HP Laptop Recovery - How to Recover Deleted Photos/Files on HP Laptop

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While using a computer, there are always some reasons for you to clear or delete files from the computer, like HP laptop. Here are the common reasons for most people who did the file deletion on HP laptop:

No matter in what kind of occasions you’ve lost files, you can recover deleted files on HP Laptop with the following 3 ways. For Part 1 and Part 2, to do the HP laptop recovery, you have to make use of a backup which you had backed up before the deletion. As for Part 3, a software tool is used to scan your HP laptop to recover deleted files in Windows 10 and other systems. Choose the right way according to your case.

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Part 1. How to Find Deleted Files from HP Laptop using HP Recovery Manager (a backup is needed)
Part 2. How to Get Back Deleted Files on HP Laptop via HP Backup and Recovery Manager (a backup is needed)
Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Files on HP Laptop by Scan (Strongly Recommended)

Part 1. How to Find Deleted Files from HP Laptop using HP Recovery Manager

To use this way, you must have a backup file created by HP Recovery Manager beforehand, and then follow the recover deleted photos on HP Laptop steps below:

Step 1. If the backup is on your external hard drive, like USB flash drive, please copy the MINWINPC folder to a location on your HP laptop.

Step 2. Open the MINWINPC folder, after then, double-click the .exe file which was created during the backup process.

Step 3. Follow the built-in guide to click "Next" until it shows the location to which files be restored "C:\System Recovery Files". Do the find deleted files from HP laptop as it tells.

Part 2. How to Get Back Deleted Files on HP Laptop via HP Backup and Recovery Manager

Step 1. Click Start, type "recovery" in the search field. Next, select "HP Backup & Recovery Manager" from the list in the Control Panel.

Step 2. Click "Expert Mode", then select the "Recover user created files and folders", and then click "Next" to open the File Recovery Wizard.

Step 3. Choose the "Recover files of most common locations and types (Recommended)", navigate to the backup file where you had saved it. Next, select the "Backup.exe" file, open it and follow the instruction to get back deleted files on HP laptop.

Part 3. How to Recover Deleted Files on HP Laptop by Scan

For part 1 and part 2, it works but you must have backed up your HP laptop. If not, and you want to recover deleted files on HP laptop, like how to recover deleted photos from HP laptop, you must use a professional data recovery software tool, like iBeesoft Data Recovery. It scans your computer for all the files available to be recovered. Do the HP laptop recovery, the sooner the better. Otherwise, you’re very likely to lose the files permanently. Here are the simple steps:

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Click the download button to get the installation file, .exe on your computer. Double-click it to install the laptop hard drive recovery tool on your computer. It’s fully compatible with your computer.

Step 1. Launch the HP Laptop recovery software. From the primary window, please select the file types you want to recover. For example, if you want to recover deleted photos from HP Laptop, then keep the "Pictures" option selected and unselect other types of files. Then click "Start" to recover deleted files in HP Laptop.

Step 2. Select the location from which you want to recover deleted files on Laptop. If you want to recover files from USB drive via HP laptop, you need to connect it with your computer first. Next, click "Scan", then the software begins to scan the hard drive for the deleted files on HP Laptop.

Step 3. The recover HP Laptop tool will scan your computer for the deleted files. The more files it finds, the longer it takes for the software to scan. Be patient. After the scan, you can see found files are sorted into categories. You can find your files, like photos, easily by filtering them. And then, click "Recover" to save your lost files on HP Laptop or hard drive.

The default scan is Quick Scan. It scans your HP Laptop quickly for the files with complete file properties. If you still don’t see the target files, please try the "Deep Scan" in the result window. It will scan deeper and more carefully on your HP Laptop, recovering more files for you.