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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document in Windows 11/10

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Sometimes due to a sudden crash of a Word application, you tend to lose important information, be it notes, summary for a presentation, etc., that is not saved on your system. Then how do we recover unsaved word document?

This article will discuss the issue, provide valuable solutions, and share various tips to prevent such problems. First, let us know some essential aspects of recovering an unsaved files.

When Might You Need to Recover An Unsaved Word Document?

Don't worry! Whatever the situation may be at your side, we are here to guide you with five ways to recover an unsaved document in Windows 11/10/8.

Five Ways to Recover An Unsaved Word Document

Method 1. Recover with Document Recovery

If you are facing closing or crashing your Word frequently, you will see an automatic restoration of unsaved files in most cases. These documents are available in the left section of the Word document given under Document Recovery. You can restore the unsaved Word document with the following tries. It can also recover unsaved Excel and PowerPoint.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Relaunch the Microsoft Word program on Windows PC.
  2. Mostly, a pop-up in the left panel telling you that there is a Word document automatically recovered.
  3. You can double-click on it to reopen it. The only drawback is that it’s the version for your last Ctrl + S saved.

Method 2. Check the AutoRecovery Folder

MS Word comes with the built-in functionality of 'Auto save' that aids in backing a copy of your Word file in an automatic mode. So if you have enabled the Auto-save feature, you can easily recover an unsaved word file in Windows 11, 10, and more.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Launch the Word program and click the "File" menu > "Options" > click "Save" in the left panel. See the AutoRecover location? Copy it.
  2. Paste the AutoRecover location you have copied in step 1 to File Explorer.
  3. Find the AutoRecover .asd File. Then use Microsoft Word to open it and check if it is what you need. Then, you can save the unsaved Word document to your computer.

Method 3. Search for Word Backup Files

Microsoft Word backup file names end with a ".wbk" extension. When you select the Backup Copy option, there may be found unsaved word doc by a backup copy of the File.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Tap on the Start button. When the search box opens, type .wbk and tap on the entering button.
  2. Suppose you can locate any document or File name that starts with a prefix or mentions' Backup of' following the missing file name. Tap twice on the related File, and it will open automatically.

If you are familiar with the addresses on your computer, you can go directly to the URL below

Method 4. From Manage Document

  1. Open Word > File > Info > Manage Document > Recover Unsaved Documents.
  2. Find your unsaved file in the open folder and open it again in Word.

Method 5. Restart Word to Check AutoRecover

MS Word will extract the AutoRecover files whenever it starts. Therefore, you can try to recover a word document unsaved by closing and reopening Word. If an auto-recovered file is found, the Document Recovery task pane will open on the top of the screen, and the missing document will be displayed as "Document Name [Original]" or "Document Name [Recovered]."

This method can also be applied to recover unsaved illustrator files when you open the Adobe illustrator app.

Method 6. Recover from Temporary Files

If you are not looking to use any direct option of recovery from Word, then you also have a way of finding your unsaved Word document copy through temporary files. Unlike regular word files with a .doc or .docx extension, the temporary word field has a .asd extension. You can use the mentioned steps for finding these files and recovering them.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Enter ".tmp" in the search box, and press Enter to create.
  2. Select the "Documents" tab and browse for a temporary file with a filename that matches an unsaved document
  3. Once the target file is found, right-click and select "Open file location."
  4. Choose to open it with Word.

Method 7. Use Software to Recover Unsaved Word Files

Sometimes the above-given methods may not work out when trying to find an unsaved word document in Windows or Mac. In such a case, you need an able software that works as a dedicated solution for backup and recovery to solve your issue instantly and get back your important document. However, software with a simple yet interactive user interface is best for this purpose. Additionally, it must be able to make a recovery in a lesser time. For example, iBeesoft data recovery has all these qualities to handle your recovery issues well.

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Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Start downloading and installing the software on your system.
  2. Now, once you have launched the software, you can filter files to be scanned, which will help you shorten the time needed for the scan process. For example, you can tap on the 'Go to the Settings' option in the bottom section of the window and go for dissection of the files that are not needed.
  3. Make a selection of the folder, hard drive, recycle bin, etc., for scanning purposes. If your SD card, Android devices, etc., are missing some files, connect the devices with your system as the first thing. Then by hovering the mouse over the hard drive, tap on the option of 'Scan.'
  4. The software also allows you to review the recoverable files before you recover the actual files. While scanning, you can keep an eye on the recoverable file details. Once you find the target files, make their selection and tap on the 'Recover' option to save the field on your system.

Tips on Preventing Your Word Files from Losing

You must have some particular Word files that are so important to you that you cannot afford to lose them. If accidentally these files get deleted or unsaved, you may get into trouble. If you have given access to your PC to multiple people, it may result in removing your data at any time. However, we have come up with some handy tips to prevent this.


To recover unsaved word document, we have given multiple solutions that work out perfectly in different situations. For example, you can recover your word files by using Temporary files, and if they are not working, opt for document recovery. If you are still unable to get any success, go for the Auto recovery option, search for the backup files, or try iBeesoft Word recovery software.


  • Yes, you can get back your Word document that you could not save in time by using the recovery option from temporary files or applying document recovery. Alternatively, you can use the Auto recovery folder and search for backup files.

  • You can find the unsaved Word documents using options like Open or File. Alternatively, you can also find your Word documents by tapping on the option/button of Recover Unsaved Documents in the bottom section of List for Recent files.

  • You can go ahead by tapping on File > Info. Then make a selection of labeled files given under Manage Documents. Then, in the top section of the bar in the File, you will be able to make a selection for Restoring it. Finally, it will help in overwriting the saved versions of the File.

  • Check the following methods and follow the given steps:

    Method 1. Recover with Document Recovery: Start > Type doc name in Search box > Enter > Tap twice on the required file from documents listed.

    Method 2. Search for Word Backup Files: Tap on Start button > Type .wbk in search box > Enter > Locate prefix ‘Backup of’ for file > Tap on required file for two times.

    Method 3. Check the AutoRecovery Folder: Tap on File tab > Options > Save > Click the "Browse" button next to the "AutoRecover file location" option

    Method 4. Recover from Temporary Files: Open File Explorer > Navigate to C:\Users\User\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Office\UnsavedFiles > Select your Word file > Copy your selected file > Paste the file in required location.

    Method 5. Use iBeesoft data recovery software: Complete downloading and installing software > Select the folder or drive for the scan process > Complete previewing and recovering files.

  • You can check a deleted Word document in the recycle bin on your PC. If you are unable to find it, make use of iBeesoft Data recovery software to get instant recovery of your deleted word documents.

    1. Download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery to your PC
    2. Launch it and select the folder where files are missing to start scanning
    3. Preview found Word files
    4. Save the target file to the drive