next, you can set the Preferences there. Please note that, from here, you need to check the box "automatically delete the files from the card onece they’re been uploded".
  3. Connect GoPro with your computer by using a USB cable. With the auto import set-up, your files will automatically begin importing all videos and photos from the GoPro. When it finishes, the all files on the GoPro will be deleted automatically.

#3. Delete Videos from GoPro 5/4 Sessions via GoPro app

You can delete and download files to your phones or tablets via GoPro App. There are several options on the app for you to choose from, delete certain files, delete LAST or ALL/FORMAT in the SETTINGS menu. It depends on you.

Deleting videos from GoPro Hero 5/4 session may result in data lost if you don’t do it rightly or haven’t made any backup. If you have deleted some important files unintentionally, you can try iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover them. It is designed for people to find deleted or lost videos and pictures from GoPro camera. Here are the simple steps for how to recover deleted files from GoPro with iBeesoft Data Recovery.

  1. Download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery
  2. Click the download button to get the right version of iBeesoft Data Recovery. You can get the Windows or Mac data recovery according to your computer operating system. The software is standalone and virus-free, just install it on your computer.

    Download for Windows Download for macOS
  3. Connect GoPro Hero 5/4 Session with computer
  4. Use a USB to connect the GoPro camera with your computer, making sure it appears on your computer as an external hard drive.

  5. Scan GoPro for deleted/lost videos and pictures
  6. Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery. Select the GoPro hard drive to scan and click "Scan", letting the software scan the data for you.

  7. Recover videos and pictures deleted from GoPro
  8. In the result window, you can select files to preview them. When find the target files, select them and click "Recover" to save them to your computer.