How to Recover Data from iPhone without Backup

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To recover data from iPhone without backup, the only workable way is to make use of professional iPhone data recovery. This article introduces how to use iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery to restore data from iPhone without any iTunes or iCloud backup. You can download the software and follow the steps below to get the task done easily.

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"is it possible to recover data from iPhone without backup? I had not backed up my photos and deleted them. There was no backup. How can I get the deleted photos back?"

For sure, it’s very easy to restore deleted files on iPhone if you had backed up your iPhone to iTunes or iCloud. There is an option for you to restore iPhone with the iTunes or iCloud backup package file. However, most people lost data without any backup file. No one can tell when the accidents will happen. When it happens, it seems the files are deleted permanently especially people restore iPhone to factory settings without any backup. However, you can still try your luck to do data recovery from iPhone without backup.

How to restore data from iPhone without backup? The only possible way is to make use of iPhone data recovery software. The professional data recovery software is specially designed for users to scan and recover data on iPhone. Please note that the iPhone data recovery software here means the desktop software running on the computer to do the data recovery, not any app install on iPhone. There is no app installed on iPhone that can do the iPhone data recovery.

Here in this article, iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery is strongly recommended to retrieve iPhone data without backup. Developed with the most advanced recovery technology, it is able to increase the possibilities to recover iPhone data. Here are some of its key features.

Your Effective Software for Data Recovery from iPhone without Backup

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  • Fully compatible with all iPhones, including iPhone 6, iPhone X, even the latest iPhone 12 Pro.
  • Supports videos, photos, songs, documents, contacts, messages, etc. more than 20 types for files.
  • No matter how you lost files on your iPhone, accidental deletion, system crash, virus attack, factory reset iPhone, etc, you can try the software to recover iPhone data without backup files.
  • Standalone iPhone data recovery installation package for Windows PC and Mac for you to choose.
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Download the iPhone Data Recovery software to learn how to do recover data from iPhone without backup!

Step-by-step Guide for Data Recovery from iPhone without Backup

Before getting down to the task, you should know that you need to stop using your iPhone the moment you find the data on your iPhone lost. If you keep using your iPhone for any further task, the deleted files might be overwritten permanently. And then, there is no way to recover them at all. After then, follow the steps to restore data from iPhone without backup.

Step 1. Install iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery

Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the right version of iPhone data recovery installed on your computer. The software installation package for Windows and Mac are both available. After the installation is complete, let's start to recover deleted photos from iPhone without backup, or get other files back.

Step 2. Scan iPhone for Lost Data

Use your iPhone USB cable to connect your iPhone with your computer. On the iPhone screen, please tap "Trust this computer", letting the software recognize your iPhone and display it in the main window. After then, click the "Scan" button to let the software scan your iPhone, looking for lost or deleted data.

Step 3. Retrieve iPhone Data without Backup

Be patient for the scanning process to finish. After then, you can see all found files are sorted into categories and listed in the left panel. You can select file types in the left panel to check out details for found files on the right side. When finding the target files, select them, and click "Recover" to save them on your computer. That’s it.

Tips: you need to backup your iPhone regularly, either with iTunes or iCloud. Even though you delete files, or you lost iPhone, you can try the software, like iBeesoft iPhone Data Recovery to extract needed data from iTunes or iCloud backup, preventing data loss issue.