How to Recover Deleted Files from Western Digital/WD External Hard Drive

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"How do I recover deleted files from WD external hard drive?" There are many people asking the same questions since Western digital is a well-known brand for digital external disks to save files there. And most WD external hard drive comes with very large storage, which is easy to carry large-sized files and it’s also a disaster once an incident causes the data loss issue.

Though it’s a disaster losing files from western digital external hard drives, there is still a chance for you to get them back. You should first stop using the WD external hard drive, by doing this the deleted files will be kept in the WD external hard drive. Actually, the deleted files are marked as deleted and invisible by yourself. However, they’re there and physical access is denied. With hard drive recovery software, they’ll be displayed in front of you, letting you find them selectively.

Part 1. WD External Hard Disk Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files from Western Digital External Hard Drive

iBeesoft Data Recovery is a great tool for Western Digital external hard drive recovery. It’s a reliable tool that will scan your WD external disk, looking for files deleted due to formatting, intentional and unintentional deletion, partition losing/deletion, virus/malware attack, raw hard drive. It supports all the file types you saved on the WD hard drive.

The WD hard drive data recovery contains all the features you need for a Western Digital external hard drive recovery. Check the details below.

Best and Trustworthy WD External Hard Drive Recovery Software

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  • Recover files from Western external hard drive no matter for what reason the files were deleted, like hard drive failure, raw drive, partition missing/deletion, formatting, etc.
  • Retrieves 1000+ file types, covering all the pictures, videos, audio files, documents in different file formats and with different file extensions
  • Preview files to select needed files to recover, making sure you get the files that are what you need.
  • It can also recover data from WD My Cloud Hard Drive, WD My Book Essential/Live, WD My Passport, and more.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Part 2. How to Recover Files from WD External Hard Drive

Once you get the WD hard drive data recovery software, then you can get down to the task of retrieving files from an external hard drive on Mac or Windows PC.

  1. Connect WD Digital External Hard Drive
  2. Connect the WD digital disk with the computer where you’re going to use the WD hard drive data recovery to perform the retrieve process. Make sure the hard drive is recognized by your computer as a normal hard drive. Otherwise, you must fix the error on the hard drive first.

  3. Install the iBeesoft Data Recovery
  4. Click the DOWNLOAD button to get the installation of the WD drive data recovery software on your computer. Please do not save and install it on the WD disk. Just install it somewhere on your computer partition.

  5. Scan WD External Hard Drive
  6. Launch the data recovery software. Hover your mouse over the hard drive list and you will find the "Scan" button beside the WD digital external hard drive. Click it to begin the scanning process.

  7. Preview Recoverable Files
  8. It might take a while for the program to finish the scanning process since there are many files from the WD external hard drive. When it is finished, you can see all found files are put into a directory. You can click "Deleted Files" to show all found recoverable files there.

  9. Data Recovery from WD Digital Disk
  10. Click needed ones to preview them. When finding the target files, select them, and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

That’s for how to retrieve deleted data from WD external hard drive with data recovery software. Simple, easy, and efficient.

There are many reasons that cause data loss from WD external hard drives. However, if users can pay attention to the protection of WD digital external hard drives in daily usage, then data loss issues might be avoided.

Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions for WD External Hard Disk Data Recovery

Q: how do I recover files from WD elements external hard drive

To restore files from WD Elements external hard drive, you need to use professional data recovery, like iBeesoft Data Recovery. And generally, there are 4 steps for the drive recovery process.

  1. Connect WD Elements external hard drive with your system.
  2. Download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery on your computer.
  3. Launch it and click "go to setting" to choose file types you need.
  4. Click "Scan" to extract the WD Elements external disk data.
  5. Preview all the found recoverable files. Select needed ones and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.

Q: How do I recover files from WD My Passport external hard drive?

The process is very simple and easy. You need to install iBeesoft Data Recovery on your computer to perform WD My Passport external hard drive data recovery.

  1. Connect WD My Passport external hard drive with your PC
  2. Download and install it on the computer where you will do the disk recovery process.
  3. Run the iBeesoft software and click "Scan" button beside the WD My Passport drive.
  4. Preview the recoverable files.
  5. Find and select the target files, click "Recover" to save them.

Q: Does WD offer data recovery?

WD doesn’t offer a data recovery service officially. It has pointed some partners to do it. And most of the data recovery services ask for a high price for file recovery. If your data contains privacy and you want to do the WD data recovery as soon as possible, computer data recovery software like iBeesoft Data Recovery is fully recommended.

Q: How to recover data from WD external hard disk which is not detecting?

To resume data from WD external hard disk which is not detecting, you must fix the not detecting issue first, either by using Disk management on Windows PC or Disk Utility on Mac. Not detecting is not a good sign. Check out the 4 ways to fix an external hard drive not detecting. After then, use iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover files removed due to the fix.