How to Recover Data from a Lost/Stolen iPhone

When you find you have lost your iPhone, or your iPhone was stolen, the very first thing you need to know is how to recover data from the lost or stolen iPhone with iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery. After then, try to find it with "Find My iPhone" or remove all files from the iPhone to keep your privacy. This article give you details for how to recover stolen iPhone data without/with backup.

"How do I recover data from a stolen iPhone?" Even if you have lost your iPhone, you can get back the data in different ways, find the details below.

Part 1: Is it possible to recover stolen iPhone data without backup

Part 2: How to retrieve content from a lost/stolen iPhone

Part 1: Is it possible to recover stolen iPhone data without backup

You cannot recover stolen iPhone data without backup. It is not possible to retrieve data when you do not have the backup of your iPhone. In such cases, it is vital to erase the contents on the phone with the "Find My iPhone" option on iCloud to prevent intrusion into your private life.

Guide to use Find My iPhone to Erase Data from Stolen iPhone

1. Open and navigate to the "Find My iPhone" option. 

2. If you see only the Keynote, Numbers, Pages, and Settings on, then you have access to web-only features. You must set up iCloud on your device to gain access to all the features.

3. After set-up is complete, click on the "All Devices" feature. From the list, choose the device for which you want to erase the content.

4. Click the "Erase (iPhone)" button from the device’s information window.

5. You must input Apple ID and password to proceed to deletion. If the device is using iOS 7 and above, you can enter a phone number and message. You will see the number and the message entered on the screen after iCloud erases the contents.

6. The remote erase only functions if the device is online. If the iPhone is not online, then the contents will erase the next time the device comes online.

The steps will help you erase data from stolen iPhone before it lands in the wrong hands.

Part 2: How to retrieve content from a lost/stolen iPhone

How to recover data from a lost iPhone? The answer is: you can only recover it if you have created a backup of the contents to iCloud or iTunes. Worry not, as you have the chance to retrieve all the content from iTunes or iCloud using software.

iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery tool is an ideal answer to how to recover data from your lost or stolen iPhone. The reason is the robust algorithm and innovative techniques that the software uses. The sophisticated tool is the comprehensive answer to recover data from lost iPhone. What makes it unique are the following features:

Your Effective & Safe iPhone Data Recovery Software

how to recover data from a lost iphone
  • Three recovery modes: Recover from iOS device, Recover from iTunes, and Recover from iCloud
  • Getting the contents from the lost device by extracting files from iTunes and iCloud backup files.
  • Support recover almost all the commonly file types, covering videos, photos, text messages, contacts, call history, and more.

1) How to Recover Data from Stolen iPhone with iTunes Backup Files

You can download and install the trial copy of the software by visiting the official website. It offers all the features without restriction. After completing the installation, follow the steps to retrieve data from stolen iPhone using iTunes backup files.

Step 1: Start the software, and from the launch screen, choose the "Recover from iTunes" option. You will be extracting contents from iTunes backup files. iBeesoft will display all the backup files on the screen. Select the latest file and click "Scan".

how to recover data from your stolen iphone

Step 2: iBeesoft will scan the file and show all the data in a new window. It arranges the data according to the file format. Therefore, it becomes easy to access data quickly. You can browse the left pane and view the contents in a folder. The preview option is available, making it simple to select the essential files. Mark the vital files and click the "Recover" button. Browse to a new folder created on your computer to save the files.

recover data from lost iphone

2) How to Recover Data from Stolen iPhone with iCloud Backup Files

As you already have the software installed, you can launch it right away. Plus, as you are using an iPhone, you must have activated the "Backup iCloud" option. The feature allows you to create automatic updates of the device at scheduled intervals.

Step 1: Launch iBeesoft software, and from the launch screen, select the "Recover from iCloud" feature. The program will show the Sign-in screen of the iCloud, where you must enter the username and password. Do not worry, iBeesoft will not collect or save your credentials. It pulls out the backup files on your behalf from iCloud servers.

retrieve data from stolen iphone

Step 2: Upon login, the software will show all the available devices. Press the "Scan" button against the preferred device to allow the software to show you the available backup files for the device. You must select the recent file or the one that you think has the needed information. After selecting the file, iBeesoft starts to download the same.

how do i recover data from a stolen iphone

Step 3: Upon completing the download, iBeesoft arranges all the files according to their file format. The sophisticated technology ensures this and makes it simple for you to browse the needed files from respective folders from the left pane. Upon clicking a folder, you will see the files as a preview. You can start marking all the essential files and then click the "Recover" button. The software will ask for a location to save the files. Ensure to navigate to a new folder that you created on the computer. You can browse the files after the recovery process is complete.

recover data from stolen iphone

It is not natural to lose a phone. However, if you did lose it, then do not worry, as you now have the answer to how to recover data from your lost or stolen iPhone with iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery for Mac or Windows. The different methods discussed here will ensure that you can get back all the crucial files saved on your iPhone. After the recovery is complete, you can proceed with the remote erase option to guarantee that nobody misuses the data.

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