How to Recover Files Lost on macOS by iBeesoft

Prep work: please download and install iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac on your Mac. It is virus-free and fully compatible with the latest Mac operating system. Feel free to try it. If you have any problem for downloading or using it, contact us >>

  1. Select File Type(s) You Want to Recover on Mac
  2. To save you time, you need to select file type(s) to scan. After launching it, you can see the file types in the main window. By default, all the types are checked. Please uncheck the unwanted ones. The more file types you choose to scan, the longer it will take. Next, click "Start" to recover files on Mac OS X.

  3. Chose directory to Scan
  4. In the next window, you can see the volumes of your Mac as well as external hard drives available to scan. Please select the right one from where you have lost your files. And then, click the little "Scan" button to let the software scanning for your lost files.

    If you’re recovering files from external hard drive on Mac, please connect the drive to a healthy Mac computer. After the scanning process, save the recovered files to your Mac. Don’t save them again to the external hard drive, otherwise you will lose them again.

  5. Preview and Recover Files on Mac
  6. It only takes you a few minutes for the scanning. After then, all the found files are displayed in the result window. You can click the directory in the left side to preview the corresponding files. After then, select the needed files and click "Recover" to save the selected files on your Mac.

By default the scanning mode you’re using at the first time is Quick Scan. If you can’t the lost file or not open it, you can try the "Deep Scan". It will take longer for the scanning, but will scan everywhere on the device or Mac. read more >>