How to Fix Corrupted Database/Data on PS4

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When you use PS4, there are possibilities that you may come across PS4 data or database corrupted problem. When such problems take place, you will find it near impossible to use your PS4 for recreation purposes or play your desired game. But, you need not worry anymore as we will assist you in fixing the corrupted database/data on your PS4 in this post. In case you witness the loss of data on the connected hard drive, immediately try iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover the lost files.

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It is worth mentioning that the PS4 database has emerged as a planned collection of data linked to your device. When you desire to access, make some editing, or just update the data, you do it through the interaction between your database and operation. And, it may leave you frustrated when you notice your PS4 the database is corrupted. It may prompt you a warning "the database is corrupted. the PS4 will restart" which needs you to learn how to fix corrupted database on ps4.

Given below are some common symptoms of a corrupted database:

Reasons and Causes for PS4 Database Corruption:

There can be a myriad of reasons for PS4 database corruption and to deal with the issue effectively you must be aware of them: When the database is corrupted ps4 will restart. Below are some of the major causes of PS4 database corruption:

Apart from the above causes, you may find some other likely causes as well. However, it is not imperative to notify them here. After you comprehend the symptoms and causes, you should proceed to tackle the issue.

How to Fix Corrupted Database on PS4 with the "Rebuild Database"

When PS4 fails to turn on, you will still be able to start your device with the corrupted database error flashing in front of you. It has already been tried and tested by several users and emerged as one of the most useful methods to fix a corrupted PS4 database. In this method, you need to rebuild it. Precisely, when you rebuild the database, it will scan the drive and produce a new database of all the available content. You will be able to spot the “Rebuild Database” option under Safe Mode. You will be required to power off your device and boot into Safe Mode. Given below are the detailed steps that you must not miss:

1. Switch off the console and wait until the light fades out fully;

2. Press the power button on the console until you hear two beeps. It will allow PS4 to boot into Safe Mode;

3. Now you must connect the PS4 controller to the console with the help of a USB cable;

4. You will find many options in the Safe Mode. Here, you need to choose the option Rebuild Database and wait for the process to complete.

How to Fix It When PS4 Data Is Corrupted

It is different from a corrupted database. A corrupted data is consistently linked to a particular game instead of the database on your PS4. You will find some common causes of the issue given below:

We have enlisted two options for you given below. You can use the one that works best for you:

Fix 1. Under this method, you may proceed to delete the corrupted data manually. The chief factor behind getting this error message remains that some particular file linked to your game has got corrupted. And, to eliminate them has emerged as the right way to fix the problem. Given below are the key steps that you must follow when ps4 data is corrupted:

1. Visit the Settings > System Storage Management > Saved Data > Media Player;

2. Now you need to enter into the Media player folder. You will find there a fine with the name Corrupt Data;

3. Now you need to press the "Option" button and you will get the delete option. Now delete the saved corrupt data file;

4. Finally, you need to exit and reopen the Media Player app.

Fix 2. Under this method, you must proceed to delete the downloaded and corrupted PS4 files and begin to redownload them immediately. The chief reason behind this issue is that the downloaded file failed to get installed in the system properly. It is possible that the data would have got corrupted during the process of the download. You must follow the steps given below for you:

1. You must delete the downloaded file without wasting any time. On PS4, you need to visit Notifications > Downloads and choose the content;

2. Now you need to press the "Option" button at your controller and remove the downloaded content;

3. Now you may proceed to retry downloading the file.

There are times when you witness data loss on your PS4 after resolving the errors. It will help you notice the significance of data protection. You may follow two ways to avoid the scenario of data loss on PS4.

First, you may proceed to upgrade PS4 to a larger HDD. Before doing it, you’re supposed to back up your PS4 first and iBeesoft Dbackup is a great software to back up important files, folders, or even the whole hard drive.

Second, if there are some files lost, try a data recovery tool, like iBeesoft Data Recovery to recover data from PS4 hard drive in the simple procedure: connect PS4 with computer > Scan hard drive > preview and recover lost data.

Many users often notice the PS4 rebuild database corrupted. The aforementioned solutions will help you resolve the issues effectively and efficiently. And, rebuilding the database has emerged quite helpful in both the scenarios. You must never forget that initializing your device should be the last option since it will lead to data loss.