How to Recover Deleted Audio Driver on Windows 7

The Problems for Accidentally Deleting Audio Drivers on Windows 7:

While going through the unimportant files in your system, it happens a lot that you also delete some important files along with it. If the same thing happened with you and you accidentally deleted audio driver in Windows 7, then you might be looking for a solution to recover deleted audio driver. Wouldn’t it be better if the Microsoft Windows gives a warning before we uninstall any software from the computer?

Another problem that can lead to the Accidental deletion of the file or driver is when some other person is using your system and they have almost zero knowledge of computers. Then they can delete the drivers by accident leaving lots of troubles for you. Even if you deleted the audio driver yourself because of ignorance, or because it got corrupted, you don’t have to worry much. In the article, we are going to provide you a perfect audio driver recovery solution to your problem.

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Audio Drive with Audio Driver Recovery Solution

Part 2. Tips on how to avoid Deletion of Drivers on the Computer

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted Audio Drive with Audio Driver Recovery Solution

If you accidentally deleted audio driver in Windows 7 and you need to do something about it, then you are in the right place. We are recommending you software that will surely help you to recover your deleted audio driver. It is the iBeesoft Data Recovery software. This software is an all in one solution for the various recovery problems. It is an effective and reliable data recovery software which is compatible with both Windows and Mac along with mobile phone OS.

Here are the main features of Best Audio Driver Recovery Software:

  • It’s able to recover deleted files even without a backup.
  • It provides a full format recovery solution for hard drive/partition, SD card, USB drive or other drives. Whether the problem is in device initialization, accessibility, or any other error, the software will help you to recover the storage media.
  • It also provides recovery of portioned files which may have been lost during repartition, cloning, or any other hard disk accident.
  • The software also offers RAW drive recovery in case the file system is displayed as RAW or damaged.
  • Even if the files are lost due to the wrong operation such as incorrect cut and copy, restoration of factory settings, or pulling out of media storage during the writing of data. The software will recover them all in a few simple steps.
  • The hard drive data recovery software is compatible with most of the Windows version including 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

The guide on how to recover deleted audio driver is discussed further in the article.

How to use iBeesoft Data Recovery to Recover Deleted Audio Driver on Windows 7

Losing audio driver means that you lost your sound output and hence you need to recover that driver immediately. To know how to recover deleted audio driver you can follow the instructions step by step until to have your driver back.

Step 1. The first step you have to perform is to download the iBeesoft Data Recovery Software from the official website. Make sure that you download the Window’s version. Then install the hard disk rescue software on your system and a shortcut will be created on the Desktop.

Step 2. Now launch the data recovery software and open the main interface. Ensure that you are using the system on which you accidentally deleted audio driver in Windows 7. Click on "Start" to select the system storage.

how to recover deleted audio driver

Step 3. Next, you have to select the storage device from the list. And then click on the "Scan" button to search your deleted audio drivers.

accidentally deleted audio driver windows 7

Step 4. When the scan is completed it will display all the files that have been deleted recently from your system. Even if there is an application or software that is deleted accidentally from the Windows 7, the audio driver recovery software will detect it and display on the screen. When the results show up, look for the deleted Audio Driver an when you find it, have a preview of the application to ensure that you selected the right driver. And then click on the "Recover" button.

audio driver recovery

The audio driver recovery software will recover the accidentally deleted Audio driver in Windows 7. As soon as the driver is restored, install it back on your system and you will get the audio of your system back, now, you will able to play any audio from your system.

Tips on how to avoid Deletion of Drivers on the Computer

With carelessness, you can delete other important files and drivers too. As you have already deleted the important audio driver from your system, it becomes more important that you get some tips so this mistake won’t happen in the future. Remember the following tips to avoid deletion of the Drivers on Computer.

  • Don’t keep the driver software in the place where you keep your other files.
  • Regularly update your drivers so that they won’t show errors or lag behind after some time.
  • Choose a fully compatible driver for your system.
  • Make sure that every other person who uses your system doesn’t have access to the drivers.
  • Also, put an Admin password security in case anyone tries to uninstall some driver in your system.

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