Top 5 Best Free Partition Software for Windows 7/10/11

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Partition software programs are designed to help you create, shrink, delete, expand, merge, or split partitions into hard drives and other storage devices. Although it is possible to partition a hard drive in your Windows without using additional software, the scope of activities you can do are limited. For instance, you cannot resize or combine partitions without an external tool. In this post, we will share the top five best disk partition free software for Windows /10/11 that you can use.

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Part 1. Top 5 Free Partition Manager Software for 2024
Part 2. Tips on How to Prevent Data Loss before or After Resize Partition

Part 1. Top 5 Free Partition Manager Software for 2024

Whether you want to expand the Windows system partition, combine two media partitions, or shrink system partition, the free disk partition software Windows 7/10/11 highlighted in this post will be very useful.

1. MiniTool Partition Wizard

This free partition manager software offers more partition management options than most other programs within its category. It supports standard functions, such as formatting, resizing, moving, deleting, merging, copying, and splitting partitions. It also can check file systems for errors, wipe partitions, run surface tests, and move an operating system to another hard drive.

Supports many common disk partitioning functions
Allows you to simulate changes before saving them
Supports system partition extension without restarting the system
the disk partition Windows 7/10/11 free software does not support dynamic disk
Tries to add other programs to your PC when setting it up
Some free features are inaccessible until you purchase the premium program

2. Active@ Partition Manager

This is one other free partition manager software designed to help users create new partitions in unallocated space. It also manages existing partitions, such as formatting and resizing them. It is easy to use and irrespective of the file system types you are using, the tool works perfectly well with it. It supports all common files like EXT2/3/4, HFS+, NTFS, and FAT.

Changes can be restored from the backup process
Supports many standard disk partitioning
Easy to use
Does not copy partitions
The resize partition free software does not downsize locked volumes
System partition extension may not be possible

3. AOMEI Partition Assistant SE

This best free partition software  has more options than many other free tools for partition out there. With this software program, you can create, resize, format, merge, align, recover, and split partitions. You can also copy complete partitions and disks easily. Some features are limited in the free version and one such is converting between logical and primary partitions. The AOMEI Partition Assistant SE can create bootable Windows flash drives, wipe data from drive or partition, and move an operating system to a different hard drive.

Simple setup wizard and easy-to-use free drive partition software for Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 11.
Many useful features
Changes are queued and not immediately applied except you use the ‘apply all’ button
Runs on bootable program
Cannot convert between logical and primary partitions
Cannot convert between dynamic and basis disks
Some features are not available in the free version

4. Paragon Partition Manager

Paragon Partition Manager is another great resize partition free software that you can consider. It offers you a comprehensive guide on its usage. Whether you want to create a new partition, resize, format, or delete an existing one, this tool is a top choice to consider. The program supports standard file systems, such as HFS, NTFS, and FAT32.

Supports many basic features
Offers a step-by-step guide
Supports all common file systems
Allows change previews before applying them
Some features are not free to use even in the free version
It’s not a good choice for business use
Many missing features in most of its disk partitioning tools

5. EaseUs Partition Master Free Edition

Using this free drive partition software program is very simple. Changes made to a partition in EaseUS Partition Master Free Edition do not take effect immediately. You have to click on the ‘Execute’ button to apply the changes. You can hide partition, password protect partition, merge partitions, copy Windows to a different drive, and upgrade system drive to a larger bootable drive.

Many useful options
Allows password protect
Many helpful functions and options
Updates come with new features and improvements
Does not support dynamic volumes management
It tries to install other programs when installing it
Does not support commercial use
Cannot convert between GPT and MBR

Part 2. Tips on How to Prevent Data Loss before or After Resize Partition

When using partition software, you have to be mindful of data loss. To protect your data, here are two best tips to apply.

1. Back up Important Files before using Partition Software

In the process of using a partition tool to set up a disk, your files can get corrupted or infected with a virus. To prevent this from happening, it’s recommended that you backup important files and disks with iBeesoft DBackup.

It is designed for maximizing backup protection for files, disks, partitions, and operating systems. It offers complete backup and protection for everything you need on your PC. The software has automatic backup options that allow for an effective and efficient backup process. iBeesoft Dbackup is the most powerful all-in-one backup software you can trust.

2. Recover Lost Data in time when partitioning a Disk

If you are not able to back up your data before partitioning a disk, some files can get deleted. Unfortunately, if you don’t recover the files as soon as possible, the lost files will disappear permanently. To recover lost data in partition, we strongly recommend the iBeesoft Data Recovery tool as the best software to use.

iBeesoft is a highly effective and free data recovery software for Windows 11, 11, and macOS designed to help solve the problems of data lost completely and quickly. It helps to recover formatted, deleted, or lost files from partition/hard disk and removable storage devices.

Your Safe & Effective Data Recovery Software

(Trust Score 4.7 by 1695 Users)
  • Recovers deleted/lost files and formatted drives in Windows PC and Mac.
  • Recovers virus-attacked data
  • Completely recovers data from the whole system
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Step-by-step Guide on How to Recover Lost Data after Use Disk Partition Free Software

Step #1: Launch iBeesoft Data Recovery and select file types that you want to recover. ‘Click the ‘Start’ button to start.

Step #2: Select the location to find or scan the data. Click ‘Scan’ after selecting the system partition where the lost data is located, for instance, libraries, favorites, or desktop.

Step #3: Preview and recover the lost data. Check the scan result in the upper part of the window. If you need more data to be recovered, click the ‘Deep Scan’ button.

There you have the five best free partition software programs for Windows 7 and Windows 10. We’ve also shared the best solutions for possible data loss while using partitioning software programs.