iPhone Photos Disappeared from Camera Roll/Album 2024 – Solved

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Understandably, iPhones are superb phones with massive capabilities, and most users take pictures and videos using them that is ultimately stored on the camera roll /album. However, there is usually that unique feeling that when you own an iPhone there will be no red flags when using it. That is not true as with many consumers reporting cases of iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll.

There are many reasons as to why iPhone photos would disappear from camera roll in the first place. The first one is that you or another second party could accidentally delete the photos. Secondly, the iPhone could be restored after an update, and if you did not back up the photos beforehand, they will disappear. Instances when the data is invalid as well as time could prompt photos to disappear. Not to mention, if you do not have the correct Apple ID, you will need to sign in again with the correct ID causing your photos and other privy data to disappear.

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Part 1. How to Solve the Problem of iPhone Photos Disappeared from Camera Roll
Part 2. How to Solve "Photos App Disappeared from iPhone"
Part 3. How to Solve "Photos iCon Disappeared on iPhone"

Part 1. How to Solve the Problem of iPhone Photos Disappeared from Camera Roll

picture disappeared from iPhone! Do not worry; we will explain how to solve the problem with the use of iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. It is a software that offers excellent iPhone photo recovery solutions. The great news is that the software has taken into account all the plausible ways to restore any disappeared data from any iPhone device.

With it, you will not just be able to recover permanently deleted photos from iPhone 14, 13, or other iOS devices. You can as well get your messages, notes, WhatsApp messages, Kik message, and more. The latter software has come to the rescue of many users whose iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll. Using its "Recover from iCloud", as well as "Recover from iTunes" features, you can rest over assured to get your photos back. I used it when my recently deleted photos album disappeared, and it did great!

Ways 1. How to retrieve disappeared photos with the "Recover from iCloud"

Many iPhone users are familiar with the "Backup to iCloud option". It is a feature that enables them to back up all their files on iCloud that they can retrieve remotely anytime. Therefore, once you lose any data, you will need a gateway to iCloud. That is where iBeesoft iPhone data recovery for Mac or Windows software comes in. Therefore, what the App does is provide you with access to those backed files to iCloud remotely. Even if it is a case of iPhone photos disappeared from camera roll iOS 11 and the latest iOS.

In this section, we will explain how to repair iPhone photos disappeared from the camera roll. Follow the steps that I will outline to get your photos back.

  1. You will need to first download the software from the official site and run the application on your PC.
  2. Download for Windows Download for macOS
  3. Then, navigate until you hit the "Recover from iCloud" icon on iBeesoft iPhone disappeared photos recovery app. Login to your official iCloud account with your iCloud name and password.
  4. Pick the iCloud Backup File that contains your iCloud information and download it.
  5. Included in the backup files are all your messages, photos, call history, etc. Choose files you will want to recover disappeared photos from iPhone. That is it.

Ways 2. Guide to retrieve disappeared iPhone photos with the "Recover from iTunes"

Of course, not every iPhone user will back up their files on iCloud. the best iOS phot recovery APP considers those. For the latter users, they can retrieve their photos from iTunes back up files. Therefore, if my hidden pictures disappeared, this software provides me with another option to get them back. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start your iBeesoft Data Recovery software on your PC. Three options will come up on the main window: Click on the "Recover from iTunes" icon to show the iPhone photos disappeared.
  2. Keep your computer on for the software to detect all the back-up iTunes files on your PC. It will take a few means and a list of available files will be available on display on the screen.
  3. Select your target files and click "scan" to solve the problem of my recently deleted photos album disappeared.
  4. Once the scanning is complete, preview found files selecting ones you need to recover disappeared photos from iPhone.

Part 2. How to Solve "Photos App Disappeared from iPhone"

Cases of photos App, iPhone 5 photos disappeared, or other types of applications disappearing on iPhone devices after an update is common. Photos app disappeared from iPhone! Why does this happen?

  1. You could have so many applications occupying more space making it impossible for the photo app to show. The solution is to create more storage space by deleting junk and unnecessary files.
  2. An IOS upgrade may have taken place without your knowledge causing the photo app to disappear. If you backed your data on iTunes or on iCloud backup, you can easily retrieve it.
  3. Your photo app could be buried somewhere in an app folder. Apps buried in an app folder will not show up unless prompted. The solution lies in using an App store App to locate the photo app. Once you search for the app, it will provide you with an open option, if it is available and hidden or download option if deleted.
  4. Third-party photo Apps or other Apple applications that are not available in the Apple Store anymore will not appear again after an update. It could one of the reasons why your photo app could be missing. The solution is to see if there is a redownload option offered and if it is permitted in your country.
  5. Photo App or other Apple applications could also disappear after an update if you purchased it using a different Apple ID. To get it back you will need to sign in with the particular Apple ID associated with the later purchase.
  6. You may have dragged the photo app accidentally to create space for an update and you forgot about it. In this case, you can use third-party recovery software to get the photos app back from iCloud or iTunes Cloud backup.

Using the Siri Search to locate missing apps

Siri search is one of the ways of locating a missing app on your iPhone device. You will need to activate this search by swiping down from the center of your home screen. Proceed to the second step by typing the name of the missing app on the search field. Automatically the search will yield results and your missing app should feature in it, if it is hidden in your device. Once it pops up, proceed to open the app by tapping its icon.

Part 3. How to Solve "Photos iCon Disappeared on iPhone"

Many people discover their photo Icon missing, especially after an iOS update. Even though they can access their photos through the camera Icon, doing so on the photos Icons is fast and easy. What could be the possible reason for photos Icon to disappear from my iPhone?

  1. You could have unknowingly drag the photos iCon to a folder or home screen. In this is the case, you can locate it through typing photos into the search field. Another solution lies in swiping through all the home screens where you will look for it in each folder.
  2. Another reason is that an iOS update could have taken place making your photos iCon disappear. iOS updates are designed to give users a better experience using iPhone devices, however, due to a breakdown in the information, it could be unavailable. The solution is to retrieve it from iCloud or iTunes back up using third-party app.
  3. If it is the case of an iOS update, sometimes the update could cause some iCon and app to revert to their default positions. If this is the case, a simple phone restart will get your Photos icon back.

In conclusion, most of the cases of photos, icon, data, etc. missing on iPhone devices is mostly caused by iOS updates. In some scenarios, users hide these apps unknowingly in folders. It is therefore recommended you back up your files on iCloud or iTunes. This way, you could use a third-party as iBeesoft app to recover deleted photos from iPhone without backup.