2 Ways for How to Recover iPad with iTunes

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Your iPad carries a lot of data. A data that is unique to your needs which you have custom prepared, chosen and created over time. And, in an unprecedented circumstance – loss of the device, deletion of data or device being crashed all that carefully crafted data is lost forever, at least that’s what one may reckon. But, not all hope is lost - using your iTunes backup you can restore your iPad with ease. You can without much hassle recreate the iPad you have been using. There are simple procedures which if you follow you will not lose the data and your iPad will be up and running.

Losing your data could be a difficult situation to overcome with all the quality photos, all your playlist, bookmarks, calendars, etc. gone. If you had been cognizant of enabling iTunes backup your data is safe. Or if you haven’t it is a good time to enable it to have the iPad recovery via iTunes options available for you in the future.

Yes, restoring the iPad using iTunes is one of the most efficient ways to recover your iPad. Using the iTunes backup option one can take a backup of the array of data types. It provides a holistic 360-degree recovery option by taking backup of almost all kinds of valuable data from your iPad. Your texts, Music library, Audio, Video, Photos, calendars, browsing preferences, and several other settings are all backed up in iTunes. So, restoring the iPad using iTunes gives you total control over the data. It also assures that your data is safe and can be restored in a matter of a few minutes to your device.

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Method #1. Recover iPad with iTunes Backup by Extracting Files
Method #2. Restore iPad using iTunes Backu

Method #1. Recover iPad with iTunes Backup by Extracting Files

iBeesoft iOS data recovery is one of the most efficient and high performing iPad recovery apps that is available in the market. It specializes in overall recovery ranging from several kinds of iPad data like audio, videos, chats, photos, etc. With iBeesoft you have the assurance of data recovery at your behest. It is installed on your desktop which has twofold benefits.

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iBeesoft for iPad recovery using iTunes extraction

Below is the step-to-step guide on how to recover iPad with iTunes. First of all, check the required OS requirement to ensure compatibility with your Operating system – Mac or windows. However, it supports most of it, it is better to get the right app version to save the effort. Once downloaded, run the .exe or .dmg file to install this application.

Step 1: iBeesoft app launch

Open the application and navigate to Recovery from iTunes options. This will allow the application to look for all the available backup on your PC. Once the scan is complete, the window will show you the list of available backup.

Step 2: Scan for data

Choose the available backup and click on Scan. The best free iPhone data recovery software will return all the data that was taken as part of the said backup. Typically, it will have all your pictures, music, video, calendar, bookmarks, etc.

Step 3: Choose for Extraction

The next window will show you the iPad recovery results of the scan. It also gives you the capability to choose the selected data to be restored. You can select all the data or select as per your preference.

Step 4: iPad data recovery by file type

Once you have selected the data or want to restore all, you will have the Extraction feature on the app top ribbon. This will download the data to your PC. First, you can select the Photos. Navigate to the other data types visible of the left column. Simply move to those data like Videos and Music and follow Step 3 & 4.

A word of caution, while selecting the iTunes backups, check for the timestamp to ensure the latest backups are used and you get the iPad as you left.

Method #2. Restore iPad using iTunes Backup

This is another way by which iPad recovery using iTunes can be achieved. iTunes backup is taken in your PC which you have ready access to. These iTunes backup will have all your valuable data, your complete iPad setup. So, in case of data loss of complete device breakdown situations, still, you have the backup safe in your PC. Follow the below step to start restoring your iPads using iTunes backup.

Step 1: Connect your iPad with your computer, on which you had backed up your iPad before.

Step 2: Navigate to the Summary window, and click ‘Restore Backup’.

Step 3: Click it and follow the wizard, letting it restore all data from iTunes backup to your iPad.

Moreover, if the data is not recovered using the iTunes option, iBeesoft has the option to recover from iOS. Using the deep scanning feature it can help you restore deleted data even if the backups aren’t in place. Connect your device and allow the app to scan the device. Please note, to do this exercise immediately, without delay to avoid any risk of overwritten file.