How to Convert WebP to JPG in Windows/Mac/Andriod/iOS and Online

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WebP is an innovative graphics format developed by Google, known for its superior compression techniques that maintain high-quality images with smaller file sizes. However, it's not yet supported by all browsers and software, which can be problematic if you need to share or use WebP images. Converting WebP to JPG is a quick and easy solution ensuring platform compatibility. Therefore, this article will introduce various ways to change WebP to JPG on Windows/Mac/Android/iOS (including online) without limitations.

Table of contents
Part 1. Why Do You Need to Convert WebP to JPG?
Part 2. How to Convert from WebP to JPG in Windows 11/10
Part 3. How to Convert WebP to JPG on Mac
Part 4. How to Change a WebP to JPG on Android/iOS
Part 5. How to Change WebP to JPG Online
Part 6. How to Avoid Losing Pictures from Convert WebP to JPG
Part 7. FAQs

Why Do You Need to Convert WebP to JPG?

WebP is designed to offer faster loading speed and superior image quality compared to JPEG and PNG formats. However, there are several reasons why one might want to change WebP to JPG:

In summary, while WebP has advantages, JPG's broad compatibility and familiarity make it a more practical choice in many situations.

How to Convert from WebP to JPG in Windows 11/10

Change WebP to JPG on a Windows PC can be achieved through several methods. Here are some of the most common ones:

Ways 1. Use your PC's built-in Paint

Microsoft Paint is a simple graphics editing tool included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. Here's how you can use it to convert WebP to JPG:

  1. Right-click on your WebP file and select "Open with". From the list of programs, choose "Paint."

  2. Once the image is open in Paint, click "File" in the top left corner. In the drop-down menu, select "Save as".
  3. A list of different formats will appear. Select "JPEG Picture".

  4. Choose where to save the file, name it, and click "Save." Your WebP image has now been converted to a JPG file.

Ways 2. Use Third-Party Freeware

For users who want to bulk change WebP to JPG, using a tool is the best option, such as IrfanView, WebPconv, and GIMP. These programs typically offer batch conversion features, which can be very useful if you have many WebP files to convert. Here, we will use IrfanView as an example to guide you to convert a WebP to JPG.

  1. Download and install IrfanView from the official website. Also, download and install the IrfanView plugins, which provide additional file format support.
  2. Launch it, go to "File" > "Open," navigate to the location of your WebP image, select it, and click "Open."

  3. Once the image is open, go to "File" > "Save As".
  4. In the "Save as type" drop-down menu, choose "JPG - JPEG / JFIF Format."
  5. Select the parameters in the JPEG/GIF save options window and click "Save."

  6. Choose a location and click "Save." This will convert from WebP to JPG.

How to Convert WebP to JPG on Mac

Although macOS has a relatively closed ecosystem, there are still many options for change WebP to JPG; they are:

Ways 1. Use Preview Application

It is a powerful tool that can open and edit various file types, including images and PDFs. Here's how you can use it to convert from WebP to JPG on Mac:

  1. Locate your WebP file in Finder, right-click on it, select "Open With," and then choose "Preview" from the list of programs.

  2. Once the image is open in Preview, click "File" in the top menu, then choose "Export".

  3. In the export window, click the "Format" drop-down menu and select "JPEG."

  4. Adjust the "Quality" slider if desired, then click "Save". Your WebP image is now converted to a JPEG file.

Tip: If you want to bulk change WebP to JPG on Mac, then you can also use macOS's built-in Automator to do the job. Here's a tutorial on how to use it.

Ways 2. Use Image Converter Software

Many free programs for macOS allow you to convert, resize, and edit images, like XnConvert, Pixillion, and Image Converter for PNG, JPEG & GIF. Here's how to use XnConvert to convert WebP files to JPG on a Mac:

  1. Download and install XnConvert from the App Store.
  2. Open it, click the 'Input' tab, and click the "Add files" button.

  3. Navigate to your WebP files, select them, and click "Open."
  4. Choose Output Format: Click on the "Output" tab. In the "Format" dropdown menu, select "JPG - JPEG/JIFF."

  5. Under the "Folder" section, click the "folder" icon to choose where to save the converted files.
  6. Once you've set everything up, click the "Convert" button to start the process.

How to Change a WebP to JPG on Android/iOS

Although there is no built-in program for mobile devices that can directly convert WebP to JPG, you can still use the following methods to convert image formats:

Ways 1. Use Google Photos

This method of converting WebP to JPG uses the editing function of Google Photos. You must adjust the WebP picture (color balance, filter, cropping, etc.) to change the format to JPG.

  1. Open the WebP image in Google Photos.
  2. Click the "Edit" button at the bottom.

  3. After making any fine-tuning, click the "Save" button and choose "Save as a copy."

Ways 2. Use the WebP Converter App

Using APP is a good option if you want to change WebP to JPG without any changes. You can go to the app store to find an image conversion APP (For Android: Pixillion Image Converter and WebP Converter; For iOS: Image Converter and AnyTran). You can usually choose single photos or batches of images for conversion.

How to Change WebP to JPG Online

If you want to avoid using any program to convert from WebP to JPG, another option is to use an online tool. Here are 5 online tools that you can use to bulk convert WebP to JPG, along with their pros and cons:

  1. CloudConvert
  2. It allows you to upload files from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or URL. CloudConvert can convert files between more than 200 different file formats.

    Supports various image formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, WEBP, and HEIC.
    Free users have limited conversion minutes per day.
  3. EZGIF
  4. It is a simple, free online tool that offers a variety of other image and video conversion and editing tools.

    Offers a simple and user-friendly interface. No account is required.
    The maximum file size is limited.
  5. Convertio
  6. It is a versatile online tool that offers file conversion services across various formats. It supports more than 25600 different conversions between more than 300 other file formats.

    Promises high-quality conversions and supports multiple file uploads.
    It has limitations on file size and daily conversions.
  7. I Love IMG
  8. It is a fast online converter tool that can be used to resize, compress, convert, and edit images.

    Can convert WebP to JPG bulk.
    Contains ads that can be distracting.
  9. FreeConvert
  10. It provides a suite of free and easy-to-use tools for file conversion. It supports many types: image, audio, video, document, ebook, and archive files.

    No sign-up is required; it works on any web browser.
    There are file size limits for free users.

How to Avoid Losing Pictures from Convert WebP to JPG

When converting images from WebP to JPG, you must ensure you keep your original pictures. Here are some tips to avoid losing your photos:



Today, images have become integral to our lives. Whether you're a photographer, a social media enthusiast, or a regular user, you have come across different image formats. While WebP images are known for their superior quality and smaller file sizes, they are incompatible with every platform or device. That's where converting WebP to JPG comes into play. This article provides conversion methods for all platforms. If you want to change WebP to JPG quickly, you can use online tools. If you care about privacy, then you can choose apps. With this conversion, you can share your images with anyone without fear of compatibility issues.