Disk Drill for Mac Full Review: What Is It, How It Works, Versions Differences

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As any Mac user knows, losing critical data can be devastating. If you don't want to start working again, then you can only get them back with the help of Mac data recovery software. This is where Disk Drill for Mac comes in. Despite its effectiveness, many are still curious about the specifics – what kind of data can be recovered by Disk Drill, how long it takes, or what security measures it offers. To ease your worries, we've scouted out the most common questions about the Disk Drill Mac to help you understand it better. We've also conducted an in-depth review of Disk Drill for Mac so you can make an informed choice about it and take full advantage of its features.

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Part 1. What is Disk Drill?
Part 2. Does Disk Drill work on Mac?
Part 3. Key Features of Disk Drill for Mac
Part 4. How Do I Download Disk Drill for Mac?
Part 5. Disk Drill Media Recovery VS. Non-App-Store Edition
Part 6. What’s the difference between Disk Drill and Disk Drill Pro?
Part 7. Does Disk Drill for Mac Work for Free?
Part 8. How Do I Use Disk Drill Media Recovery?
Part 9. Disk Drill for Mac price is high? Where can I get a cheap one? Or is there any alternative?
Part 10. Frequently asked questions about using Disk Drill for Mac

What is Disk Drill?

From its official introduction, Disk Drill is a powerful tool that can scan, recover and protect data on virtually any storage device, such as computer internal and external hard drives, cameras, iPods, USB flash drives, SD cards, etc. It can recover lost pictures, music, documents, applications, videos, and other data. Disk Drill comes with two scanning modes to scan data on storage devices.

Does Disk Drill work on Mac?

If you’re a Mac user, you're in luck! Disk Drill provides an excellent solution for data recovery on Mac computers. With it, you can resume lost files from any storage device. On top of this, Disk Drill for Mac can provide data protection, backup, cleaning, and other additional functions. With it, Mac users never have to worry about permanently losing their valuable data again. If you’re a Windows user, please check Disk Drill for Windows to learn the corresponding information.

Key Features of Disk Drill for Mac

Disk Drill is an excellent option for Mac users looking for an effective and reliable file recovery tool. This powerful yet straightforward program makes restoring lost files incredibly easy. However, it's not perfect. Here are the results of our hands-on testing of it:

Overall, with Disk Drill, you can avoid any data loss nightmare by restoring most items safely and efficiently.

How Do I Download Disk Drill for Mac?

With more than 10-year brand history and successful marketing strategy, like acquiring Pandora Data Recovery and 7 Data Recovery, Disk Drill for Mac appears everywhere over the internet. You can see different versions of Disk Drill for Mac on download sites, IT review sites and individual websites.

However, locating and downloading the correct software version for Mac is a guessing game. Thankfully, when looking for Disk Drill for Mac, you can always trust two options to guarantee that you're getting the most up-to-date edition: cleverfiles.com (official website) or from the Mac App Store itself. By accessing these reliable sources, you can successfully download and use Disk Drill without concerns over accuracy or safety.

Tip: There are big differences between the App Store version and the official version.

Disk Drill Media Recovery VS. Non-App-Store Edition

You can save time by downloading Disk Drill for Mac from Mac App Store. Before getting down to it, you should know that Disk Drill for Mac on App Store is named Disk Drill Media Recovery. There are many differences between it and the non-App-Store edition. From the chart below, you can see the differences. In a word, Disk Drill Media Recovery is sandboxed and has fewer features to meet Apple's MAS guidelines.

Disk Drill Media Recovery has been updated to support macOS 12 Monterey. Disk Drill officially suggests people download the non-App-Store edition.

What’s the difference between Disk Drill and Disk Drill Pro?

Disk Drill's basic version, also named the free version, lets users recover up to 500MB of data. If users want to get unlimited files or over 500MB, they must subscribe to Disk Drill Pro or Disk Drill for Enterprise. It means Disk Drill Pro unlocks the full features of Disk Drill's basic free version.

For other features, like data backup, duplicate file finder, disk cleanup, and data shredder, it's free to use in Disk Drill.

Does Disk Drill for Mac Work for Free?

No, Disk Drill doesn’t work for free. Though the basic version of Disk Drill for macOS is claimed to be data recovery freeware, it only recovers up to 500MB of files. It scans hard disk, displaying recoverable files for you, letting you know which files you can recover by upgrading to Disk Drill Pro or Disk Drill Enterprise.

How Do I Use Disk Drill Media Recovery?

