How to Recover Photos Disappeared from iPhone after Update/Restore/Sync

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There are many scenarios for photos disappeared from iPhone, like iOS update, signing out of iCloud, after restore, after sync, and more. Actually, it is not that hard for you to recover photos disappeared from the iPhone. You just need to figure out the reasons for photos disappeared from the iPhone and get the right solution. If you tried everything and it does not work, the last resort is using iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery to recover the photos on iPhone.

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"I ‘ve just installed the iOS 13 update and I was excited to see the new features, only to discover that all of my photos have disappeared. The strange thing about it is that the names of all of my albums are still there, but none of my photos. It is very frustrating to see all my pics just gone."

There are so many people encountering the same problem after every update, especially iOS 13. Actually, there are many reasons that cause photos to disappear from the iPhone. Check out the scenarios and solutions below.

Part 1. Real Fix – Photos Disappeared from iPhone

#Photos disappear from iPhone with low storage. Sometimes if your iPhone is run out of storage or there is not enough storage, your iPhone photo disappeared mostly because the photos can’t be downloaded fully from iCloud. That’s why you can see only parts of photos, not all of them. In this case, you should clean up your iPhone by removing junky apps, unwanted photos, videos, and delete emails with large-sized attachments.

#Photos disappeared from iPhone after signing out of iCloud. It’s obvious that you signed out of iCloud, the iCloud Photos feature can not sync photos to your iPhone. On your iPhone, sign in with your iCloud ID > tap Settings > [your name] > iCloud. Tap Photos > switch iCloud Photos to ON. Make sure your iPhone is connected with wifi. After a few minutes, tap to open the photos app on your iPhone to check out whether the photos are there or not.

#Photos disappeared from iPhone after restoration. You know that if you have enabled iCloud photos when you back up your iPhone, the backup file does not contain any photos and videos on your iPhone. In this case, your photos and videos will disappear from the iPhone after restoring with iCloud backup. In this case, to solve the problem of photos disappeared from iPhone, you’re supposed to sign in your iCloud first > click Settings > [your name] > iCloud > photos, making sure iCloud Photos is switched to ON. Connect your iPhone with wifi, letting it sync photos to your iPhone.

#Photos disappeared from iPhone after sync. To keep your photos and videos to stay up to date on your iPhone, you’re supposed to sign in the same iCloud ID in different devices, including iPhone, letting it sync photos to your iPhone.

#Photos disappeared from iPhone after update. To be honest, generally, it is a bug from iOS. Do not worry, Apple officially would fix this kind of bug swiftly. What you need to do to solve the problems of photos disappeared from iPhone after update is checking out whether there is any option to download the photos from the iCloud drive, iCloud photos to your iPhone. And the best option is to back up a copy of your iPhone photos to your Mac or external hard drive.

#Photos disappeared from iPhone, another two solutions are: check out Recently Deleted and Unhide photos on iPhone.

Part 2. Last Resort – Recover Photos Disappeared from iPhone

If photos disappeared from iPhone and iCloud, and you can’t find it anywhere with the above-mentioned ways, you must recover photos disappeared from iPhone as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might lose the photos permanently. To do the iPhone photo recovery, you need the best photo recovery software – iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. It offers you 3 ways to recover photos disappeared from iPhone: scan iPhone for missing photos, extract disappeared photos from iPhone iCloud and iTunes backup. Here are the steps.

Install the best iOS photo recovery app on your computer, either on Windows PC or Mac. It’s fully compatible with macOS and Windows OS. It’s virus-free, feel free to use it.

Step 1. Recover photos disappeared from iPhone (choose one option below)

Step 1. Recover photos disappeared from iPhone

Last, when the scanning process is finished, you can see the found file types quantity as well as file categories on the left side. After then, you can select the file type in the left panel and check out the details on the right side. When finding the disappeared iPhone photos, select them and click "Recover" to save them.

To keep your data safe, the best way is to back up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes. As for iCloud, if you have enabled iCloud photos on iPhone, photos will not be backed up to iCloud backup. You should pay attention to the backup, making sure you have to do the backup completely. If photos on iPhone really lost, try iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery to do photo recovery in the first place. It can also retrieve pictures from iPhone with broken screen.

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