iPhone Keeps Deleting Messages? Here is What You Can Do

Posted to iPhone Data Recovery Tips by Verbanic on Apr 26, 2022

There is hardly anyone in the world who would want to get rid of all their text messages. Even if you are removing them to free up storage, there is a high probability that you have at least a few messages that are too important to delete. However, there is also the case where a user’s iPhone keeps deleting messages without permission, be it for freeing storage or some other reason. Regardless of why your iPhone keeps deleting text messages, you probably want to be able to retrieve them when needed. Thankfully, it is not impossible to retrieve them and that is exactly what we will be talking about today.

3 Solutions to Fix "iPhone Keeps Deleting Messages"

Given how common it is to see text messages keep deleting on iPhone, people have come up with ways to save them. In fact, Apple itself has also allowed people to use their proprietary services to keep their text messages and other data safe. In this article, we will share three different methods that you can use to retrieve data if your text messages keep deleting on iPhone. Each of these has a different source and we are sure that you should be able to use at least one method to get your text messages back.

1. Sync Lost Messages from iCloud

For anyone saying, "my iPhone keeps deleting messages", the best place to start is your iCloud backup. If you have set up an iCloud account and have enabled backup for your text messages, you should be able to retrieve them without a hitch. Whether you are setting up a new iPhone or trying to retrieve data in your current one, this method will bring back anything you have synced to your iCloud account.

However, before we can move on to the steps involved, we must tell you that to perform a recovery through iCloud, you need to have it set up and active. This method will not help anyone if they do not have sync enabled for their text messages on iCloud. Many users do have iCloud active, but they do not choose to sync their messages which means no recovery. Now that we have cleared that out, you can start the retrieval process using the following steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu on your iPhone.
  2. Select the tab with your name and then select the "iCloud" option.
  3. Check to see if your iCloud backup is active (radio button turned green).
  4. Go back to the main Settings menu and select the "General" tab.
  5. On the next screen, scroll down where it says "Reset" or "Transfer or Reset iPhone". Either of these two options will appear depending on your iOS version.
  6. In the next menu, tap on "Erase All Content and Settings". If you have to Find My iPhone activated, you may be asked to enter your account password to turn it off.
  7. Your iPhone will now reset to factory settings.
  8. Once you reach the startup screen, you will need to go through the setup process and when you reach the "Apps & Data" screen, you need to select the "Restore from iCloud Backup" option.

The phone will ask for your iCloud password to sign you in and then download all your data, including your text messages. If your iPhone keeps deleting text messages and you want iCloud recovery, then you must keep in mind that this method only works by resetting your iPhone. Do this ONLY if you are prepared to do that.

2. Restore Deleted iPhone Messages from iTunes Backup

A lot of Apple users, especially those with large amounts of data, do not prefer backing up on iCloud as that can cost them a monthly fee. Even if that is not the reason, many users are simply used to backing up their iPhones on their computers. If you are facing the same “my iPhone keeps deleting messages” problem and want to use your computer backup, then this method is for you.

As mentioned in the title, you will be using iTunes to retrieve your data so make sure you have it present and up to date. Again, it is extremely important that you have an up-to-date backup present on the iTunes app on your computer, as you will not be able to do anything without that. The steps involved in retrieving data if your iPhone messages keep deleting are as follows:

  1. Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone using a USB cable.
  2. Once you connect your phone, you may be asked to provide your device passcode for security. You may also get a Trust This Computer prompt which you can follow to connect your phone easily next time.
  3. Once connected, you should see your iPhone listed on the left sidebar.
  4. Click on your iPhone name to open its settings.
  5. On the page that appears, you will see a "Backups" section with a button titled "Restore Backup" which you need to click.
  6. A popup window will appear with a dropdown list of all the backups available. You will need to select the one with the latest date to retrieve maximum data. You may also be asked to enter a backup password if you have chosen to keep your backup encrypted.
  7. After selecting the backup and entering the password, click on the blue "Restore" button on the popup to begin the restoration process. Once the sync process is complete, you can disconnect your phone.

This method will retrieve all the text messages you have in your backup and let you stop worrying about why your iPhone messages keep deleting. However, this method is only effective if you are someone who connects their phone regularly to their computer and creates backups. If not, then you may lose a lot of messages and be unable to retrieve anything beyond your last iTunes backup.

3. Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone Using Recovery Tool

You may be spending your time wondering why my messages keep deleting themselves on my iPhone, but it will not do you any good. Since there is no way of actually identifying the reason behind this unless Apple shares bug information, you are pretty much on your own. However, instead of asking why my iPhone keeps deleting my messages, you can focus on finding out how I can retrieve my text messages easily.

If the two methods given above are not to your taste (we know many users cannot go that route), then you need a third-party solution. Thankfully, there are a lot of tools out there these days that are dedicated to retrieving lost data from iPhones including text messages. For anyone asking why does my iPhone keep deleting my messages, the easiest answer we can suggest is iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery.

This is a tool that iPhone users can rely on for many things, including the retrieval of their text messages. It offers a straightforward and easy-to-use method to recover permanently deleted photos on iPhone and find data of all kinds including photos, videos, messages, contacts, voice notes, and even some third-party app data. All of this is also presented in an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface.

Download for Windows Download for macOS

If you are sick of saying my messages keep deleting themselves and want to move on to the solution, we have the step right here for you to recover deleted text messages on iPhone without backup.

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Open iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery software and select the "Recover from iOS device" option.
  3. Select your phone from the list shown and click on the green "Scan" button to begin the process.
  4. From the data that the software pulls off your phone, you can select the options under the list shown on the left side of the window. The section called "Contacts/Messages" should be relevant for you.
  5. Once you have selected all the messages that you need to retrieve, you can click on the "Recover" button on the bottom right of the screen to move the data to your computer.

For anyone who is wondering why do my messages keep deleting on my iPhone and wants a method to quickly retrieve them, this is the easiest option. In just three simple steps, you can have everything you need, be it your text messages or anything else. It can also help you fix the why do pictures disappear from text messages on iPhone.

Summing Up

For anyone who came to this article asking, "why do my messages keep deleting on my iPhone", we are sure that you have a solid solution now. The methods given here are comprehensive and can be used by anyone asking why does my iPhone keep deleting text messages. While you could contact Apple for an answer to that question, at least you do not have to worry about losing your text messages now.

If you also know someone else who you have heard saying, "my iPhone is deleting messages by itself", you know where to send them now! Let us know if you could retrieve your phone data easily by using this guide in the comments section