Compared with the non-App-Store edition, Disk Drill Media Recovery lacks features. However, the process of recovering data is the same. If you're using Disk Drill for macOS edition for iPhone data recovery, iPad data recovery, or Android data recovery, you should connect the device to Mac first. After that, follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install the Disk Drill on your Mac. While installing the software, you might be asked to enter the administrator's password. Do it and confirm you have installed Disk Drill for Mac successfully.
  2. Launch Disk Drill for Mac and select the disk from where you have lost files. After locating the disk, click the "Search for lost data" button to start the drive scanning process.
  3. After a while, you will see a list of recoverable files. Click them to preview.
  4. Choose the specific ones you wish to restore and click the "Recover" button for the second time. This will recover and restore your files on the disk.

Disk Drill for Mac price is high? Where can I get a cheap one? Or is there any alternative?

Disk Drill for macOS is a comprehensive tool containing data recovery, Mac cleanup, duplicate finder, and file shredder. The price of $89 is the highest one among data recovery tools. If you just want to restore the lost files, you can choose the following Disk Drill for Mac alternatives. Some are free data recovery tools, and some are shareware. You can choose what suits you.

  1. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac
  2. iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac is a professional tool focusing on data rescue and repair. It is developed with the most advanced algorithm to detect lost and deleted data in 2 scanning modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. It can repair corrupted videos, pictures, and documents while scanning them by collecting and matching the data information. Compared with other shareware data recovery software, this one is easy to operate and comes at a lower price.

    Supports data recovery from over 2000+ devices.
    Recovers more than 1000+ file types.
    Rescue data was lost in 500 scenarios.
    Very friendly to individuals.
    Recover up to 500MB of files for free.
    It has fewer features than Disk Drill for Mac (Only data recovery and data repair features are available).
  3. TestDisk for Mac
  4. TestDisk is a powerful alternative to Disk Drill for macOS. It is open-source software, not require any purchase. It is developed for an expert who knows computer techniques very well. It allows the recovery of data from lost partitions and the reboot of unbootable disks. It is a perfect solution for partition recovery.

    It is multiple-platform software supporting macOS, Windows, and Linux.
    It can rebuild the boot sector, such as FAT32.
    Restores files from devices in different file systems, like exFAT, FAT, NTFS, etc.
    It has no UI, not friendly to novices.
  5. PhotoRec
  6. PhotoRec is the companion of TestDisk. It is also a free alternative to Disk Drill for macOS. More than photos, it can recover a wide variety of file types, including multimedia, documents, archives, and more. It is a perfect solution for digital camera photo recovery by supporting various branded digital cameras, like Canon, Olympus, and Nikon.

    Freeware, no charge.
    The read-only data recovery process protects privacy.
    A perfect photo recovery software tool.
    Only experts can use it, and it is not friendly to ordinary people.
    No data preview before data recovery.
  7. Data Rescue for Mac
  8. Like most data recovery software, Data Rescue for Mac only provides a free demo version that allows users to scan and preview lost/deleted files on Mac internal or external hard drives. After that, users must purchase the full version to recover the needed data.

    Easy to use
    It can clone drives for faster scanning.
    Slow scan
    It cannot display scan results by file type.
  9. Exif Untrasher
  10. Exif Untrasher for macOS, a free Mac data recovery tool, can recover deleted JPEG photos from your devices. Compared with other data recovery software, Exif Untrasher is extremely useful for recovering .jpeg files, even when the camera's memory card has been formatted. A must-have tool for people who like to take photos daily.

    High photo recovery success rate.
    It's free to use.
    It’s updated to support the latest macOS.
    It only supports JPEG photo recovery
  11. Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac
  12. Cisdem Data Recovery is a powerful alternative to Disk Drill for macOS. It supports various files recovering from Mac internal and external hard drives. It scans hard drives with high speed, quickly letting people know the scanning result.

    Very simple user interface for individuals.
    Great technical support.
    High data recovery speed.
    For the trial version, not all data can be previewed.
    Users have to buy the full version to recover data.

Frequently asked questions about using Disk Drill for Mac

When starting with new software, it's normal to have questions, and Disk Drill for Mac is no exception. That's why we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about it, so you can quickly find answers that pertain to your usage.


Disk Drill is a good choice if you're looking for a comprehensive solution to data recovery on macOS. It can help recover deleted files on Mac or format recovery. However, It is not the best, and there are still alternatives to Disk Drill, which can help you rescue data if you are willing to spend some time knowing them. Technology has changed our lives, and we can have a better life if we get the right tools for help.