How to Recover Deleted Files from exFAT Drive Free

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About exFAT File Recovery

If a storage device works, it must have a proper file system so that it is accessible and people can view, edit and transfer files on it. And exFAT is the widely used file system for HDD, SSD, pen drive, USB flash drive, SD memory cards, etc. Compared with other storage file systems, like NTFS, FAT32, exFAT has its advantages because it is fully compatible with Windows PC, macOS, Linux, and more, namely, there is no problem of using the storage device with the computers.

Since exFAT is widely used for computer hard drives as well as external hard drives, there are accidents that happen to it, like files deleted accidentally, hard drive formatting to result in data loss, the exFAT drive becomes raw, and more. Is it possible to recover deleted files from exFAT?

Free exFAT Data Recovery Software to Download

To recover files from exFAT drive, no matter how the files lost, deleted, or inaccessible, a data recovery software is a must. There are several data recovery software tools you can find on the internet. Here in this place, I’d like to recommend to you the exFAT file recovery freeware – iBeesoft Free Data Recovery. It outstrips other data recovery software because of its outstanding features.

Your Effective & Free exFAT Recovery Software

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  • The free exFAT data recovery software allows you to recover up to 2GB files for totally free. Seldom software is available for totally free for data recovery on exFAT drive.
  • Supports almost all the daily used file formats, covering pictures, videos, audio files, documents, and more.
  • Recover files from exFAT drive in 3 simple steps: scan, preview and restore.
  • Standalone data recovery software for exFAT, no extra software or drivers needed.
Download for Windows Download for macOS

Download the free exFAT data recovery software now!

Please note the data recovery software is available for both Windows PC and Mac. The free trial version can be used to scan files before purchase. If you have any problem using the software or any data recovery issue, contact support for help.

Steps for recovering deleted files from exFAT drive with the exFAT data recovery software

Step 1. Get the right exFAT data recovery version.

You’re supposed to download the right version of the software according to your computer operating system, namely Windows OS or macOS. The exFAT drive recovery has a separate version for Windows PC and Mac. After then, install it on your computer. It’s virus-free. Feel free to use it.

Step 2. Scan exFAT drive

Launch the software. It will display all the hard drives available on your computer by default. If the exFAT drive is an external hard drive, please connect it with your computer. After then, select the target exFAT, from where files are deleted or lost, to scan. Click "Scan".

Step 3. Recover files from exFAT drive

If there are many files in the exFAT drive, it will take longer for the scanning process. After the scan, you can see all found files. Filter the target files by selecting the file type in the left panel and check out the details on the right side. When find the needed files, select them and click "Recover".

What is better, NTFS or exFAT?

exFAT (Extensible File Allocation Table) was established by Microsoft in 2006. It is widely used for SD cards and external hard drives, flash drives. As I have mentioned, there are no compatibility issues while using the storage devices in exFAT on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux computer.

NTFS(New Technology File System) is developed by Microsoft too. It is the default file system of the Windows NT family. Though there is no problem of operating on drives in the NTFS system on Windows PC and Linux, users can’t do any write operation on the drive when in macOS.

In this case, if you have a hard drive and you need to format it to a file system, exFAT is a great choice. After all, you never know when will you encounter the incapability issue.